Brilliant Bytes Software has just brought an official port of Spectre to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Spectre was a 1991 video game that was originally released for the Macintosh and was one of the first to support networked multiplayer.

The goal of the game was to drive the tank around the playfield, collecting ten flags by driving over them, while avoiding obstacles (including rotating windmills) and the shots of computer-generated enemy tanks.

True to the original, the iPhone version of Spectre contains support for both single player as well as multiplayer - local and online.

Single player modes include Spectre Classic and Spectre VR, while Multiplayer modes offer Arena, Capture the Flag, Flag Rally and Base Raid. Features listed by the developer includes:

  • Up to 4 players over Bluetooth
  • Up to 16 players via Internet or WiFi
  • Totally customizable online game options and weapons configurations
  • Weapons, shield and flight energy power-ups
  • Host human versus Cyberbot online team battles
  • Incredibly challenging, all-new “Base Raid” multiplayer game
  • Defensive tactics include hyperspace teleporting and jump-strafing

Fans of the original should take note. We'll be taking a much closer look shortly.

  • dave

    first multiplayer game i ever played. First BattleZone clone i ever played. Fond memories. $4.99? Insulting beyond belief.

    • Jindo Fox

      Insulting to whom? Do you think the price should be higher?

      • dave

        Insulting to old and potential news fans alike when other classic games such as Dragon's lair for example and 99 cents. Or similar battle zone likes games such as Vector tanks is $1.99.

      • TheFamousEccles

        Dragon's Lair is on sale actually, I believe it's starting price was around $10. Wait for a sale if you don't think it's worth it, don't take it as an insult.

  • ziggyonice

    YES! This was a classic! The red tanks always freaked me out though... But still — to have this is going to be awesome!

  • SicMX

    This is awesome! Is one of these the B&W version case that's the one I rememer playing?

  • Jindo Fox

    The Mac Classic collection gets another one -- very cool that they included both versions. I've often thought this would be a great fit for the iPhone but didn't know who held the rights.

  • Amy

    Second online mac game I ever played (first was Bolo).

    I still have the original manuals! $5 is a bit steep though.

  • TheFamousEccles

    I used to always play this, but for some reason I could never remember the name, until now. Thanks TA!

  • lukeb

    Seeing how multiplayer for VTE has yet to be announced, this might be worthwhile. How are the controls? The app store ad mentions nothing about control options. Also, what about performance on 2nd gen devices?

    • Shadowsfall

      I swear.... Of course it won't tell you the control options in the ads, and based on the visual graphics, it'll run pretty smooth

      • lukeb

        You can never tell from screenshots how the controls or online components of a ported game will run, or whether the controls will be responsive enough for the various modes. TA will probably give a good run-down of such details in their "closer look."

      • Craig

        PGW here, originally developer.

        Whoops, we'll make sure that a description of control options are added to the App store description. FYI, two control types: virtual thumbpad and d-pad style. Thumbpad also has variable size slider in the Options menu.

        FYI folks, this is not a port, but an original, re-engineered version based on Spectre, but specifically for iPhone OS. Newly sampled sounds, upgraded graphics, increase to 16 player multi-player games, plus a 3D anaglyph option (red/cyan glasses not included).

        Great to re-launch this game at this time. We've personally been hoping for an iPod version for a few years now. Brilliant Bytes Software did an awesome job re-creating this from scratch specifically for iPhone OS (once again, it's not a port! ).

        We hope you enjoy this new Spectre and look forward to playing against you guys on one of the new Dedicated Servers that are also included in the new version. Base Raid is incredible, and is a game unto itself!

        Thanks again for your interest and comments.
        Peninsula Gameworks

        P.S. We'll try to upload a ZIP file of Spectre VR tunes to the Forum at in the coming days.

  • lukeb

    It took about 10 seconds to download. I'll give some impressions later.

