iOS 4.1 was just released mere moments ago. It features Game Center, HDR photography for the iPhone 4, and a ton of other features. Also, if you've got an iPhone 3G, while you won't get Game Center, at least you'll get a little bit of a performance boost compared to iOS 4.0.

iOS 4.1 is a free download for all devices that support it.

  • William Evans

    I just connected my iPhone 4 and it doesn't come up with the update? It only says 4.0.2 is avaliable...

    • SalsaMD

      Do you have iTune 10 installed?

      • William Evans

        Nope, I take it that I need to?

      • SalsaMD

        Nah, it says 4.02, but installs 4.1 if you proceed further.

  • Bryan

    It sounds like they're rolling it out to different areas at different times; probably to keep from getting slammed with downloads.

  • JD

    Keeping 4.0.1, my jailbroke phone is 10x more enjoyable with it than without it.

    • William Evans

      What's the benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone? (I'm not sure as I've only jailbroken an iPod Touch)

      • Gload

        Why doesn't dev-team have a JB for this yet? Didn't they have the beta?

      • Michael

        The benefits are the ability to put a background on a non-3rd-generation device home screen, adjust many settings Apple doesn't let you adjust, and download cracked applications illegally.

        Personally, I'd rather stay on the safe side. Plus, downloading cracked applications is against my doctrine.

      • Adams Immersive

        The benefits used to be widely varied (for the brave risk-takers out there). Not it’s very limited: some things mainly of interest to techie hobbiest who like to tinker “just because.” I’m one of those! But I won’t do it on the phone I depend on. Apple has added great implementations of the main things iOS used to lack, and JB is no longer worth the risk/hassle of messing with the OS of a device I depend on that already works great. (But I’ll probably give JB a shot on an older iOS device I have lying around—just for the heck of it, not for any major benefit.)

        Think of it like people who modify the engines in their cars. The reasons are real, but not worth it for most people!

        (And of course, a lot of cool things have been done with JB in the past. They’re just not needed by most people any more.)

        As for piracy, of course I’m 100% against that. JB for hobbyist/tinkering reasons is all I can support.

      • Sticktron

        There are many benefits, now as ever, and no "risk".
        You can download non-Apple apps to do many interesting things, from customizing the look of your phone, to improving on built in functionality.

        This isn't the appropriate spot to get into it... check out the jailbreak thread.

  • Riggy

    I'm updating my 2nd Gen iTouch right now! You do not need iTunes 10, btw. I didn't update to it, no interest in Ping.

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    Downloading it now bring it on!

    I just hope Apple update the Game Center background theme soon.. it looks like my Grandad designed it.

    • Mr Slinky Spring

      Add me guys, same name as above. Still awaiting games...

  • Brinkman


  • Klemens

    I have an iPod Touch 3rd Gen and iTunes 10, but no Update for me -.-

  • Jon

    I'm still running OS 3.1.3 on my Ipod 2gen. I resisted getting OS 4 originally because I heard there were lags and issues for the Ipod 2gen. Is it worth updating now?

    • HyphyCus

      Sure if you like having no memory.

    • Fluffeh

      Really? My 2nd gen touch is running better on iOS4 than 3.1.3. Maybe it's because I did a full restore though.

  • Archimedes

    Mine is updating without trouble. Anyone booted it up yet?

    • Riggy

      Well, I've installed it and set up my account. None of my games are showing up under the games tab (and I have Fieldrunners, Angry Birds, and a bunch more). Perhaps the games themselves need to be updated?

      • Archimedes

        Interesting... Mines still installing but that doesn't seem like an apple move to release with no functionality. I'm guessing there is some sort of issue at the moment. Hoping it will be resolved before the day is out.

      • Little White Bear Studios

        Yes, the games require an update to have Game Center functionality.

      • Archimedes

        Just surprised there wasn't a preemptive app update for one of there showcase games. Something along the lines of Pandora with the release of multitasking.

      • Little White Bear Studios

        Give it a few hours. Tomorrow at the latest.

  • John Hood

    Updated my iPod touch (2G). I'm johnhood on Game Centre. 🙂

  • Talbot

    where are the damn gamecenter games, huh?

    • Riggy

      Yep, that's pretty damn bizarre. Why release game center and no have any damn games that show up under it?

    • livingtech

      I'm updating now... TA should do an overview of what games support game center out of the box.

  • Lifein2D

    There was never a problem with the 2nd Gen touch. Its was the iPhone 3G with all the problems.

    Mine ran better on 4.x than 3.x

    • Lifein2D

      That was meant as a reply to Jon...

      • Jon

        Thanks - I'll download it.

    • drelbs

      My 2nd gen iPod Touch has been plagued with "vnode table is full" kernel panics since 4.0... I've sent various crash files to developers and they all say the same thing, my device is running out of memory. Have downloaded iOS4.1, but haven't put it on yet, making a backup first so I can go the "restore from backup" route since the regular install failed so miserably for me last time.

