In July of last year, Team17 released their classic artillery battle game Worms [$2.99/HD] onto the App Store. It was great to see such a beloved franchise hit iOS devices, but unfortunately the game was plagued with a number of problems. Performance was subpar even on a then-new and more powerful iPhone 3Gs, and fans complained of certain missing weapons and lack of online play. The game was updated a number of times which resulted in much improved performance, but the promise of additional weaponry and online matches never actually materialized, though they did add a very nice Bluetooth multiplayer mode to the game.

Now Team17 has just released Worms 2: Armageddon [$4.99] to the App Store, and it essentially feels like what the first game was always meant to be. There is an incredible amount of weaponry in Worms 2, and local multiplayer with up to 4 players or 2 player battles online. A single player campaign contains 30 missions to play through across 5 brand new locations, with tons of different modes to try out. Also, many options are available to customize the look and sound of your worm teams as well as a number of unlockable items to earn.

In many ways, Worms 2: Armageddon feels more like Worms 1.5. The UI feels just like the last game, slightly clunky but manageable. The graphics also don't look any different, save for when running on the iPad, and the lower resolution visuals stick out on a Retina Display device. Online play is a nice addition but I can't help but wish for full 4 player support, as that's when Worms is really at its best. Overall it's a good game if you're a fan of Worms and are looking for the best available version for your iOS device, but if you were expecting leaps and bounds of progress over the first game then you will likely feel disappointed with this latest installment.

  • Martin_Pendle

    Excellent, will give this a try. The first one is one of my most played games on both iPad and iPhone.

  • Grimgrock

    Why would they release it on iPhone without retina display support? Seems like a major oversight.

    • Trent Taylor

      I have no idea why it wasn't mentioned but there is an option for "High Graphics" in the settings.

      It is off by default and turning it on gives a disclaimer about the game looking better but may stutter. It's recommended for newer gen devices

      *it stutters a bit on my 3gs*

  • Jonathan

    Actually, the visual style makes the lack of resolution not too noticeable, IMO. Online multiplayer is a much bigger factor, and to me it seems like a generally solid game overall.

    • Anonymous

      It's not as noticeable as if Epic Citadel didn't have it but it's still pretty noticeable for anyone who has play Flight Control or Angry Birds. They're just so crisp and clear. It's still a huge disappointment for a new game to not have it these days.

  • Anthonyl

    More of the same, I used to get so excited about worms now after playing the different iterations/repackagings of the same game over and over again it's hard for me to care that much

    also controlling the ninja rope of the ipad is such a pain.. what I would be excited about is a ipad port of the indie pc/mac game altitude ( which is pretty much the modern day worms for me.

  • Izzynobre

    wifi-only online multiplayer?

    no assynchronous mode?

    I'll pas.

  • Schnapple

    Anyone tried this on a 3G yet? My wife loves these games and if this one works on our 3G's we could play it together...

    • cbdogs

      i have a 3G phone too and am curious how this game performs on it. anybody tried it on one yet?

  • Anonymous

    Lack of Retina Display support is a deal breaker and inexcusable these days.

  • ZildjianKX

    Why Plus only and not game center? Why no retina display? 🙁

  • Mister Mumbles

    Four-player online matches better than two-player? Hardly. Not unless you're prepared for the game to go on forever. The former is better suited for local play while the latter is best for online.

    Now how about a proper port of Worms Reloaded for the Mac?

    • Mark Biswas

      It's supposedly in the works.

      No retina display support = no sale. Sorry, Team17. Wake me up when it happens.

      • Anonymous

        Oh hey, it's this totally new complaint. I'm almost-Zzzzzz...



  • Josh

    I guess I will be waiting for Worms World Party.

  • Robert Jas

    Team 17 ... they been GODS when Amiga had the Crown, come on guys ! T17 make great games, why on iPhone we have cold sausages ? Worms are cool but without Retina Display support is outdated on start, bring some true classics like All Terrain Racing, I remember on Amiga every title was polished to maximum!

  • SirSteven

    I'm not sure how the devs make such an arse of developing the game, so that it looks awkward and feels clunky. the original Worms often stutters horribly and totally freezes up on my old 3G, and yet Driver - a much more graphics-intensive game - works fine. Bad work by the 'Team17' crew. I'm not giving them another 5 dollars. back to Angry Birds, then... 😉

  • VoodooVyper

    I'm very unimpressed with the performance on the iPad. I can't believe this wasn't mentioned.