Apple's surprise media event unveiling the iPhone OS 4.0 is set to begin shortly. We'll be providing live updates, and focusing on things that specifically pertain to iPhone gaming or things iPhone gamers might be interested in like all of our other keynote coverage in the past.

Steve Jobs just took the stage, and started things out by talking about the sales figures of the iPad. On Saturday they sold 300,000, and as of today they've sold 450,000. Apple apparently is making them as fast as they can, but notes that Best Buy is already out of stock. On the first day, 1 million paid apps were downloaded, and since then 3.5 million have been. (In addition to 600,000 eBooks.)

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

Jobs also mentions that there are over 185,000 apps in the App Store, with over 3,500 iPad apps. He then took some time to show off the more impressive iPad apps in the App Store currently such as the ABC app, Netflix, the Marvel comic book reader, and others. Shifting gears to talk about the iPhone, Steve mentions they've won three JD Power awards for customer satisfaction, and currently holds 64% of the mobile browser market share. Apple has sold over 50 million iPhones, with 85 million combined devices between the iPod touch and iPhone.

iPhone OS 4.0 is coming this summer, with a developer preview available today.

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

Among the seven "tent pole" features of iPhone OS 4.0 is multitasking. Steve goes on to demonstrate how multitasking is going to work. With multiple apps running, double clicking the home button raises a window that looks a lot like the bottom dock of the iPhone showing what apps are running. Tapping an icon instantly switches to that app.

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

To explain how this all works while preserving battery life and performance, Steve hands things off to Scott Forstall, SVP of iPhone Software. iPhone OS 4.0 will provide seven multitasking services. The first of which is audio streaming, and Forstall specifically cites Pandora as an example of an app that will shine with this functionality. Developing applications to utilize this functionality is apparently extremely easy, as it only took the Pandora developers a day to make the app background aware. Skype also works fantastically with this new functionality, even allowing you to accept calls while running in the background.

Doodle Jump spotted:

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

The next multitasking function is background location. Apps that use the GPS functionality such as TomTom will be able to continue routing while in the background. This raises obvious privacy concerns, and a new settings menu will be available to enable and disable location services per application, as well as showing a small arrow icon next to the battery indicator.

Moving on to push notifications, Forstall mentions they've sent over 10 billion notifications since the service went live. Building on push notifications comes local notifications, done entirely on the phone to see alerts from apps you have running in the background. One example mentioned was a popup when a photo was finished uploading to Flickr.

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

Steve takes the stage again and announces folders to organize apps. The interface seems an awful lot like the various jailbreak app organization solutions. So far Apple is really knocking it out of the park with this keynote.

Photo courtesy of gdgt live.

The iPhone mail client is also getting enhanced, with a unified inbox for each email account on the device along with a threaded email view for reading conversations. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone is also getting the iBooks app which will sync pages and bookmarks with other devices that have the app.

Forstall just announced "Game Center", Apple's own gaming social networking service that seems to handle everything Plus+, OpenFeint, and others do with presumably one unified login tied to your iTunes account. Matchmaking, leaderboards, and achievements are all part of it.

Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.

Also mentioned was Apple's own iAd advertisement services, which we expect to see making appearances in many free games that have historically relied on AdMob and other advertising networks.

iPhone OS 4.0 will be coming this fall, and sadly, multitasking will not be supported for the iPhone 3G and second generation iPod touch. That's it folks, Steve is taking questions now.

  • Chris

    Sweet! Let's hope for multitasking!

    • B34$T

      +1 to that.

      • MicroD0t

        +2 to that, at least 3 level deep.. it has the ram

      • God

        +3 to that

    • Sharkdevil

      Will this OS be available for the iPod Touch MC Modell (3G)?

  • B34$T

    Aww. Not til summer?

    • 

      Yeah right when the new iPhone comes out, yippy

  • God


  • CaptainAwesome

    Holy crap, they finally are adding multitasking and wallpapers. Took them long enough.