      • Jon

        Good to know - let us know how it goes

      • drelbs

        So far - not so good.

        Backups fail with "iTunes could not backup the iPod "" because a session could not be started with the iPod" 😡

        I swear Apple just doesn't like me upgrading my iPod...

      • drelbs

        Backup completed... finally.

        Had to hard-reset my iPod.

        Too late in the day to run a full restore/sync, so I'll hit it first thing tomorrow morning.

      • drelbs

        Well I have to say 4.1 went on a LOT easier than 4.0 did.

        I'm drelbs on Game Center if you want to add me. 😉

        So far so good - will have to see if that crash remains... I have launched all the 'problematic' apps and have had no crashes (app or device) so far! 🙂

  • HipHopTouch


    Hoping Game Centre will end all others of their kind, I want something official to run the devices multiplayers as well as achievements.

    • Cougarcat

      Others will exist in some form or another. OpenFeint is going to offer cross-platform support with Android, and I doubt that's something Apple is interested in doing.

      • HipHopTouch

        Too true on the Android platform... but I can see OpenFeint dying slowly... fair play to them for bringing this earlier to the platform though.

  • Dosch033

    Hey ! Add me on Game Center : Dosch033 XD

  • Dalurkersteve

    Add me as well my nickname is "dalurkersteve"

    • Dalurkersteve

      P.s. I'm friendly 🙂 haha

      • Froob

        Add me aswell, my nickname is "Shade".

    • Joma

      Add me too, Joma.

  • Simon Potticary

    I'm having issues downloading iOS 4.1 onto my iPhone 4 guys. I keep getting a warning message saying: THERE WAS A PROBLEM DOWNLOADING THE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR iPHONE. THE NETWORK CONNECTION WAS RESET. Any idea's? I downloaded iTunes 10 without any probs and all other websites etc are working 100% fine. Please help guys!

  • WeskerWario

    Add me on Game Center nickname is "Protoman"

  • Simon Potticary

    HELP! I'm having issues downloading iOS 4.1 onto my iPhone 4 guys. I keep getting a warning/error message saying: THERE WAS A PROBLEM DOWNLOADING THE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR iPHONE. THE NETWORK CONNECTION WAS RESET. Any ideas? I downloaded iTunes 10 without any probs and I've checked my internet connection, and all other websites etc are working 100% fine. I've even restarted my computer. Please help guys?

  • Andy

    I'm set up with the new OS but cannot seem to get my games recognised in Game Centre. Any one out there managed it yet? Or am doing something wrong? I've got flightcontrol, angry birds etc help!

    • Lifein2D

      You need to wait for the updates.

      For some reason Apple released Game Center before the updates

      • Andy

        Thanks dude!

  • Archimedes

    I'm spamming those who listed there names with invites. I'm curious how messaging and all that works.

  • Archimedes

    I know I seem like I'm just nitpicking here but I'd kinda like all new software features released by apple to have a landscape-mode.

    • Archimedes

      Lol, all of those who accepted my request have the same "Status" as myself. Something to the effect of "Waiting for games".

      Also, I'm kinda upset that there doesn't seem to be any sort of messaging option for people on your friends list. No communication options of any sort, be be it IMing, the proverbial "wall", or even a private email-esqe messaging system...

  • Dimitris

    Come on apple! Give us some games!
    My Nick is dk79

  • Lifein2D

    My name is BryanM , Feel free to add me!

  • Lifein2D

    Ahaha I just got a request from GameCenter and jumped because of the sound!

    Wasn't expecting that!

    • Archimedes

      Lol, clearly we are all staring at our iPhones because ever request I send it instantly approved : )

    • Froob

      Haha, this happened to me 4 times, and i jumped every time.

  • Simon Potticary

    Sorry to interrupt, but can anyone help me?? (see my Q timed at 2.54pm)

  • T-rex 2

    I thought on the new update on the iphone 3g you could change both your lockscreen and home background, still with the update they haven't allowed us to change it and apple stated you would beable to :/

    the update was worthless nothing special

    • Davidd

      I don't remember Apple saying that in their Keynote. They just said it would fix the speed issue and stuff.

  • Lifein2D

    Ms.PacMan has been updated, To bad I didn't pick it up when it was on sale.

    Come on Angry Birds!

  • MikeyH

    Feel free to add me. Nickname is MikeyH

  • Dude

    What the? I hooked up my iPod and it's saying I have the current version- 4.02. :C Why won't it update?

    • Ben Of Bodom UK

      Same dude, I'm on a 3rd gen 32gb.

      • Ben Of Bodom UK

        Also just realised your name actually is 'dude', that's convenient XD

      • Jack111

        Same here im on an Ipod 3rd gen 32gig

      • Doomboy

        I'm another 3rd gen 32 gb guy, though I never updated to 4.0.2, so my iTunes is even more worryingly saying that I have the latest version (4.0) :S

      • porkchop

        Im having same problem with my 3rd gen ipod touch, tells me im runing newest version 4.02 :/

      • Piasintein

        Same here... iPod touch 3G 32GB.

