MF3d Developers have been promoting their upcoming 3rd person shooter Crazy Goblins World War II in our Upcoming Games forum since January. They started off with a brief description and a non-gameplay teaser video, but recently posted some very promising screenshots of their game.

It's still early, but the game is a 3rd person shooter that is going to be offered up as a series of missions stringing together a larger overall goal or story line. While no enemies are depicted in these early screenshots, they are described as German-goblin-style enemies that you will be combating.

We'll keep a close eye on this one. The development team is made up of only two individuals and we're told a gameplay video is still a few weeks out. While the graphics looks impressive, we hope they'll have the resources to properly flesh out mission designs. Follow the discussion thread for ongoing updates.

  • Donovan

    It looks like fun but I'm not sure about the giant heads =P

  • Broeken

    The two lower screens remind me of one of MoH:AA's multiplayer maps. The name escapes me at the moment though.

  • Iblackdude

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  • WhoCares

    Goblins? No Zombies, no sale! We have to make a stand right here right now!

  • Daniel Harley

    Looks great, will be keeping a close eye on the AppStore for this one.

    What I am annoyed about is how long gameloft are taking with their splintercell game! I was told on Twitter that there would be no multiplAyer, and so this delay will not be well received unless it miraculously appears with mutliplayer in the AppStore very soon!

  • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo
  • Christian Bale

    reminds me of conker bad fur day multiplayer. hopefully its gonna have online, it could be a blast to play.

  • MF3D_Developers

    Hi friends!

    First, thanks for your comments.

    You have the official webpage here:


  • Daniel Harley


    Please hurry getting this game onto the appstore! I think it looks really good and I look forward to buying it and helping pay for all the hard work you put into it!

    If possible, despite the fact I know very little about the game, look to somehow incorporationg multiplayer! I really do love either Online Multi or friend v friend blutooth/local wifi!

  • MF3D_Developers

    Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for your comment.

    The multiplayer is something that we are really thinking but in some future update.

    Best wishes.

  • Cbspbs

    looks cool