It's hard to say enough good things about Rovio's furious catapult game, Angry Birds [iPhone: 99¢ / Free - iPad: $4.99]. The game is set in a surprisingly cute game world where smug green pigs steal the eggs of a band of nearby birds. Naturally, this makes the birds very angry. They then decide the best way to get revenge on the pigs is by loading themselves up in catapults and slamming in to the pig fortress that makes up each of the included levels.

The previous update added a bunch of new levels, and this latest update not only packs even more levels in to the mix but also a brand new bird with a special ability that sends it flying backwards like a boomerang for massive pig mayhem.

New block types are included that make up the pig defenses including a mattress to bounce off of. There's a new graphical theme, even more achievements, and in the level select screen there are two "coming soon" buttons, indicating even more new levels coming in the future.

We loved Angry Birds in our review, and since then the game has only gotten better and better with updates. I've played through Angry Birds in its entirety on my iPhone, and again on my iPad, and really can't recommend this game enough especially with all of these updates.

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  • Lukeb

    "Surprisingly cute"? Almost didn't catch that, It's good you brought it to people's attention, because such a quality always runs the risk of ruining the overall mood of a game if it's overdone.

  • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

    Are all these FREE updates, no DLC?
    I mean.... wht do they Devs get apart from a large fan following asking for MORE free stuff... Remembr Pockt God anyone?

    • John

      Well I would assume more sales, word of mouth does wonders, and if I remember correctly Angry Birds has sold quite well. I also would assume that having lots of good updates on a rather inexpensive title encourages people who usually pirate games to simply buy it for ease of use. Not to mention of all those fans, I am sure a good amount will remember who the developer is and buy their next game pretty quickly. Think of these updates as a clever advertising or branding model and it will make more sense. Look at Minigore, they are doing the absolute worst job with their updates, and it is still making them butloads of money and building a huge base.

    • Poor Yorick

      Seems like a good strategy for them -- build a big, loyal audience for Angry Birds II.

      It's one of the few games I play on my iPod Touch. I love their free updates.

  • xNlsnn

    This update looks cool but have a lot of bugs...

  • Joshua

    Have the golden eggs been removed from the ipad version?

    I can't get any of them to trigger to save my soul.

    • Steve

      I have the same issue...3 stars in all levels but no Golden Egg episode...

  • Audi

    Iknow i'm not getting anywhere with the ipad owners but too buy what is pretty much the same game on two different systems is? The apple way?

    • SeveringGecko

      seeing as how its the developers choice and has been this way for every game system (buying God of war 1 and 2 on ps2 does not give you the hd version for ps3 free) i dont understand how people think this is apple's doing....

      • noah

        Sony never gave developers an OPTION of having a single disc run THE SAME GAME on both a PS2 and a PS3 with one purchase.

        Note the capped text... it's the same game. Not a different game. Not a new game. The same game.

        Warpgate for the iPhone is the same game as Warpgate HD is for the iPad.
        Need for Speed
        Words with Friends
        Real Racer

        The list goes on.

        If you make Angry Birds for the iPhone, then make Angry Birds 2 for the iPad... yes, charge me $4.99. Otherwise, make it a universal application.

      • ImNoSuperMan

        Why? Just coz you paid a whopping 99cents for the game? You can already play your iPhone games in 2X mode for FREE (Read the capped text. yes FREE!!). If the HD version is worth the money then buy or skip it like you do the other thousands of apps in the AppStore. Demanding that the devs should give something away without any extra charge is ridiculous IMO. It's a dev's decision, not the buyer's if they want to make their apps universal or what price to charge the customers.

      • noah

        @Superman: Which is exactly what I am doing. Not buying the iPad version of the apps. And I purchased LogMeIn for $30 dollars for the iPhone. I don't think people would drop another $30 just for a bigger resolution.

        Some companies are realizing this. It's only a matter of time before the rest fall in line when they see their bottom line dropping from lack of iPad app sales.

        I suppose in reality, this is really going to end up hurting the iPad app market, but only time will tell.

        Until then, game on!

  • Howard

    I don't have an iPad, but why is the HD version $5?

    • pacfika

      because that is the price

  • BazookaTime

    I love this game on the iphone and would love to buy it on the ipad. However, I don't see the point of buying it on the ipad unless they add some extras.

  • blackHorse

    Oh yeah I love Crush the Castle... Wait! Angry Birds?

  • scotto

    I really think that the people here complaining have no idea that you CAN play the iPhone version on the iPad. You just also have the OPTION to buy a better resolution HD version that fits the iPad (sometimes with more features) if you decide you WANT to buy a second version. If not, then you're all set anyways so why are you complaining. I don't even have an iPad and completely understand how this all works...

    • Invid

      Some people just can't be happy unless they're unhappy I guess.

  • Noodle

    This is one of the few games I've kept on my iphone and played relentlessly. Many thanks to the devs for continuing to update it!

  • PaPaFuNk

    Repeat buying is not fun. However, it is just the way things work these days. Many people bought the same movie on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray and now 3D (eventually 4d-holographic-2160sp -it will never end..) How much did all that cost us? You simply buy what you are willing to pay for.. I for one have no problem buying the same game looking/running better on the iPad.

    That being said, some devs do a better job than others. Do your research before you click buy!

  • JCat

    Great game, but soon enough, these $5.00 for HD versions will be over hopefully to make way for Universal games and hopefully some iPad exclusives.

  • Jeromy

    Anybody else get the update glitch that locks all your levels and forces you to go through them again? I've found a few stray comments on the web but nothing that looks to capture the developer's attention. I can see all my stars and scores, but it's all LOCKED!

    • SINTAX

      YES! I had 3 starred all the previous levels and found all the golden eggs. I updated and now while it still shows that I have all my stars, all the levels are locked.

      I sent the dev an email along with some screen shots and have yet to hear anything. Is there a fix for this?

  • Nausicaa

    I saw someone playing this game while waiting in line at airport security. Never found out what it was called and regretted not asking the guy. Definitely picking this up, and they have an iPad version too!

  • Shokz

    Just thought I'd pop by and say 'off of' is never grammatically correct. Ever. Yes, I'm sorry, I'm assuming the role of Grammar Nazi for the day...

  • druss

    it's a shame that they didn't do that game for other fones...

  • ian

    I also have the same problem 2 padlocks over level 2 & 3 and all eggs missing ? And to make it worse im 2 levels away from finishing all levels ! Any info wud be great ??????

  • Quentin

    My game gets locked up everytime I clicked the diamond/gem. I am trying to add a few new friends and check my stats but can not since it locks up on me.

    I am however able to still play and it is a good game, hope a fix for the glitches comes out soon.

  • Riyan

    Why angry birds does not working anymore on my N900 even after i download n install it again n then when i open it or loading it then it say to buy full episodes is available on ovistore, all the episodes have been locked? why? Even when i click on "Ovi Buy Here" then the screen say "sorry this item is not available in your country" But how??? It was working perfectly fine on my N900 n it wasn't trial one?!? Anyone can help me please give me some solution, I'll appreciate for any help looking forward to hearing from u all soon n thank you.