Erik Svedang, who developed the award winning PC game Blueberry Garden that is available on the Steam network, has announced his first iPhone and iPod Touch game. Erik teamed up with his friend and artist, Niklas Akerblad, to create a visually stunning game with watercolor graphics.

In their new game, Kometen, you control a cyclops looking comet to fly around space exploring art and eating shapes. The object is to find artwork, while flying around gracefully, or by using a SuperBoost to travel through the map. The artwork is all watercolor drawn and animated by hand, then scanned in with minimal post-processing to create an amazing art style. With no scoring system or way to lose, the game is all about enjoying the experience and judging your own performance and self-improvement.

Erik says, "Exactly when the game will be out is hard to say since Apple has to approve it for the App Store but it shouldn’t take too long". So hopefully we will see this game soon. For now, here is a trailer for Kometen with some gameplay footage towards the end.

  • BazookaTime

    Love the art work and I hope that music is in the game.

  • marlenedegrood

    Looks Great! It's all about the artwork for me.

  • ElHuervo

    yeah the music will be in the game=)

  • http://na Andrew H

    Looks fantastic. Can't wait.

  • Chris

    Phenomenal art! Love it!!!

  • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

    The word I was looking for is....Spectacular

    PS : some Jarv was talking about Art on the othr thread... does THIS appeal to him?

  • monster

    Oh noes he spilled the wine!

  • Harv

    hello i am jarv. yes this appeals as unique approach to game art. AND it even looks sort of like the link i posted:

    but it is sword and sworcery that i am waiting for:

  • Silent Rocco

    I hope, there is enough meat behind the art?
    No objectives? Gameplay does matter to me... sometimes 🙂

  • sammysin

    This is the nuts, looks absolutely cracking.

  • TonyRockyHorror

    looks like something Terry Gilliam would make. as in....AWESOME!

  • kalel39

    "With no scoring system or way to lose, the game is all about enjoying the experience and judging your own performance and self-improvement."

    Without OpenFeint or Plus+ or any kind of achievement, Im sure people will start screaming. Some people just want to be congratulated for playing a game.

    The game does look good and I will definitely give it a try.

  • Porsupah

    As has been remarked upon many times, one of the wonderful things about this new frontier of gaming is how low the barrier to entry is, and the consequences that has in novel, offbeat ideas being pursued, rather than a Hollywood-like obsession with blockbusters. Long may such continue!

  • Synergistic Ideologue

    Pac-Man in space! With "grace". The artwork reminds me of Planet Savage.

  • ccrider

    Looks absolutely beautiful -
    And I don't know how many times I've knocked my wine glass over...
    Usually it's from playing Wii

  • jason

    looks great to play stoned