Today EA Mobile has announced that one of their flagship franchises, Battlefield, would be arriving in the App Store in the form of Battlefield Bad Company 2 for iPhone and iPod touch. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a squad-based first-person shooter that was released on consoles and PCs earlier this year to some fairly positive reviews.

An interesting single player campaign was included in Battlefield Bad Company 2, but the real highlight of the game was its excellent multiplayer component that rivaled online juggernauts Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2 in terms of player base. This new mobile version of Bad Company 2 will indeed include online multiplayer in some form, although details about it are scarce. Also, a single player campaign will be present consisting of 14 missions spread across five different landscapes including jungle, snow, and desert. EA has released the following screenshots of the game (click to enlarge):

Two hallmarks of the Battlefield Bad Company games have been destructible environments and driving a variety of vehicles. Based on the information in EA's press release, vehicular combat including at least tanks and choppers will be a part of the mobile experience, but it's unclear whether or not the destructible environments will make the cut. No other information about the game has been provided other than an expected November release date. A discussion about the game is taking place in our forums, and we'll of course bring you any new information on Battlefield Bad Company 2 as it becomes available.

  • Chris Lee

    WOW!! Can't wait!

  • James

    Hopefully they'll make an iPad version too.

  • Anonymous

    Are you F#*@&@ KIDDING ME?!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!

  • Booch138

    This is going to be so badass. Hopfully I will get my iPod Touch 4th gen just in time.

  • Omar Aria Setiawan

    WOW !!!

  • Yo bro!

    Better have multiplayer

    • Hampus

      you didnt read did you?

      "This new mobile version of Bad Company 2 will indeed include online multiplayer in some form, although details about it are scarce."

  • Anonymous

    The PS3 version of this game is one of my favorite games in a long, long time. Truly epic. I fear great disappointment in an iPhone version.

  • Homelessboy

    O-------M-------G! Im Shaking like a wet CAT!, This is F%$%$NG AWESOME! The worlds end tonight for me, I don't need my eyes anymore!!!!! I hope they port all the EA games to the Iphone!!!!!! and Microsoft do the same! I want to play Halo REach here! Please Steve Jobs take a beer with Bill and talk about what I'm asking. And I hope all the games was free! FTW! LOLZ!

  • itrix

    This game is going to going to kick ass on my new iPod Touch. The screenshots look pretty awesome and clean. But I wonder how the controller is going to be like though?

  • MonBiff

    Looks awesome, although I'd definitely prefer destructable environments to driving vehicles - but I guess it would be tougher to do.

    I'm not going to get too excited though, as judging by EA's recent form (Mirror's Edge, Reckless Racing), this should be released some time around Christmas 2014.

  • Bluellama1

    I was literally just thinking about how BC2 should be on the iPhone too!

    • Luka Kotar

      yeah, me too! i was playing modern combat 2, and wished tor iphone version of bad company 2. then i googled, and i came to this page!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! (but i'm still waiting for bioshock...)

  • Csilver69

    and i was waiting for modern combat 2 -,- which to buy AND NOVA 2 TOO

  • GnarKill

    &*$# YEAH!!!! My favorite game to play on my PS3. Once this is released I really won't get anything done while working.

  • FPSFan

    Awesome! Now I hope they bring on the new Medal of Honor too!

  • Silentcorp

    Been a big BF fan since the original on PC, cautious skepticism here for the iPhone port. BC2 on the 360 is really one of the best shooters around, mixing great gun-play with vehicular combat that feels heavy and dead-on.

    I'm ready for some of the heavy hitters to man up and put out Unreal Engine ports!

    • Tom - mooedia

      Now that's a great idea. I'm sure, if this title was quality, people would pay top dollar for it, especially if the online multiplayer worked well.

      Will have to see what happens.

  • br1an

    iPad, please.

  • DemonIced


    Haha nice! BBC2 is one of my favorite FPS of all time on PC and PS3, I do hope they'll make a great version of it. If it plays anything like Modern Combat, along with BC2 mechanics it's gonna be awesome!

  • Martin_Pendle

    Interesting, loved the Xbox 360 version, will be interesting to see how it translates across.

  • archer_004

    Awesome news

  • Tcrowns

    Great news but it would also be nice if EA would take this programming knowledge and apply it to Mac releases also.

  • Lol

    cant wait omg

  • E_Domina

    wow. three great games. NOVA 2, Modern Combat 2, and now Battlefield Bad Company 2. Great FPS's what's next MW2?

  • Rosh

    If it doesn't have the destructive envirements then it isn't BC 2. That's the ONLY thing that sets it apart from other shooters.

    Also it would be great if it would run on iPhone 3g as I don't carry my iPad around.

  • Biikbaboy

    If this won't run on at least 2nd gen devices then this is total bullcrap since Gameloft's MC2s graphics on my ipod touch 2G are far better than those screenshots above.

  • Celestial Deity

    Yeah, this is great and all, but oh man, those screenshots!

  • Hbn46

    Looks amazing! Hey question for all of you: Do you think you would enjoy a game that has like 100 people in a multiplayer match for the iPod(iPhone, etc)?

    • Hbn46

      though it might be cool, to me playing something like an FPS on something as big as the iPad is just weird, "bahhh i use my whole fist to move forward and i punch the screen to shoot" jk i know its not that bad.. but still the ipod and iphone seem more "controller-ish" to me.

      • Luka Kotar

        sooooooooooooo funny! and yes, i would enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Luka Kotar

    this game needs a lot of graphic onprovements!!!!! check out epic citadel in the app store from epic games, irt uses thebunreal engine 3!!!!

  • Anonymous

    well i guess its not gonna be a november release ๐Ÿ™ shame. ive been looking on the appstore every day scince i saw this post

  • sulaymaan

    complete bs its not even out

  • Luka Kotar

    december 2. = today
    release x november
    can't they stop lying?

  • Doezel

    it's out!

  • Beany1945

    doezel, i cant find it on the app store anywhere!

  • Cml Doodle