Stop whatever it is you're doing and download these two games immediately. For a limited time both Tilt to Live [Free] and Skullpogo [Free] have dropped their prices to, well, free. Both games are incredibly fun high scoring games and small enough to download over 3G to boot.

We absolutely loved Tilt to Live in our review, and went on to award it 5 stars for the month of March. If you read our articles in EGM, we also included it in our list of must have iPhone games.

Tilt to Live is at its core, an object-avoidance game wholly utilising the accelerometer of the iPhone or iTouch to maneuver your arrow around the battlefield. I say battlefield, because that's exactly what is going on here– the dots are out to get you and will stop at nothing. And it is remarkable just how much personality One Man Left have managed to inject into such a straightforward concept. These are certainly no ordinary dots– these perilous periods make a point (ha!) of chasing you around the screen; coalescing into arrows and other shapes then hurling themselves at you at breakneck pace, or circling you like vultures, slowly closing in until it is impossible to escape. Make no mistake, touch even one of the hundreds of dots on screen at once, and you are history.

Tilt to Live has gotten even better since then with an update that added two new awesome game modes as well.

Skullpogo is also a ton of fun, in it you jump on various baddies while riding a pogo stick. There are power-ups, combos, and everything else you need from a high scoring game, and it even has some really great pixel art. We never actually reviewed the game, but we did discuss it during one of our podcasts, and everyone liked it a lot.

So, really, download these games. Now.

  • Kaydiv

    Oh my god, what are you doing still reading this page?

    Stop. Get out your iPhone. Download TTL. It was a great purchase at full price, and at free it's pretty much a necessity to get.

  • backtothis

    wow this this nice.
    Never end heard of skullpogo before, but dling now!

  • Oliver Sumpton

    Seriously, how did you make it down this far? GO DOWNLOAD TILT TO LIVE RIGHT NOW!! It's one of the best games EEEEVVVVER MAAAAADE!!!!!!

  • supr

    damn it - "this item is currently being modified"

    gone back up to $2.49 ;_;

  • blackHorse

    I think I don't need to play this game as I've seen everything by watching the video for one minute.

  • Toxic

    Skullpogo looks like pure fun! 🙂

  • John tax

    I don't Know how to feel about this news. As a indie game player, i like to pay for game i Play. Because it's the way i support game makers. For me tilt to live is thé best iPod experiment i had and i like to see people support those game the same way. How do dev CAN do game offering them for free ? How can they have money to make other games ?

    I really wanna know how CAN it be food for dev...
    Beside, everyone must play tilt to live.

    • Blinky McWeird

      Because it's free for ONE DAY.

    • Oliver

      More people playing it is more people telling their friends how awesome it is. And no one twisted their arm to make it free for just the weekend (I believe).

  • Steph

    These two games are awesome. Thanks for posting them.

  • Xeliorones

    John pinpoint a good point, it's a little disturbing when you get those one day free game and it's one of the best on your device.

    It can work because this can push the application on top of applestore list and hope this last few days. And the hope is to make it known for a much longer time and take profit to increase sells after the free day bargain.

    The perverse effect is that many forums will reference this one day free bargain, in applestore some users enjoy mention they get it free in the application comment. So a potential user will hardly ignore he didn't get the bargain making him think a bit more before to buy the app.

    My feeling is that this could work for cheap games and for very good games that please to most gamers. It's also certainly a good idea to wait that bug fixes have been done and wait some time after the release.

    Still, I also feel this system a little perverse but well I bought few games where users mentioned they get it for free, all was cheap games (cheap for me is bellow 2€). This system also made me played some good games I would never play otherwise, that's a good point to diversify your gaming. Tilt for Live is a good example of this.