One of the great things about the App Store is the many retro titles that have either been ported or remade for iOS devices. In terms of role-playing games, they don't get much more classic than Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II from Square Enix. These two titles were remade for the PSP a few years back with improved graphics and tweaked gameplay, and earlier this year those enhanced versions made their way to the App Store. Both games made the transition to the touch screen rather well, and offered a great old-school RPG experience for gamers on the go.

Just a few hours ago, both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II were updated to include Chinese and French language support. To celebrate these updates, Square Enix has dropped the price of each title from $8.99 to $3.99 for one week only. Admittedly it's kind of a weird thing to celebrate with a 55% off sale, but if you've previously been on the fence about picking up either game then I don't think you'll be arguing about their decision. Here's a lengthy video showing the first ten minutes of gameplay from Final Fantasy on the iPhone:

Make sure to take a look at our extensive review of both titles from February for more information. Additionally, you can join the discussion in the Final Fantasy thread or Final Fantasy II thread in our forums if you're looking for help or just want to talk about either game.

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  • Soulblitz

    How do they look at 2x on the iPad?

  • Grimgrock

    If they are ports of a PSP game and they didn't do any additional optimizations, I'd say they probably don't look all that great. But that's just a guess.

    I have the same question about the retina display on the iPhone 4.

  • pholly

    To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

  • John Hood

    Still no Retina display support. Otherwise, highly recommended.

  • Graham Hall

    I've been thinking about getting these. I missed the last sale which I was bummed about but I'm getting them right now so I don't miss this one. 😀

  • cut

    Damn... since I purchased my iPad I really struggle with buying apps. It's freaking FF... for 2,99€...

    But: will there be an HD version? Will it upscale well on the iPad? And will I play such a long game either on my iPad OR on my iPhone... With more universal apps or discount for multiple app purchases (if you bought the iphone version and rebuy the app for iPad, maybe as inapp purchase) or at least a way to use retina versions on the iPad and a possibility to transfer/sync gamesaves between several devices i would buy many many more apps.... 🙁

  • Knightcomm

    Something to note: FFXIV is out this week...

    • Cat Astrophy

      Not really worth noting. Only two weeks before release and the game (public beta) was more unplayable than any ALPHA I've ever been played.

      • Knightcomm

        I am just saying, last time they price dropped it was because of a game release celebration. The release of FFXIV could have something to do with it. I never said the game was good. I got to beta test it months ago and I hated it. Lol.

  • Ujn Hunter

    $0.99 or bust! I already have the superior PSP ports.

  • Rob

    no ipad/retina support = OUT

  • Valient

    @Ujn Hunter

    Doesn't it say it is the same improvement as PSP?

  • Wedge

    This needs to be a $2.99 or less game with Retina Display support before I consider buying it. I already own the original FF on NES. It's a classic but the $8.99 original price is ridiculous when you consider they've already made millions of dollars rehashing FF1 and 2.

    I'm sure they've already made tons of money with this port on the iPhone/iPod touch from the hardcore fans that were willing to buy at $8.99. I think it's time to drop the price to $2.99 or less...permanently. Ooor, they can keep it at $8.99 and have 'sales' every now and then...Square/Enix won't be getting my money though.

  • Otty Ott

    These games look terrible.They are the PSP versions that have been squeezed onto the iPhone screen with no optimization. The text is tiny and blurry. Control is so-so at best. Not really worth it at all....

  • Chinito77

    Not sure what some people are smoking here but I bought FF and it was great on my iPhone 3Gs. It looks even better when I got my iPhone 4 minus the Retina display.

    As for how it looks on the iPad? Not bad, it scales very nice at 2x. I wish there was an iPad version. I am on the fence about getting FF2. I'm a little bummed that my saves do not carry over from the iPhone to iPad. If there is a way, I do not know how. 🙁

    Also, who cares about the PSP or GBA versions. I don't carry around that junk when I'm at work or hanging out with friends. The quality looks good so don't kid yourself. If you have an iPhone, you can't go wrong with the first FF.

  • Endersgame21

    I love seeing these price drop alerts!

  • iPadRock

    Is there any game like this one in the appstore that i could play on my ipad ?

  • raaaaaaaandy

    these games are 10/10 just resist the random encounter. then more people would like this app. its native resolution 480 x320 vs psp 480 x 272 just needs retina display this year