Late last week Square Enix posted some cryptic details to their Facebook page regarding an upcoming game that allows players to generate characters with their voice. We presumed it was something similar to Song Summoner, and speculation ran wild both in our comments and forums. Voice Fantasy [$2.99] just hit the App Store, and after spending the morning with it, I'm really not sure what to think.

The main problem with everything that Square Enix brings to the App Store is that they have such an insanely awesome back catalog of games that anyone who was around for the Super Nintendo would likely love to play. The whole Final Fantasy series, Tactics, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, the list goes on and on. When we see things like this released, I think it's completely understandable to wonder why in the world they would choose to work on this game instead of say, porting Final Fantasy IV. What's truly strange about this, is that if any other developer released Voice Fantasy, I bet the overall reception would be substantially different.

Voice Fantasy is a very strange game in that it really seems to straddle the line between what I'd consider a "game" and what I'd categorize as an "entertainment app." The basic premise is as follows: After loading up the game, you're given a few different options for battling against AI opponents, or a local battle with another person. From there, you generate your party. This amounts to holding down a record button on screen and saying something, yelling, squealing, or really making any sound at all. Depending on the volume and pitch of the sound you make, different party members are generated.

These party members range from warrior-type monsters to human mages and everything in between. When they attack (or fall) in battle, the game plays back a distorted version of your initial recording. Depending on what you generate your characters with, the battles can sometimes be absolutely hilarious. In single player mode you battle against a few waves of monsters until finally squaring off against the Demon King himself. That's it. There's no gameplay or any interactivity beyond just recording your sounds, and at the end of the battle you're able to save your favorite generated characters.

Playing with other people and passing your phone around, with each person trying to come up with something even ridiculous to generate a character from actually is a lot of fun. So far my best character attacks with a slurping and tongue slapping noise, made even funnier by the fact that Voice Fantasy generated an extremely high-level paladin based off that. I just really wish there was more to do in the game, as the lack of interactivity really makes it boring to play by yourself.

Video by our friends at AppBank!

If you often find yourself in social situations where you're passing around your device with friends showing off whatever crazy apps and games you've found recently, Voice Fantasy will be an excellent addition to your "Hey, check this out!" arsenal. If you're looking for the next killer Square Enix RPG, stay far, far away.

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  • Hackmodford

    I was right! Woopee!

  • Bababooey

    So this is coming out BEFORE FFT and Mana? Does anyone still actually think those games will come out? No new info at all except for cryptic videos every once in a while. Has all the signs of being vaporware. I think they're just stringing us along with those "previews" to hype up their company for when they release games like Voice Fantasy.

  • Rocco Menzel

    When crap is getting attention. This is more a joke than a game. Chaos Rings seems to be slip in SE's release list. I'm hoping for a second one.

  • Vegan MooCow

    Wow, what's next? Chrono-Touch? Slide-Trigger?

  • Ga Syder

    Why give crap like this front page when there is a certain game called iTrials that should be

  • EastsideStompers

    Had do you slap your tongue?? Sounds awkward...

  • E_Domina

    sooooooo. square enix decides to release this crap not worthy of any developer instead of porting tactics or chrono trigger? i bet with stuff like this, they'll ruin those ports too

  • Noah

    How odd. Maybe this would be interesting if there was an actual story line?

  • Mr G. Immick, esq.


  • Anonymous

    Just like the reviewer, I cringe when I see crap like this from Square. Note to Square, don't waste developers time on nonsense unless you are researching to use this technology on an upcoming hit game. Otherwise...

    FF3, FF4, ChronoTrigger, FF Tactics, Chaos Rings 2, etc... THIS is where the money is at and what people want!

    • E_Domina

      agreed. if they can release great games like those, why not just spend all of your time on that instead of wasting money, time, and effort on crap

  • Someguy

    Wow. You guys need to calm down. I too would love to see a port of Chrono Trigger or FF4 (or FF6 given epic treatment on the XBox or PS3) but it's perfectly fine for a developer to experiment. If they didn't Square would never have made FF Tactics, Vagrant Story or the original Final Fantasy!

    • Michael Robson

      It's not cool when pieces of dogsh*t like this take away from War of Lions development.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Garbage concept just like Song Summoner.

  • Dayv

    If it was $1, I might buy it just to make stupid noises at my phone for ten minutes and then forget about it. At $3, it passes the "I know this is dumb" impulse purchase point.

    If it was $2, I'd buy it while drunk.

  • WolfLaser

    Whoa, whoa! So much hate! I bought this last night and played the multiplayer with my brother for like two hours. The multiplayer battles are hilarious, quick, and fun.

    I agree this should be .99 cents rather than $3, and that the single player is kind of shallow, but come on - I doubt this took more than a week to develop, and I doubt it derailed any hazy plans to bring the Square back catalog to iOS.

  • spidey

    lol. Funny Review. I am guessing this got the front page simply for it's weirdness.

  • Iphoner

    You guys think that they don't have more than one team working on iphone games, nor do they have people who can crank this stuff out lightning fast? Everyone's bitching about how they want chrono trigger / fft / etc ported but really it probably took them a month to put this out and it'll probably make more than a few dollars in profit.

  • Anonymous

    If you forget that it came out before all the Square Enix games you were hoping for, is there anybody who actually likes the game?

    • Matty Boi


  • Anonymous

    If you forget that it came out before all the Square Enix games you were hoping for, is there anybody who actually likes the game?

  • Matty Boi

    Hahahhaha ur all a bunch of fools, winging about story lines and hours of fun when u can go out with ur ipod or i phone get drunk have a ball of a time, wip this out and just make it way Better