Australian developer Halfbrick Studios has recently announced that their appetite inducing fruit slicing game Fruit Ninja [99¢] has sold 1 million copies in the App Store. What's even more impressive is that it took just 74 days to reach this landmark, as the game was released on April 21st of this year. If you aren't yet familiar with Fruit Ninja, various fruits will pop up on screen and it's your job to slice them in half with your finger while avoiding game-ending bombs and earning bonuses like cutting up multiple fruit with one slice. Essentially, they've taken a fresh concept and executed it brilliantly, creating a fun experience that's well suited to iPhone gaming. It's not surprising that they've sold 1 million copies as it's a fantastic game that we enjoyed in our review.

Another factor that's helped Fruit Ninja keep a steady position near the top of the paid app charts is the number of content updates it's received. Since it's release, Fruit Ninja has received 5 updates adding new modes, unlockable swords and backgrounds, and of course new fruit to decimate. Halfbrick has given us a tidbit of info on a new update that is pending Apple approval that adds a new red, white, and blue 4th of July blade into the mix. It's too bad it didn't quite make it out in time for the actual holiday, but should be fun for fans of the game to celebrate their independence post-holiday, and will likely be available any time now.

Also on the horizon is the iPad version of the game, Fruit Ninja HD, which has been submitted and should be available soon. The iPad version will take advantage of high resolution textures as well as adding some new features. It's a beautiful game on the iPhone already, and the hi res graphics make it even more so. Plus it will run at a rock solid 60fps. But by far the biggest new addition is a same-device multiplayer mode. Each player will control the game on one side of the screen and compete in either Classic or Zen mode. The prospect of this is very enticing, and we can't wait to get our hands on the iPad version for some head to head action. Both versions of the game will be receiving support via updates, including a completely new mode that has been hinted at in the game's forum thread.

Fruit Ninja is a great example of the type of game you want to see on the App Store. It's easy to pick up and play, has stellar production values, and most importantly is a ton of fun. Chances are you've seen the game floating in the Top 10 Paid Apps in iTunes, and if you haven't yet given the game a shot we highly recommend you do.

  • PitchBlak14

    I'm trying to get my mother to split on an iPad. So far she's semi-convinced due to Angry Birds HD. This should finish it. xD

  • NaughtySpawn

    I got a copy of this the other day and I can see why people like it. It's incredibly simple and silly and makes you want to play more. It's great to a see small game dev succeed like this.

  • Mike

    Like the game, but it needs another layer, like challenges. It seems like a major omission that you can't cut the pieces into smaller pieces... What about rocks that damage your sword instead of bombs. I think the bombs should be a good thing and make smoothies of the screenful of fruit.

    too much coffee.

  • Melly

    Here's hoping with an iPad release they do some iPhone 4 stuff.

  • Kyle Poole

    A patriotic update from an Australian developer... hmmm....

    • Jared Nelson

      I think since almost half those 1 million sold came from the US alone, it's a nice gesture 🙂

      And then their next update can be an Aussie stereotype update, with like a boomerang blade or something 😉

  • spongefile

    So veggie samurai is by a copycat developer, I guess. Bleah.