      • porkchop

        anyone know if we just got some bad luck or is this a prob for all 32gig ipod touchs?

      • porkchop

        nvm guys just checked again seems like prob fixed mines updating now 🙂

  • ElliotHollings

    I'm in as ElliotHollings
    Feel free to add me 🙂

  • Astma

    I'm hoping for Dungeon Hunter II today. Add me: Astma.

    • Archimedes

      35 friends so far, Astma??? Impressive.

      • Froob

        He has 51 now xD

  • Simon Potticary

    Sorry, just once more, could anyone possibly put aside their Game Centre 'nickname' joviality for a moment and help out with my earlier cry for help??? It was timed at 2.54pm so please scroll back a piece. Thank you to my esteemed fellow iGamers in advance.

    • Archimedes

      Sorry for lack of reply. If it had trouble downloading and it now won't let you download it again, I'd recommend either finding the download location for the installer and zapping the partial file or, if that doesn't work or you don't feel comfortable, try another PC. You'll need to transfer purchases first so you don't lose your apps and it may remove your music but you'll be able to sync with your main PC again after you get yourself updated. Let me know if that helps you : )

  • Monty

    Plz add: Montylicious

  • Archimedes

    Any else upset with lack of communication like sending notes or IM? Was I the only one who thought this functionality would be there?

    • Froob

      I too am slightly dissapointed over the lack of communication, but I think that Apple will add this feature at some point soon.

  • Kingrob

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  • Tech

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  • JCat

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  • Simon Potticary

    Thanks Archimedes! That done the trick! Thanks so much and sorry if I came across impatient (erm, I was. Just a bit though). Good luck with Game Centre everyone. Hope it's worth the long(ish) wait....

    • Archimedes

      Oh, you didn't come off poorly. Your device wasn't working and you really wanted it to work. I think that's acceptable : ) glad we could help.

  • Aladdnzane

    Please add me, Aladdinsane Thanks!

  • Miost

    Finding game center to be unintuitive and non functioning.
    Disapointed to say the least.

  • porkchop

    add me plz porkchop4lyfe

  • manyax111

    i updated to 4.1 but my ipod 2g still same. There is no performance improvement...

    • Howard

      manyaxx11: How bad is it? I have a 2G ipod touch as well and am keeping it on 3.1.3. Sounds like you have performance issues with 4.0 and 4.1?

  • the floridian

    Finally!!! I have had the 4.1 beta for a bit, now I can actually have friends 😛 "the floridian"

  • leela

    add me, leela

  • Jack111

    Finaly managed to update my Ipod

    Feel free to add me my id is Jack111

  • mode7even

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  • Bailsy

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  • Simon Potticary

    I'm 'Aces High' if anyone would care to add me! That may sound a tad lame, but only one of my 'friends' has an iDevice - it's my 14yr old daughter and she's far too imbarrassed to have her old Dad as a contact!

  • Bell

    I'm Colonel Panic.

  • MugWuffin

    Add me guys! ID is MugWuffin

  • Hitch

    Sweet! Up and running. My user name is-
    Yeah, it has the dash. Hitch was already taken. 🙁
    Seems kinda bare bones for now, but I can't wait for more games to run in it and for new themes and stuff.
    One nice thing is that you can instantly change your username if it's open. 🙂

  • Stormchild

    Heh. "Ton" of other new features. Exaggerate much?

    iOS 4.1 adds NOTHING but Game Center, unless you have an iPhone 4, in which case it adds a *couple* other new features.

  • Cyrus

    I've been resisting upgrading my iPhone 3G to OS 4 because of all the reported performance issues. Has OS 4.1 fixed these?? Anybody tried yet???

  • Ankaris

    Game Center looks like a cheap Solitaire or Bridge game, so terrible.

    • Stormchild

      Yeah…I hate to say it, but the quality of Apple's graphic design is slipping lately. I think I could deal with the felt table aesthetic if it wasn't for the odd mix of ugly fonts. The worst part is the way longer game titles get broken up on the main page for each game, due to the needlessly huge font. Fieldrunners renders as:


      WTF Apple?

  • Vito

    My iphone 3g went from agony to live again.....

    I love my iphone 3g again....

    • Vol

      @Vito, have you done full restore, or copied iPhone from backup?

      Anyone? Is it true that only full restored iP3G have performance boost?

  • Elmo

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  • Lori

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  • justpassingby

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  • Archimedes

    Okay, so they released updates to lots of apps to add game center support and I installed them all but still no games showing in game center.

  • Dimitris

    you have to play them

  • cj

    In your world, women don't exist? What's up with the "Gentlemen" nonsense?