We love to see new game titles that take particular advantage of the iPhone's attributes and bring just a little something different to the player. One such game is the upcoming isometric parallax puzzler FixPix from eBoy / Delicious Toys.

Heavy on the pixel art (in a very good way), FixPix challenges you to tilt your iPhone to and fro in order to arrange the various layers of the onscreen scene into a coherent view, in an exercise that should be linked in Webster's entry for the word "parallax." Tilt, tilt, score! is the name of the game here. Definite points for uniqueness.

FixPix should appear in the App Store any time now, but those especially anxious for some hands-on time with this title should visit the web-based demo page.

[ via Fast Company ]

  • Corey

    If this game goes for 99cents- instantant buy

  • Matt

    Seems like there will have to be hundred of pics in this game or you could play through it in 15 minutes. Interesting concept though.

  • naythan

    omg id marry eboy
    instant buy
    imagine this on the ipad...

  • alex

    loving it!

  • Robbo

    Looks pretty awesome. Would be better if there was a decent techno soundtrack or something.

  • mike

    looks boring to play, but of course, i love the artwork... and give him credit for coming up with a pretty damn cool idea

    agreed with Robbo