Only a few days following the release of the movie, Gameloft's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within [$9.99] has made its way to the App Store. They're promising a "console-quality" game that pushes the limits of the iPhone throughout a dozen chapters filled with enemies, traps, and everything else you'd expect from a Prince of Persia game. We're going to be putting the game through its paces and plan on posting a full review soon.

If Prince of Persia's switch to 3D isn't your cup of tea, last week Ubisoft released Prince of Persia Retro [99¢] which short of mediocre controls is a shockingly faithful reproduction of the original game. Stay tuned for our Prince of Persia: Warrior Within review, and really, give some thought to picking up Prince of Persia Retro if for no reason other than to see where the whole series started.

Update: It seems as if the game has been removed from the App Store. Per Gameloft's Twitter: "There is a little menu problem on Prince of Persia. The game will be removed from the App Store & we'll let you know as soon as it's fixed"

  • Pickles

    Gameloft is pissing me off. The frequency of their premium and in-depth releases is simply out of control. No one has the time or money to enjoy all of these games.

  • krisko6

    I'm interested to hear how the controls are. I probably won't pick it up, but this is easily the most ambitious port yet for iPhone.

  • Erik

    Pickles: #firstworldproblems

    • Crish

      Best answer ever! 😀

  • SteveJ

    I don't find the controls in Prince of Persia Retro to be mediocre at all, in fact they work great once you understand them. The game is awesome, albeit quite challenging. I'm currently up to level 8, which is proving quite difficult.

  • krisko6

    I liked Flashback and Rayman 2 a lot, even though most people found the controls bad on those. Would I like the retro Prince of Persia?

  • dumas1000

    The price is steep for a game this old. It may be proof from a technical standpoint of what the idevice is truly capable of, in terms of premium gaming. But people aren't willing to pay the frieght neccessary to support development of this caliber.

    Put it this way. This port is like 6 or 7 yrs old. At 9.99, because it's a beloved franchise, people will buy it. But if it costs 9.99 for a 7-yr-old game with true console-quality production values, then how much would it cost for a brand new game with true console-quality production values? If this proves that, say, a high-quality port of Call of Duty Black Ops could technically exist on the idevice, then how much would that cost? $20? $30? is there any reason for Activision or Treyarch to believe up front that they would move enough units at that price to warrant the investment?

    The only reason I say the price is high is because I already played this game, several years ago. Had it been Forgotten Sands, looking like this, I would paid $20, at least.

    • squarezero

      Basically, if you've already played the game, the main reason to pick it up on the iDevice is for curiosity's sake. Whether that's worth $9.99 to you is a matter of personal choice. If you haven't played the game, though, it really doesn't matter whether it's 2, 4 or 6 years old (it's 6, by the way); it's a decent port of a generally well received console title in one of the most popular game franchises in the world. I would say that most people who take gaming on this platform seriously would gladly pay the asking price. I mean, there's really not another game like it in the app store.

      Would people pay $20 for a Black Ops port? Well, you just said that you would have paid the same amount for Forgotten Sands, and you're a pretty jaded fellow ;).

  • Dammster

    Old Prince for the symbian devices would be much more appreciated :o). The same goes for Splinter Cell.

  • Killadude290

    When i play, the menu is just gray bricks with writing in some of them (all but back and whatever the bottom right is have words), its weird because all of the controls are their in game, but the menus are messed up.

    The game itself is actually quite fun and plays quite well.

    • Killadude290

      Please reply if you have this problem too

    • squarezero

      Everyone those.

    • soniccat

      Have bug with images in menu too

    • tibor

      Cause of the menu problems, the game is removed from the Appstore for now!

  • jerm78

    This game might be worth the price and I'm sure I'll buy it. However, because it's released by Gameloft (known for price drops and sales), I'm not going to buy it at full price.

  • Mellychet

    Any word on an iPad version?, seems a lot of good games are coming lately but no word on iPad versions of them 🙁

    • Noman

      ipads sold: just over 2 million
      iphones/ipod touches sold: a touch over 75 million.

      I don't mind ipad games in any way, it's just not exactly rocket science why there are more good game for itouches.

      • Gert

        And in one year, iPad gaming should be a whole lot of a different story...

  • BulkSlash

    Why did they port that rubbish game? Sands of Time would have been a much better choice. I'll be steering clear of this...

    • Alex

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Warror Within was crap compared to Sands of Time.

    • Anonymous

      because sands of time sold badly. the game wasn't "badass" enough for the 13-year-old moron audience, so they turned warrior within into a bad caricarture of its predecessor.

    • jindofox

      I would have been all over a Sands of Time port too. This just seems gratuitously violent to me.

  • Rosh

    Is it... really a complete port?:O With all the levels and combat moves? And it runs on iPhone 3g?:O I think I'll go and wake up now..

  • bob

    Is there a no blood option for this? I'm not a big gore fan, and any help would be appreciated.

  • Spizak

    bob - yes, there's a blood toggle.

    broken for now - but Rosh - yes - looks like the same game i've played on pc - all the movies and acrobatics.

    Not sure how it works on 3G - got 3Gs and it's nice and smooth.
    (apart from the broken menu etc.)

  • araczynski

    "pushes the limits of the iPhone throughout a dozen chapters" to me is marketing for expect random lag throughout the whole game.

    either way, at this price they can keep it and milk the fans.

  • thebennster

    Hmmm.... I can't find it. I believe the game was removed from the app store.

  • R4BBIT

    i will not buy this shit till its on sale

    • squarezero

      If you think it's sh*t, why would you buy it at all?

  • Siergiej

    Controls feels ok, however i didn't play a lot (10 minutes), but this menu...
    Annoying, grey squares... nothing else, why they releasing buggy game?
    Apple? Why ur let it in? Did U ever took a look at it??

    Besides that game looks like almost exact port of pc version, hopefully it will be just so long, not shorter....

  • momo

    it's way worser than Splinter Cell. The grafics are ok but nothing breathtaking.
    the controlls are also ok but not as good as splinter cells. the only good think are the "moves" and "jumps" and so on.i hope it'll arrive back soon with new update for menue and gameplay.

    • durp

      really? its way "worser" then splinter cell your either 8 years old or English isn't your first language. and of course the graphics will never be like the real consoles on the ipod, but it is above average. As for the controls they are ALWAYS going to be awkward. Good day to you troll.

    • squarezero

      Just because the guy has bad taste doesn't mean he's a troll ;).

  • bob

    thanks. I'll pick it up now

  • bob

    damnit! Just was about to buy when it was pulled from store. Anybody know it will be re-released, or the release date oof Super Quick Hook?

  • bob

    is the blood toggle only for the pc and console versions, or the iphone as well?