One of the greatest things about the App Store is the accessibility for indie developers, and as such, the iPhone is the target platform for an amazing amount of risky or artsy games that would likely never see the light of day on regular consoles. Sure, obscure indie games always had a home on the PC, but the visibility offered by the App Store has allowed these same developers to reach a remarkably wide audience.

Kometen [$2.99] is yet another example of an indie game that's hard to really define as a "game", and instead, is more of an interactive experience with fantastic art and music wrapped around a vaguely game-like wrapper.

In Kometen, all you do is play as a comet and explore the galaxy. You can't lose, you can't die. You navigate about by tapping on various planets to orbit them. Some planets have space junk also orbiting that you can munch up to briefly speed up. That's really all there is to it.

The game is the brain child of Erik Svedäng, the creator of the PC game Blueberry Garden, which won the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize 2009 and Niklas Åkerblad, a painter and art director of indie XBOX games. Reactions to the game on our forum have been mixed, with some loving the abstract nature of the game while others are looking for more from the gameplay side of things.

We think Kometen is an artsy game that does a great job of embodying the indie spirit of the App Store. With simple goals, remarkable art, and perfectly paired music, Kometen is a really cool experience that seems to elicit the same kind of feelings as Zen Bound and other games that hinge more on atmosphere and mood than high scores and boss fights.

It's hard to give the game a strong recommendation because at the end of the day, it isn't much of a game, but if the creativity that went in to the above trailer at all piqued your interest, give Kometen a try.

  • Jc

    This is a great game if your just looking to relax. Nothing hardcore and fast paced about this, just a chill out sort of game. I bought it based on the trailer alone and I dont regret it.

  • sammysin

    An incredible experience. Don't miss it.

  • Anon

    I bought it, played it for 5 minutes, got bored. Wait for .99

    • Paint

      You should have done your homework first then. .99 would cheapen this.

      • Anon

        I did plenty of research. It's just not fun to play for more than a few minutes.

  • Doobicus

    This game is simply amazing. The art and music are outstanding. The gameplay sucks you right in. I haven't stopped playing this on my iPad and iPhone. It's worth the 2.99 price tag. It's one of my favorite games. Buy it!

  • kc!

    Love it when a dev is unafraid to do something abstract!

  • WilhelmR

    1 word: Pacmanlookingthingeatingstuffinspace.

    Good app, get it now or when in sale, but get it, definitely cool 🙂

  • Caprone

    Trust all the good reviews and comments you see. It's a wonderful game, but it's a lot deeper than a simple game, with it's beautiful art style and it's relaxing music. One of the most innovative and original game i've seen on my iPhone.

  • ElHuervo

    woah! I cant thank you enough for all the nice comments=)

  • Moe

    I have to say ... Realy nice Game ! The artwork is great so the Game has an own style 😉 And playing is also Fun ... So 😉 Buy it ! 🙂

  • Jonh

    another artsy fartsy game im definitely going to buy

  • Anders

    More great stuff from Sweden, yay! In case you're curious, 'Kometen' is Swedish for 'The Comet'.

    • Tocarina

      Same word in german 😉

  • John R.

    "It's hard to give the game a strong recommendation because at the end of the day, it isn't much of a game"

    Give it a strong recommendation as an app, then.

  • MidianGTX

    I'm no stranger to artsy games, but I must admit I expected less repetition than this. Unless I'm missing something drastic, and planet graphics aside, you can see everything the game has to offer within about 15 seconds.

  • Simon

    hmm, I allways check out indie games with cool graphics. Braid is one of my favorite games ever, but besides the graphics I really can't see any type of content in this game. I mean if it's just nice to look at but not really any gameplay.... meh.

  • Jared

    I think this is an okay game (well not really game I guess)
    I think it could b alot more interesting if it were turned into a "game" like add minigames and such.
    And I think it would be cool to actually explore the planets somehow O.o
    idk but i think a huge bit of content could be added to give it more appeal to the general audience......

  • Kinl

    Buy this game people!!! its a great chilled experience and actually very satisfying when you get some clean orbits going and discovering the (art) planets it strangely addictive, this is a game i'd love to see some updates on for sure!

  • Mark

    I liked the art and it is getting rave reviews so I went ahead and bought this and I am disappointed. There is no goal to this "game"/app (whatever you want to call it). There are no collectibles either. All you do is swerve around the same environment eating objects till no end.

    Am I missing something here or have I summed up the experience?

    • Tonzler

      Actually you seem to have missed all the fun. Makes me feel sorry about you.

      • Mark

        May I ask what is the fun?

      • Tonzler

        Yes, you can. It is that nice feeling that man feels when playing Kometen.

    • Anonymous

      maybe you should have read the appstore description before impulse buying then?

      • Anon

        What's up with attacking people who don't like the game.
        People who are reading and posting to TouchArcade know what the game is before buying.
        There are plenty of fanboy reviews saying "OMG best game evar!", despite the fact that it's hardly a game.

      • squarezero

        Funny -- just went through the whole thread and could not find a single "OMG best game evar!" review. Instead, I found plenty of thoughtful posts describing what they find compelling about the game -- or simply stating that they can't tell why they find it so compelling. The most common refrain is "it's not for everyone."

        I think people have been responding to Mark because he seems to have misunderstood the premise of the experience.

  • jason

    people misunderstand the game

    it isnt about new super levels and hyper exposure to new content and endgame bosses with online leadeboards

    its just a simple float around the universe game, where finding different pieces of art is the only objective.

    The game is great and is really nice to just decompress with, u can't mess up, you can't lose, you just fly around.

    I'm enjoying it for that, I didnt expect some intergalactic warfare game

  • ALEX

    This is an awesome experience. worth way more than $2.99... The point of it is not the actions of it but the colors and visual graphics as well as the music and sound. the app would have absolutely no point at all if it could, because the point is to feel relaxed. It is not MEANT to be entertaining, and only is entertaining if you realize you don't need a purpose in the game, you just look and listen.

    • ALEX

      The only problem I have with it is it has so few planets to explore, I have finished the game and now I can't see the comet's thoughts. All i see is the website and a secret code where the thought should be.

  • galactus

    To be honest, I can't recommend this game. Art is great, and I love the concept of a exploratory game with no particular goal. The problem is that there is basically nothing much to explore. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see how can one play this for more than 10 minutes without getting bored.

    I know everybody is saying they love this game, but: I think the emperor wears no clothes. There, I said it.