  • CaptainAwesome

    Looks very streamlined so far. It'll be interesting to see how it works away from the stage.

  • Nukie

    Creating playlists. Nice!

  • GodSon

    MULTITASKING!?!?!?! WOOT! ^_^!

  • sam

    we got the sexy thing the iPad has, where the 4 icons at the bottom have a cool little square to sit on. Know what i mean?

    • Miti96

      Uhh, not really...

    • Hole

      That is called "Dock". wow can't believe that, JB devices can theme docks since God knows when...

  • MrMuesli

    I wonder what 'Persistent wi-fi' is? Not lazy?

  • Nukie

    Receiving Skype calls in the background? I just peed a little.

  • B34$T


  • sam

    YES! folders confirmed

  • Stan

    So far the new os sounds quite promising

  • Nukie

    Yes, now I can put my 43 pages of games into folders. That should cut down on my scrolling. LOL.

  • The Theory

    right now I'm having little nerd-gasms. Totally can't wait.

    Multi-tasking? YES.
    Folders? 'BOUT'TIME

    I wonder if the folders mean that we can have more applications than the current 10 page limit...

    • Adams Immersive

      Yes, over 2000 apps 🙂 I don’t know how that breaks down. I also wonder whether each folder is limited to 16 (or fewer?) apps, or whether one folder can hold a more apps than the screen can show at once.

      • Lord Gek

        Nice! Now I can have all of my apps on my device in an organized manner at that!

  • Igor

    Wow, this actually sounds like an exciting update. It's like they've been paying attention to people's wish lists.

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks like I’m getting what I wanted most: Pandora and Skype while gaming, and MORE APPS (in folders no less) without a Spotlight workaround 🙂

    That is, assuming my 3G is supported...

  • Dran

    Wow sounds really damn amazing - I hope all these features wil make it over to the iTouch too? :p

  • B34$T

    Oh snap! Apple just dissed DS and PSP because there are 50.000 games on app store XO. (Too bad you have to come here to sort between the standouts and the plain crap)

    • Nukie

      Agreed. Quantity does not mean quality.

    • Adams Immersive

      Agreed. Of that 50,000, maybe 15,000 are really good games. And 25,000 are shockingly bad!

      Thank goodness for star ratings and overt-the-air downloads. Games are cheaper AND easier to get than on PSP and DS.

  • GodSon

    Man this OS is really going all out! Folders just top it all off with everything else. I wonder if it's free for iTouch users (doubt it).

    • Lord Gek

      FINALLY! I've been whining for folders forever!

  • thewiirocks

    Whoa. OpenFeint just got pwned.

    • thewiirocks

      And Google Ads while they're at it! Man, Apple is going to be a lot of companies today...

  • Whosatm

    Apple is redeeming themselves! An official social network, FOLDERS, multi-tasking, and backgrounds!

  • Nukie

    Game Center FTW! Can't type any more.....fainting...falling to the floor....4.0....

  • George

    Game Center !!!!! I've been waiting for this since a long time ago !!!

  • sdfsadf

    haha no reason for uninstall jailbreak... jailbreak has multitasking since last century..

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Ya, jailbreaking had all these features but why do you need it anymore? Its certainly not a perfect solution and with the OS 4.0 I dont see any reason to jailbreak anymore. Apple murdered the jailbreaking community today.

      • George

        No, they didnt. I still need apps from cydia like:
        Safari Download Manager
        Five Icon Dock
        FakeCarrier (it lets you change the name to whatever you want)

        There's still the need for a jb, Apple wont let you have the features those apps offer, besides I'll still need backgorunder beacause multitasking from iphone os 4 wont be compatible with my 8gb ipod touch.

