Battle for Wesnoth [99¢ / HD] is an open source turn-based strategy game originally released on the PC in 2003. Since then, both the iOS and PC versions of the game have seen substantial improvements as well as seemingly a constant supply of new content created by a massive community of Wesnoth fans that build characters, maps, individual battles, and all-out campaigns.

The PC version is available as a free download and can run on both Windows and Mac OSX. The iPhone version of the game was a little rough around the edges when we first reviewed it, it has improved substantially with each update. Also, each update has brought additional content to the game and currently there are 15 full campaigns which include nearly 200 scenarios. If turn based strategy games are your thing, Wesnoth will keep you busy for a long, long time.

If you're lucky enough to own an iPad, I'd totally spring for the HD version of the game. Battle for Wesnoth makes great use of the bigger screen, and while playing it on the iPhone is still fun, the overall experience is much better on the iPad. For more information on Wesnoth, strategy discussion, and other tips, check out the absolutely massive thread in our forums.

  • Dendory

    "per hour of gameplay" ? If money was counted that way games prices would be so very different...

  • pholly

    I'd rather have Final Fantasy Tactics if I was going to get this type of game. After reading the reviews on this game it has some technical problems that hurt it. The game is 100+ hours but if the game play is boring and the controls suck that sounds like a boring 100+ hours. I'd rather spend that buck on Cut the Rope, if I didn't already have it 😀

  • Keslus

    It requires more thought than Tactics though that game is fun too. In addition to all the content there is a random map generator for endless battles which is great. Also the art department is updating portraits for the mainline campaigns and these are sure to be included here in the future. $1 is a steal for this..

    • Anonymous

      i think in terms of strategic depth bfw is about equal with the first ff tactics. the gba/ds are shallow, easy knockoffs.

    • Jetrel

      We've definitely got a bunch of stuff coming in wesnoth's unstable branch, which Kyle will presumably lift stuff from once we stabilize it. Most of the campaigns have upgraded portraits now, and at least one race has had a massive upgrade in it's sprite animations.

      We're looking to flush out all the crappy, amateur portrait art by the end of the year or so.