The original Across Age [$5.99 / Free] was released in February, and in our review we detailed all the things we liked about the game, ranging from its fantastic sprite-based graphics to its delightfully cliche yet somehow still engaging plot that involved saving the world from an evil magician.

Across Age is an RPG loaded with puzzles that take advantage of the game's two main gameplay mechanics: Being able to control two separate characters at once, and heaps of time travel. The game also features massive bosses, which everyone loves, and of course each boss has its own gimmick (usually utilizing an ability you just unlocked) which must be exploited to defeat it. Overall, I had a fun time playing through Across Age as it tickled both my nostalgia for similar games of the Super Nintendo era, while being just fresh enough to not feel blatantly "inspired" by those same games.

FDG Entertainment has been hard at work on an iPad version of the game, and have redrawn all of the graphics in the process. The HD version also has combat and character movement tweaks with customizable on-screen controls. There's even going to be a bonus dungeon and boss fight, which hopefully will be cool enough to give players a reason go play through the game again if they've already beat it on the iPhone or iPod touch.

FDG is planning on releasing Across Age HD sometime next month for $7.99. The screenshots they've sent us so far look awesome, and I can't wait to run through the game again on my iPad.

  • Eng

    Ooh, looking lovely, i think i bought this for iPhone, but don't think i played it through fully...anyhow, i'll definitely get this, looks awesome 🙂

  • klouud

    Man! That looks amazing! If they add a dungeon and keep the improved graphics for an iPhone 4 release - I will definitely buy this game once I upgrade in Sept!


    • Future777

      Thank you! Little surprise (Across Age DX, iPhone 4 Retina)

    • jon

      This is for iPad, no?

      • Future777

        Yes, Across Age HD = iPad.

  • JCat

    Looks good -- makes up for a lot of the disposable crap being ported over to iPad.

  • Soulblitz

    Will it be possible to change the size of the dpad? It looks quite bit in the screenshot, though it might just be me.

  • Future777

    Thanks everyone! 🙂 The D-Pad size is still being discussed here - my guess is that it AA HD will have 2 d-pad sizes for smaller/bigger hands.

    An iPone 4 retina version will also be released this year, including the iPad features like extra dungeon & boss fight.

    • Chinito77

      Looking forward to the iPhone 4 version. I'll be sure to pick it up.

  • David

    lame! they better release BCC4 like they promised a year ago. this company is losing my respect.

    screw you FDG!

  • Robin

    Holy SNES Zelda tree rip off Batman!

  • Duke Floss

    will the regular version be updated with the new dungeon?

    • Future777

      The extra dungeon and boss is iPad/iPhone 4 exclusive.

      • Duke Floss

        that is truly a bummer.

    • Efirmage

      So are there going to be 3 be versions of this game then? Or will the update just be iphone 4 exclusive?

  • sadddd

    i am so tired of seeing these sh*tty graphic games coming out every week.

    • Huy Ngo

      Don't confuse "graphics" with "artistic style". Get it right.

  • yoshi1080

    Oh man, I *just* bought the iPhone version for my iPad! And the iPhone 4 will get a separate version, too? Seriously? That makes three versions for something that could be made into a single, universal app!

    You know what, I’m just not going to do this anymore. I won’t pay twice. Maybe the market will handle this, it’s just ridiculous.

    • Future777

      You have to think about other consequences when doing a universal app.

      - making it universal means 300 MB/3x filesize (bad for 1st/2nd gen users)
      - incompatible scripts across 3 different games, all to be tested for a single update. This makes it an insane effort to release a version update.
      - Higher price for all users, very risky from a business perspective
      - incompatible savegame across the versions
      - who pays us for all the efforts to make an HD version? It´s not that we press an "HD" button and all the graphics are redone. There are several people sitting on each sprite, tile, animation for several months.

      On a sidenote: FDG has been one of the first companies to do a universal App (Parachute Panic HD). But this isn´t always possible.

  • Aeroflux

    The market will handle this, right now devs are having to go back and change most of the content in their game. That's development time that wasn't planned for and in a small business that extra cost can be prohibitive. The reaction? Make a different version and call it HD to justify the internal cost.

    Universal games will catch on eventually, the iphone community is notoriously thrifty.

  • joycelannon16

    I realy like playing th rpg on my ipad, but now i'm stuck,. Level 61 cn't open the cave with the button asking for something heavier. Can't locate a key for the Ujammi ruins,for Acrross Ags HD Ipad.