Today EA Mobile sent over some new screens of an upcoming native iPad version of their game SimCity Deluxe. Back in July when the iPhone version was released, we noted that the game could really benefit from an iPad version, as the larger screen space and higher resolution could really enhance the gameplay. It seems EA realized this as well, as an iPad version is under way. Here are a few screens from the iPad version showing the reworked UI and higher resolution graphics (click to enlarge):

Pricing has yet to be revealed, but EA has pegged the release of SimCity Deluxe for iPad as sometime in November. We'll take another look at the game when it releases next month.

  • Anonymous

    Smart move - sales on the iPad are super strong, user base is growing, and EA is paying attention to it. All good signs

  • Bill

    Once again I see no terrain, no freeways, no diagonal roads, no subways, no monorails. I realize the core of the game is present, but personally I was always attracted to the SimCity franchise more for the traffic management and city-scaping elements, and those are completely lost on the mobile versions. Maybe next time.

  • Guest

    YES! This is pretty much bought already. But I do hope they change that ugly interface. Green buttons? What is this? Windows?

    • Jaden

      They should use popovers.

  • DMBTrade

    I'm looking forward to this...but I really what The Tower to come out in the US more then I want this.