As you may recall back when Star Wars: Trench Run [$4.99] first came out back in November, we weren't too kind in our review. Basically, in the game, through a series of levels that feel a lot like different Star Wars themed shooter mini-games sewn together with clips from the movies, you re-enact the various events leading up to the original destruction of the Death Star. There wasn't much gameplay to be had in the mission mode, and arcade mode wasn't particularly compelling either.

The latest update adds three new levels and introduces four new ships: The Millennium Falcon, the Y-wing, along with both standard TIE fighters and Darth Vader's own TIE fighter. The new levels focus on flying the Millennium Falcon either attacking TIE fighters as you ferry Princess Leia back to the Rebel base or flying over the Death Star trench protecting three Y-wings from TIE fighters and turret fire. The third level also has you protecting the same Y-wings in arcade mode attempting to survive as long as possible.

While I'm sure there are some people out there who will absolutely love the fact that they're piloting the Millennium Falcon or getting in dog fights behind the controls of Darth Vader's TIE fighter, ultimately nothing that has been added provides any more depth or variety to the gameplay. Star Wars: Trench Run still retains the mini-game feel, and like most video games based on movies, its greatest asset is the included licensed content.

  • manaman

    I did want to like this so badly but I had to uninstall it from my device. Maybe I'll give it another go with the other ships but you are right: there wasn't much gameplay before.

  • Jindo Fox

    The other neat thing is the Brass Monkey mode, which (for an extra dollar) allows yo uto use your iDevice as a controller on the web version of the game. I haven't gotten it to work yet, but the concept is kinda-sorta cool.

    This game desperately needs a retro-style, wireframe graphics mode.

    • jindofox

      The Brass Monkey mode is AWESOME on my 24" iMac running in fullscreen, using the iPhone as a controller. GET IT if you like Star Wars.

  • Locutus

    I personally think the new update adds a lot more playability. The original basically had two ships and two functions. Now there are five ships with many new types of levels. Yes it still retains its mini-game feel, but it's a phone game. It's supposed to be a time waster for Star Wars fans with iPhones. Brass Monkey is also a really cool update, especially if you want to play the game on a bigger screen. I only wonder how long it is until Apple removes that from the game lol. But in all seriousness, the new update adds a lot more, and makes the game easily worth that $5 you spend on it.

  • John

    @ Reviewer: did you happen to try the BrassMonkey remote control add-on? Go to, play the FULLSCREEN version and control your ship with your iTouch/iPhone. Seriously - rocks \m/

  • birdman

    I agree with John, the new Brass Monkey feature is awesome! I like the new levels and ships too.

  • Stan Winstone

    Yeah get with the program Lucas and put some decent developers onto your apps. Schlock is not appreciated on any merch with the SW label...

  • John

    @Stan: have you played through the game? Have you tried Brass Monkey? Do you even know people who developed the game?

    Brass Monkey - first time it's been done. You can play the *same* game on both iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Web. You can play fullscreen using the iPhone/iTouch as your controller. It's got original score than most SW titles. The graphics, the music, the sounds are all authentic. All those platforms, plus Brass Monkey = $5.98. I can hardly understand some people's perception of value. Game runs flawlessly, runs well even on older devices and gives you an Authentic SW experience - right down to the correct music score for the scene you're in.

    Not to mention its probably the best space/flight game on the market. Smooth as silk, auto roll (which his hardly perceptible, in fact, most learn to use it and never even realize it's there) and looks fantastic on the iPhone and even better on the web.

  • Wegmans

    Great review!

  • MrMuesli

    Why can nobody get a Star Wars licensed game right? I don't get it. Force Unleashed, Trench Run and that TD (correct me if there are more). If developers can't/won't deliver a game that lives up to the lofty heights of its theme, all they are doing is kicking themselves in the googlies (figuratively speaking of course!).

  • HeartHug

    YouTube - Exclusive First Look at Star Wars: Trench Run 2.0

  • ladybug

    i know you have lots of apps to review, but common did you really miss the brass monkey controller technology. playing games on your tv rocks and your review is a fail!