Late last week we posted a bundle of trailers of four upcoming games. Since then, a couple of them have since been released and are worth a look if you like dirt bikes and/or zombies.

Giant Moto, 99¢

We were extremely hopeful that Giant Moto would scratch our iPhone Excitebike itch, and since giving it a spin, it's hard to say how good of a job it does. Right now, the game seems to have tons of potential, but isn't quite as amazing as I was hoping. Giant Moto really nails the look and feel of a 3D Excitebike-like game, but ultimately falters in several areas. The controls are a little awkward, with a combination of on-screen buttons and tilting to make your way through the included courses. Also, only six tracks are included which really leaves you wanting more.

With more tracks, a track builder, or even randomized tracks coupled with some control refinements and I could see Giant Moto becoming really appealing through updates.

N.Y.Zombies, $1.99 - Free

Yes, there are a ton of zombie games on the App Store, but N.Y.Zombies manages to do a decent job of differentiating itself with the rest of the pack. Controls are simple and work well, you slide your finger around the screen to change your view and tap to shoot zombies. A set of buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to switch between the over 20 included upgradeable weapons, and there are also over 20 different locations to slay zombies in ranging from corn fields to subway cars.

If you still have it in you to kill zombies, definitely give the lite version of N.Y.Zombies a try.

  • M to the K

    2 cool games in one day. Bye bye productivity, hello bathroom gaming!

    • LOL


  • http://TouchGen Kamblad

    NY Zombies is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Been playing it for hours today, and it keeps getting more and more intense.

  • Tim Miller

    Hi, I'm the designer on Giant Moto. Regarding Eli's comment "The controls are a little awkward, with a combination of on-screen buttons and tilting". If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how I might improve the controls please let me know either here or PM me (my tA forum name is meanstreak). I find the controls perfect, but of course I've played the game A LOT! 🙂

    I'm already working on an update to add some new tracks so if i can improve the controls while I'm in there I will.

  • Miffy

    Giant Moto is screaming for online multiplayer, without it what is the point?

  • Fruho

    A lot of really great games have come out within the last 2 weeks and mirrors edge and IMO are still to come. Good to see

    • mike

      Chaos Ring from Square?

  • rich_952000

    I'm enjoying Giant Moto:)

    • Tim Miller

      Awesome! 🙂

  • Usher

    Bathroom gaming....:)

  • Usher

    online game?

  • Dan

    i notice that u can't go in front of the other biker and clip his front wheel so that he tumbles excitebike. boy, i miss doing that 🙂