      • Fi2o

        Hahaha lol @imnosuerman xD...
        Agreed with George :), but you forgot:
        supreme pref. 3.0
        Activator!! (I lov it!)
        safari download manager + addon
        and lots looots more 😉

  • andreas

    Great update! Switching wallpapers, organizing apps, ONE gaming network, iAds and multitask! Just what I needed

  • Fi2o

    Wow, all of this features and more are already available with JB, still I love my ipt JB'd 🙂 but I'm surprised apple is finnally ading good stuff to the devices! Yay!! Can't wait!!

  • Chad

    Apple just shot down the one of the two biggest iPad complaints. Now if they can do something about Flash I won't have to listen to these haters bitch about that too.

    non-sequiter - took my 8 year old son to look at the iPad @ the Apple Store and he played Real Racing. Immediate comment was "Wow, this is way more fun than playing on the computer!"

    • JCat

      The haters will bitch if the iPad had 7 cameras, and "flash ultimate edition" built in. I think the haters are really the "can't-afforders" in disguise.

  • iGamer

    man I hope 4.0 will be compatiable for 1st Gen. iPod Touch users

  • Noman

    Wow, I might unjailbreak for this, it's that good.

  • Elkas

    I am... Shocked.

  • B34$T

    Ok all that excitement went down the drain. Most of these features aren't going to be in older devices. Way to go apple >:(

  • Miffy

    Kool now give me flash player

    • Whosatm

      Hopefully hmtl5 will become more popular... Steve already said flash isn't going to happen :/

  • Noman

    Yep, staying jb'ed.

  • ddyracer

    Finally. Im so excited for this. really can't wait for game center and multitasking

    • cranker

      They are saying that the game center will most likely be linked to your itunes account. I am wondering how this will work if there are multiple users on one account.

  • punklet

    It's almost as if they've been looking at Android's feature set. If all y'all really wanted all of these features, they've been on Android since launch (except turn-by-turn navigation, which came online several months ago, and of course can run in the background with Pandora while you're surfing the web and getting instant messages and facebook updates.)

    • shouryuuken

      well that would be awesome if android had even 10 percent of the games/apps the app store has.

  • Fi2o

    Bshit, can't use the good features in older devices? WTF is wrong with apple? I have a jbkn ipt 2g and I can multitask and all that, also 1g IPHONES CAN! so why apple? Why ?...

    I think it could be marketing stuff, they need to get rid of all the 3g[s] and ipt 3g :/ oh well, sticking to jb till apple changes mind cause we know all devices can multitask. I'm mad 🙁

    • Rosh

      Totally know what you mean. JB 3g can multitask just fine... WTF apple, I was so excited...

  • SirCrayon

    haha it looks like they took everything from cydia and made it standard =P (not everything but some)

  • George

    Seriously !!! why didnt they update ipod touch 8gb model !?!?!?
    I mean, I can multitask with my jailboken ipod touch and of course the could add multitasking to older devices.

  • Cause007

    Apple is damn smart... they've found a sure-fire way to "politely" kill older iDevice models (iPhone 3G) by not incorporating Multi-tasking, which we know will be HUGE for apps (even upgrades to existing ones). If Apple doesn't release a new iPhone model upon release of the new OS, than I'm finally buying the 3GS.

  • skater247247

    so does 4.0 work on second gen just not multitasking?

    • B34$T

      Correct 🙁

      • skater247247

        so will second gen get game center?

    • Fi2o

      Jailbreak and you'll be happy, I'm sick of apple's b-shit, I have a 2 gen ipt just like you, and hey! Right now I'm multitasking with IM+, safari and twitterator :/, no memory leaks!

  • araczynski

    blah blah blah blah "...folders to organize apps" blah blah blah blah


    about fracking time 🙂

  • big things ftw

    Suck bricks, Apple haters!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    • Rosh

      Suck it loyal apple fans who have older ipods/phones. My JB 3g can multitask just fine... Apple, you greedy bastards

  • Heaven

    Are they going to fix the stereo bluetooth stuttering issue for car kits? Not talking about phone, that works fine, I mean the music. It breaks up all the time!

