This morning Sega released a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic 4. The game is a cross-platform reboot of the Sonic series, going back to the roots of Sonic games with fast-paced sidescrolling instead of weird 3D platforming like recent Sonic titles.

If you've ever played a Sonic game, this trailer will make you drool:

Sega has scheduled the release of Sonic 4 for October 7th, but it's unclear when it will actually arrive on the App Store. Generally speaking, games scheduled to be released on a certain day show up for download the previous day at 11:00 PM Eastern, and filter out to the international App Stores hours before then. Sonic 4 has yet to show up anywhere, but needless to say, we're keeping our eyes out for it and plan on posting a full review as soon as possible.

  • tsharpfilm

    I can't believe how geeked I am about this game... I literally said "Woo!" when I saw the trailer sitting here... 🙁

  • diffusion8r

    I think you mean 'imminent'.

    • diffusion8r

      Lol, nicely corrected. 🙂

  • rockstar31

    *keeps checking touch arcade website every 5 mins to read sonic 4 out in NZ*

  • Anonymous

    There's going to need to be a lite version before I pick this up. I can't trust on screen controls for a game like this.

  • Hackmodford

    Sigh... I can't wait... AAARRRGGGHHH

  • Steve

    Wish they'd used the level clear music from Sonic 1/2.

  • Phil Baxter

    I played this at TGS and am sorry to report it was a mess. It was running on an iPhone 4 with a very spluttery frame rate which ranged from 20fps to 30fps. Not once did it reach the required 60fps for a Sonic game.

    No retina display support either so it looked pretty crude.

    • Anonymous

      That's pretty much what I feared. As good as the video looks, it only makes me excited to be playing the PS3 version in glorious 1080p.

  • Adams Immersive

    A trailer that actually gets into game play in the first 3 seconds. That alone deserves my thanks to Sega!

  • Alexander Barus

    I am downloading now for New Zealand iTunes !!!! Yey!

  • Alexander Barus

    It's 88.7 MB for $14 at New Zealand iTunes.

    • Rockstar31

      So jealous, what is that price in the uk?

  • sonicFR

    You've got a 3GS or 4 ?
    Sonic 4 is fun ? Speed ?

    • Alexander Barus

      I use iPhone 4 and the speed are just awesome ! No lagging at all! Graphics are great too! It does really made for iPhone.

  • RebornProphet

    $14 NZD ... that's around £6/£7 in the UK.

    The last game I paid that much for was Chaos Rings ...

  • Anonymous

    While the trailer is well done, that's a rendered iphone sonic is pushing around there... showing sonic footage - not a direct feed from the iphone - or is it? Would be nicer to see a real iphone in a pair of human hands showing the "actual" game.

  • DA623

    The game comes out tomorrow. Its listed on the official website for the game, October 7th. Actually, the iOS version is the first version to come out. The WiiWare version comes out Monday, PS3 on Tuesday and Xbox 360 gets it on Wednesday.

  • S3

    Why is the game that expensive, I love Sonic but seriously +-$10? I mean Modern Combat 2 is coming out tomorrow and it only costs $7, with multi-player and everything, and Spider-man was also only $7. I guess what I am asking is, is it worth it ? Please let us know, those that are lucky enough to get their hands on it early

    • Dusse

      Expensive? $10 is perfectly reasonable for a game of this caliber..

      • Scott Colbert

        Well that remains to be seen.

  • Kris Butler

    think i'll hold off another week for the 360 release... too expensive IMO

  • Ryan

    Ouch $12.99 in Aust... Look i love sonic as much as the next guy but within the app store marketplace... this is pretty rich. $7.99 and i probably would have done it. I mean its only 17 levels and its calling itself "Episode 1"... Sonic 4 could end up costing quite a bit for the whole thing.