  • Greg

    Waiting to hear the controls are ok then insta-buy 🙂

    • Jindo Fox

      I like the controls, it's a virtual analog stick with buttons for fire and jump. Framerate is fast and buttery smooth. It's different from Vector Tanks Extreme. I liked VTE's dual stick controls but shooting was a chore, not so here.

      Vector Tanks Extreme has more eye candy but this seems to have deeper gameplay.

      Five bucks seems more than fair but there's always doing to be some d-nozzle complaining about price, I guess.

  • ben


    you mentioned bolo, why hasn't that been made yet?????? I remember playing bolo, always found games using hotline and the famous realm of moria server:)

  • SpAzzLe

    I know this is well off topic but why has'nt Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior bee reviewed yet?? It's areally great fighting game and the graphic are very impresive.

  • haveblue

    Does Spectre VR mode have the music? Please tell me it has the music. I still have all that in my iTunes library after playing the game for two hours to tape it all with audiohijack.

    • Jindo Fox

      I don't hear music. The whole game is only like 4mb so I doubt it's in there. iPod music works fine in the background though. Would you be willing to share your music files? (send me a private message). Maybe they'll add the original music and the ability to texture map QuickTime videos to the walls in an update.

      • lukeb

        No music. The sound effects are decent. Not enhanced, just straight port the originals. The controls are ok, except that sustained arcing movements (travelling and turning in roughly balanced proportion) tend to degenerate into sudden, sharp turns in place as a consequence of the game not having been originally designed for a virtual control; it's easy get carried away and make ambitious maneuvers, but the limitation of the scheme is such that it's just as easy to overshoot or undershoot whenever one axis or the other unexpectedly drops below a certain threshold. Other than that, the controls are responsive. The radar dots are difficult to distinguish, as one might expect. Can't quite recommend it yet, but wouldn't discourage anyone who knew the originals from trying it either.

  • Greg

    Thank you, Jindo Fox. Bought - and yes VTE rulz!

    Need someone to start a thread.

  • mgabrys

    make an iPad version and I'm on board.

    • Jindo Fox

      iPhone version looks fine on iPad. Making it universal would add next to nothing.

      • mgabrys

        Blurry pixels suck. Blurry pixels are hyper-noticable with simulated vector graphics. Try it sometime - with your glasses on - or - get some glasses.

  • Googlyhead

    Analogue control??!? The only way to play it was with the arrow keys, as with mouse control it was decidedly non-analogue (if the mouse was in the top half of the screen, it would go forwards. At a fixed speed. NOT the best setup for precision driving!)
    I preferred the speed configs as after a few dozen levels all you can do to to keep the slicers at bay is reverse with the fire key held down, or run them through enemy fire.
    Any chance spectreCD will be added? I had the "enhanced CD version" with short QT loops embedded in the wallscreens; there was a preview/ad for spectreCD on the disk.

  • Totalsam


  • Tater_salad

    Seriously what's with everyone always whining about the price. $5.00 is less than a meal at McFoodyKing FC, here you get a game (2 acutally) that'll give you hours of enjoyment.
    Looking forward to picking this up, spent a lot of time on it on my IIsi, and Quadra660av

  • Ken Kenster

    Played it to on my Macs years ago. Please lower price to 1.99 you'll sell more.

    • arn

      they can always change the price later, and sell more then. in the meanwhile, they can make more at $4.99

  • Lukeb

    FYI - The 5/5 star game review from "iDeviceBlog" quoted in the app store ad apparently does not exist.

    • lukeb

      The devs just removed the bogus review from their ad. That's a good thing, because a screenshot of the ad was itself was about to undergo review by those with the power to pull the app completely. Someone in PR probably just inserted that quote without double-checking, so no foul play was necessarily involved.

  • MattJ

    Dev here. The ad was 'real' but did not actually appear on his website. Anyway, it was removed. It was a pretty vague review anyway. He will probably post a review later but in any case it will be removed.