  • Ginger Yellow

    Welcome to the late 21st century Apple! Glad you culd make it. Now, does this multitasking functionality mean I can, finally, listen to my own music/podcasts in every game, not just the ones that play nice?

    • shouryuuken

      are you from the future? the late 20th century is still at least 50 years off..

      • shouryuuken


    • Lakeshore |

      No. If the game tells the whatever-audio-source to stop it will stop. Complain to the game manufacturers. Keeping the iPod audio playing while still playing game sound effects and automatically mute the game background music was no problem and worked even with iPhone OS 2.0 seemless. Just the devs are dumb and lazy 🙁

  • skater247247

    will second gen get game center?

    • Big T

      I think so, the main incompatible feature will be Multi-tasking.

      • skater247247

        so do you think it will get the wall paper and folders and stuff like that?

  • MrMuesli

    So, will my iPod Touch 3rd gen be able to multitask?

    • spiffyone

      If you have the 32GB or 64GB model. Those two have the new CPU and GPU and double the RAM of earlier models, which include the mislabeled "3rd gen" 8GB model which is not all that different from the 2nd "gen" models.

      • MrMuesli

        Great thanks. I do have a 32 GB, so looks like I'm all set: )

  • skater247247

    so will second gen have the wallpaper and folders?

    • Aaron Sullivan

      almost positively yes. They did not break down exactly what would work where except for multitasking, which will not work for 2nd gen and back via iPhone OS 4.

      This is smart focused multitasking that saves performance and battery life. It will work far better than jailbroken solutions do.

      iAds are actually pretty impressive, too, even though they got only a tiny mention here. If it takes off, it's another knock against flash, since they are video + interactive using HTML 5. So... Hulu is the only important hold out for video content still using flash (are they waiting for iAds?), games are covered, and now interactive video ads are coming without any need for flash. What's left? Those big clunky sites that are flash only. Apple's making a pretty good case for leaving Flash behind.

      • Scott

        Nice to see someone else pointing out the implications of iAd for Flash. I can't believe the blogs haven't been all over this.

        Overall, this looks like a win to me! I'll be getting the update a little later for my iPad, which is a little sad but not hearbreaking - I'll just have to live vicariously through all of you! =) Can't wait to see what the next-gen hardware looks like....

      • Swishinj

        If it doesn't waste CPU and battery, why isn't it on older iDevices!?!

  • cranker

    When will we be able to reinstall games without loosing all the data ?

  • http://rent JaronJacob

    For all you people complaining about older Iphone and Itouch versions not getting certain new features... STOP BEING CHEAP AND BUY A 3GS. IT'S ONLY $199. HOW CHEAP CAN YOU GET.

    • IyonUK

      OK. Buy one and send it to me if they're so cheap.

      • Swishinj

        Ya lol! I want one too!! Send me my $199 please

    • Maeks

      This is an excellent point: Everyone, reach into those bottomless pockets and just upgrade your iPhone/Pod whenever a new one comes out, duh!

    • Fruho

      you, my friend, are an idiot

    • HawkEye

      Except that they're not $199 if you're already on AT&T's plan and haven't hit their magic update window yet. To upgrade my 3G phone, I would have to pay the "discount" price of $399 for the 16GB 3GS, since I'm still three months off from an upgrade.

      Regardless of the fact that 4.0 may not be out before the next revision of the iPhone is released, I should be the one to decide if I'm okay with using more of my battery to multitask on an older iPhone. The fact that they're disabling it is just a money grab to force people who want the feature to upgrade, even if they had no plans to or may be stuck in the middle of a contract cycle.

      They won't be getting a 3GS purchase from me, and if they don't announce something really spectacular for the next revision, I may just go off to an Android phone. This is really getting ridiculous.

  • cranker

    I just saw 5X digital zoom. Was that officially announced ?

