According to German iPhone site, an RPG by EA entitled Heroes Lore is coming to the App Store in late October. Revealed during an iPhone session at 4010, the following video was shot showing some brief gameplay:

We don't have many details right now, but Heroes Lore is a series of J2ME RPG's that have been hugely popular in Asian markets. It's unclear whether this is a port of one of the Heroes Lore games or an entirely new game, but we hope to have more information soon.

  • Chickdigger802

    looks like every single asian action rpg on the market.

    But if it's published by EA, the translation should be decent.

  • Brinkman

    2 1/2 minutes of... gameplay?

    • Adams Immersive

      It’s an isometric scrolling bobber. You stand around and bob in place. If you can bob your head in shoulders over 10 times in a row, you can rack up some great combos!

  • Booch138

    Looks like EA's STAB at the Sword of Mana series. Not much was shown though so I can't say much but I am not very impressed.

  • GodSon

    Lancer!?!?! o_o...SOLD!

  • Jcat

    While I'm all for more rpgs - why the hell does every character have to look like a young kid with spiked hair. Please tell me this isn't yet another JRPG with the usual fixings the like cute starting town, the dying king who happens to be your dad, and little kids frolicking around who say meaningless stuff like "nice weather sure I wish I can go to that cave with you".

  • Crish

    Well, I'm not a big fan of JRPGs but Heroes Lore is different. The game was released as a J2ME game years ago and was just brilliant with it's deep and engaging storyline. I'm quite happy to see it making it's way to iPhone and I really hope EA ports part II and III, which never were translated for the western markets.

    • Crish

      You weren't to sure about the details, so maybe I can enlighten you a little bit. The game in the video seems to be a remake. There are new graphics and sounds, but from what I can tell the story is the same. At least it sounds so according to the speaker.

  • oom

    At the beginning of the game you choose a deputy/ representative from either one of two nations. Depending on the nation you pick you will experience the story from a different perspective. You will interact (fight against and fight with) with the other deputy/ representative throughout the game. To experience the whole story you have to play through both story lines. The quests are designed to be very accessible.
    Fighting monsters will earn you experience points which you spend on your character.

  • Kumeelyun

    This looks like (well-made) knockoff of Secret Of Mana. I'd probably check this out, but it would be cool to get the actual thing on the iPhone.

  • Mwhite67

    If EAs publishing it I guess we can assume it'll be out in 2 or 3 years, just like Reckless Racing.

    • Mecca

      Reckless Racing will be out soon - so will be Heroes Lore - in less than 2 weeks.

  • Coffee

    forget this crap! Pocket Legends FTW!!!