The atmospheric zombie shooter Aftermath went free for today only. We reviewed the game back in March and really loved the creepy mood the game offers.

The mood of the game really is perfect. The lighting effects, 3d engine and sound come together to give Aftermath a great feel. Your character is controlled by two thumb pads, but not in the traditional dual-stick format. Left is movement while the right one lets you turn left/right. Meanwhile, firing at zombies is automatic when you point at them with your flashlight. While this may sound awkward, it works quite well and makes the game feel a bit more realistic and frantic as you must be facing your opponents to fire at them.

There's a lot to like about this one, and we highly recommend picking it up for free today.

  • iGamer285

    I'm so sick of all these iOS 4 only games

  • Bryan

    This has been my favourite of the "dual stick" shooter genre to date. Despite the slightly less-than-impressive graphics, the gameplay is fantastic.

    • Mr. Saturn

      Have you played minigore? That game is by far my favorite dual stick shooter and the most played game on my iPod.

      • E_Domina

        what! you compare minigore as a good dual shooter? minigore is so repetitive. this is probably the best shooter ever!

  • N. Cabot

    This remains one of my all-time favorite iDevice games to date, although I'm still running the older 3.1.3 compatible version. Anyone on iOS4 has absolutely no reason not to pick this up now that it's free. Have fun, and good luck on the infamous level 3. 😉

  • RNF

    Love the creepy music

  • ME

    Is it possible to make it darker? I think I saw something on the screen...

  • dave

    this game is very effective in stressing me out from its intensity. very creepy for an isometric shooter.

  • thebleeptruth

    What the hell?! Not compatible on both my 1st Gen iPod Touch and iPad!!! Bummer!

  • Bobthebender

    So ummm, is it me, or does it not show up in the iTunes store right now?