  • N130

    Did I just see "Carrier Information", T-Mobile please lol.

    I'm a little upset that my 2G iPod touch can't multitask, if it supposedly doesn't hog CPU & drain battery life then why not? It already multitasks with music. Everything else seems cool though, I've wanted/needed folders since for a while. What about enabling that FM radio capability lol.

    I'm looking forward to the 4G iPhone launch, I can't take Android & this MyTouch anymore (there's some things I like about it though), its ultra-laggy and half-a$$ed.

    • Josh

      I used backgrounder on my old iPod touch 2G and I can say for a fact that Multitasking is not good. It crashes often since the amount of memeory is so low it is really meant to run one thing at a time. Now on my 3G it has doubled in memory and has plenty of memory for it. Same goes for the iPhone 3G to 3GS.

      • Chris

        actually, the 3gs (and ipad) have effectively 4x the amount of usable memory. the OS takes a given amount on all platforms, so the usable amount (and thus the amount for multitasking) is 4x instead of 2x. big difference.

  • Greg

    So... does the iPad multitask?

  • Swishinj

    NO MULTITASK FOR iPhone 3G and the Touches?!? :O BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, great stuff!!!!!

  • Tkun

    Wow, I was not expecting all of these updates for the new iPhone OS! I have a 32gb 3rd Gen Touch so I should be fine, I just hate that I have to wait until Fall to be able to use 4.0. 🙁 I'm guessing they're doing that so that it'll coincide with the launch of their new 4th gen lineup.

  • Fruho

    This is really awesome

    I have a question though: if Apple does this, does that mean an end to their production of iPhones? Because once all of these features are initiated, the iPhone becomes the perfect phone, with nothing to improve on

  • shawty

    To all those of you bitching about 3g not getting multi-tasking, the 3g and 2nd generation touch still only have 128mb ram which might be enough to do limited multi-tasking when jailbroken but couldnt handle intensive stuff like having gaming and skype at the same time. Apple don't want to have half-assed features so you can kind of understand why theyve done it, but it still feels like a massive con.

    • Fi2o

      You don't know what you are saying, Ive managed to set safari + IM+ + Zenonia 2 + music player (sum winterboard and other MobileSubstrate addons running along) at the same time in my ipt 2nd gen using Circuitous, so please don't talk bshit 🙂

  • steelfires

    Note: This will work on all 3gs iphones and all 32 gb or 64 gb ipod touches 3 gen. Yeah for me! Finally, apple. All apple needed to do is go to the cydia app store, see all the apps there, and put their functions in.

  • Fokion

    So hard to get excited about the iPlatform in general, these days.

    • Tomchap

      Don't know where your coming from there! With the new Gaming Center (means more casual gamers interacting, challenging each other) with the iAds system (means interactive game style adverts for everything from music to new films) I think apple are doing just great. At least their updates actually come out for all the devices. (ahem win mobile - sorry you cant update as you got your phone from orange so it wont work, wait until orange have added all the crap they want errr i mean tested it out and then you can have the update)

      Apple are drip feeding features with every update. Everyone gets new features and I agree that the multitasking SHOULD work for everyone but the fact is they have turned it off. Maybe that's because of reliability issues, maybe they should turn it on and see how many people bitch about it, i'm not sure, but at the end of the day they are updating the phone with a new version of the OS. This is great and will mean that people with existing devices will get more use of it will ultimately prolong the life of your device. When i used to purchase windows mobile devices I was always chopping and changing when faster devices come out every 3 - 6 months. Now I just stick to updating my iDevice when a new OS comes out.

      Roll on summer 2010! And hopefully a new iPhone as my contract runs out and im going to wait and see what gets released (an aluminium macbook style phone please!)

  • Huckster

    I wonder if Steve gets tired of acting all excited about this stuff.

  • Bob

    So this will all work on a 16GB 3GS?

  • Awesome

    Awesome! Now we're finally catching up to the Droid!

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