The original Hero of Sparta [$1.99 / Free / HD] was a technically innovative hack and slash adventure game released in late 2008 when the App Store was still in its infancy and large-scale 3D games were few and far between. In our review we called the original "visually impressive and fun". In the Hero of Sparta series, you play as Argos, a Spartan hero, who has to make his way through endless hordes of monsters. Much like the God of War trilogy which the Hero of Sparta series is heavily "inspired" by, along the way you'll fight massive bosses, execute finishing moves via touchscreen quick action sequences, and eventually master the combo system to turn opposing enemies in to pulp.

Hero of Sparta II [$6.99] offers a significant graphical improvement over its predecessor and is packed with new powers and weapons to use while murdering everything that moves. If you enjoyed the first installment, it's safe to say you will also have a blast with the second one as well. If you haven't heard of the Hero of Sparta games before, give the lite version of the original game a spin to see how much you enjoy it.

  • Zzargo

    It's awesome.

  • Yrogerg212

    Gameloft needs to take a lesson from the people behind Reckless Racing/Deliverace's amazing graphics.

  • Medoiocre

    Any word on the iPad release date?

  • JCat

    When will there be an iPad version? And if so, will it actually play/look like it SHOULD on the the big screen device that deserves it? Or will it be a quick money milking port like the first, making it the second worse iPad game ever (with the original Hero of Sparta on iPad of course, being the first)?

  • Rad

    I sure hope Gameloft starts making universal apps other wise Iphone games like this won't be bought. I will wait for the I-pad version. Why would anyone want to pay for the same game twice.

  • Q

    Not a very good review.

    "it's just like the first only it's the second, so if you liked the first you probably might like the second."

    Paraphrasing of course but that's basically what I got out of the three paragraphs you wrote.

    • arn

      no one said it was a review.

      • Sticktron

        When there's an article on the front page describing a newly released game, it's a review, albeit not necessarily comprehensive.

      • MrMuesli

        Perhaps the confusion could have been avoided with a quick 'stay tuned for a full review coming soon' at the end. You normally do that, no?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Reviews have "Review" in the title and are in the "Reviews" category which can be found in the byline. Per the title of the site, we do news and reviews. Not everything we post is a "review," and this wasn't intended to be one at all.

    • jon

      If you are paraphrasing you shouldn't be using quotes.

      • Dennis

        took the words right from me 😀

  • Q

    That "review" (if you can even call that a review) was not at all inforamtive.

    "it's just like the first only it's the second, so if you like the first it's safe to say you might probably like the second"

    Paragrasing of course but even that was more in depth.

  • Johnny Knows More Than You

    Like Q says that "Review" gives me no idea of how the game plays. Explain to me these new buttons that weren't in HOS1? C'mon

    • Eduku

      This is an announcement. Not a review.

  • george

    ipad version?

  • RhythmMan

    I've bought every hit gameloft title at release, only to get burned by a massive sale within a few months this time I'm not paying the $7 right away. I'll play zombie infection and the new gyroscope-controlled NOVA until they have HoS2 on sale. Love gameloft games, own almost all of em, but I could have saved over $60 if I waited.

    That said, I will be getting this eventually!

  • Septimus

    Gameloft being the usual gouging bastards. Make it universal damn it! Even for £1 more.

  • Daniel

    Same here I want it for the iPad. Not fair that we iPad gamers always have to wait. I love games on my iPhone but I don't want to pay twice either.
    Make your games universal please.

  • ratonbox

    it works on iPad but it won't have the HD graphics.

    • Medoiocre

      So... It doesn't work on the iPad then...

  • MrMuesli

    As with most Gameloft games, I find myself lowering my expectations in order to enjoy it. This is a very good 'God of War' inspired game for a mobile phone. If this were to hit the PSP, I wouldn't take a second look, but for what it is, I'm a happy customer.

  • Killer006

    I almost find the suggestion to play the free version of the first one the wrong decision. The second one is so much better that if someone played the first they may decide to not get the second one. There really is no need to play the first for storyline or anything.

  • MrMuesli

    Is anyone finding it tricky to get the right 'analog stick' to do what you want it to do? It seems kind of unresponsive to me right now. Dying a lot: ( I always thought that about Gameloft controls tbh. Thought they might have improved on that by now...hey ho.

  • jon

    As the overall quality of games is slowly improving in the app store it makes Gameloft games look more like what they are— cookie-cutter, low quality, snooze-fests.

  • Some guy

    That trailer was actually very epic, for a app game trailer.

    I loved the first game, so when i first saw this post i was like 😀
    but when I looked at the price i went D:

    • Snipyro

      LOL, +1. Exactly what I thought!

  • skylerolson

    Can you turn off the blood in this?