Last year we took a look at Flower Garden [App Store] from Snappy Touch, the virtual flower garden for your iPhone or iPad (it's a universal app). And while it's more of a simulation / eToy / work of eArt than a game, we found it to be something special. For Mothers' Day weekend, author Noel Llopis is making the game available for free download through the App Store. Why send dear ole' Mom a physical bouquet when you can put a Flower Garden in her pocket?

In Flower Garden, you can plant different types of seeds, water them and watch them bloom. Some flowers bloom immediately, while others may take some care over time. Once you have a collection of flowers, you can even cut them and send them to your friends in an electronic bouquet. There's no real goal to Flower Garden, though there are various seeds you can unlock as you grow more flowers.

We've had the pleasure of meeting up with the game's author Noel Llopis at several West Coast iPhone-related events and are impressed by the maintenance he's given the app; in the past year there have been 12 updates in all. It's a fun little app to spend time with. Those who like what they're hearing and who enjoy the pitter-patter of little feet about their home might want to have a look at Noel's spinoff title, Lorax Garden [App Store] -- Flower Garden with the Dr. Seuss touch.

App Store Link: Flower Garden, Free (weekend sale)

  • Mark Miller

    Really nice app!!! I watched the embedded YouTube video, which is less than 3 mins in length and it walks you thru on how to use this app (+ there's nice classical music playing in the background, although that may just be the app's music playing). I'm going to download it for my iPhone right now (also nice that it's free for both the iPhone and the iPad). A really nifty feature of the app is that it lets you e-mail flower bouquets that you create. 

  • Mark Milliams

    Couldn't be less interested.. Not much of a gardener, though.

  • Kolja

    This is NOT good!!! At first I was excited, but when I entered the flower shop it was a real shock! They want money for every new seed! OK, no big deal, We Rule is the same, but the amount of features is very limited in this app and for that imho it's to expensive...

    • Noel

      Hi Kolja,

      This is Noel, the developer of Flower Garden.

      It's easy to think at first glance that Flower Garden is "crippleware" that you can only enjoy if you get the in-app purchases. But let me assure you that's not the case. I created Flower Garden a year ago without any in-app purchases at all and it was a full, stand-alone product. Since then, I've added plenty of improvements, so the version of the app you can get today for free is way better than the one a year ago.

      As for the in-app purchases, they're completely optional items for the people who really enjoy it and can't get enough of it: more seeds, more pots, or fertilizer to grow flowers faster.

      Hope that helps to clarify that a bit. Give it a try and let me know what you think. There's a thread on the forums or use the feedback in the game itself.



      • oliath

        This is a wonderfully relaxing and beautiful game with a great developer who cares about his product.

        I had hours of fun with the initial release growing and tending to flowers which i could then send to my girlfriend who honestly appreciated the effort i put into them.

        It sounds great that he has made it into even more of a game now. Going to have to re-download this and get back into it.

      • Tuyen

        The bad thing for this app is that my kids buy many things in it without any account password requested. Luckily, I left only 70 USD in the account.

  • AD

    This totally brings a new meaning to turning down a friend with: "I need to stay at home to see my plants grow"

    • Mark Milliams

      You actually say that?.... Then, sure... I guess so.......

  • Bill


  • cj

    I am getting this for my Mama on my iPad. She already loves watching movies/videos so, she will like this for Mother's Day

  • Mr. Gates

    This game is fitting for an iPad user LOL.

    My cousin usaully only likes things about Jar Jar Binks but to my surprise, ...HE LOVES IT ! What do you know !

    Personally, I'm holding out for the " Moss growing on a Rock" game.

    But seriously,
    I digest. :p

  • Chad

    Requires 3.1.3? No thanks.

    • Noel

      Just curious, why no 3.1.3? Jailbroken phone? I heard this morning from some users that said they "faked" the 3.1.3 requirement and were able to install it anyway.

      • Stan Winstone

        Ha of course Jailbroken- some folks want their cake and also to eat it...

  • Harejordan

    Thanks! My gf is always complaining that she wants flowers so this is a nice cop out! Just wondering, how many hours is 1 bar when watering the flowers?

    • Noel

      Pots normally dry out one bar every four hours. So, if you have 3 bars, you can come back in 12 hours and give it another watering.

      In the greenhouse, however, one bar is just two hours. It means more caring for the plants, but they also grow a lot faster!

      • Hewwo

        This is a beautiful relaxing game/toy. Thank you.

  • Huck500

    I almost didn't download this even during the Mother's Day promotion, but I decided to check it out, and I've spent more time with it than any other iPad app. I'm not sure what it is... I don't like gardening, I don't really care about flowers. There's something so satisfying about watering and seeing the plants grow a bit more.

    The in-app purchases are totally not required for enjoyment. There are plenty of seeds, plenty of pots, and the fertilizer isn't necessary if you have a little patience. Unlocking new seeds is a nice little bonus. Great app.

  • wizard341

    I'm glad I can finally check this out. Noel has some really great articles in 'Game Developer' based around some of the unique things he has done within this app. It will be interesting to go back his writing now that I have gotten a chance to play around with Flower Garden.

  • Andrea

    I wish there was more plants