Sketch Nation Shooter has been a game on our radar for a while now, since we had a chance to play it at GDC 2009 and preview it in December. The wait is finally over as Sketch Nation Shooter [AppStore] has been released and ready for your creative ingenuity! In the developer's words:

[Sketch Nation] allows users to create their own games by drawing a player, enemies and a level on a piece of paper and taking a picture of the drawing with their iPhone camera. Users can then share their creations with their friends and other users. Our unique image recognition technology automatically detects the objects drawn and calculates collision boundaries. Sketch Nation Shooter is the only game to incorporate the iPhone camera in such a way. iPod Touch users can import their drawings through the Photo Library. After the drawings are imported into the game, users will be able to place enemies and powerups as well as set their properties in our easy to use in-game editor and then play with their unique creations.

Our initial impressions with Sketch Nation Shooter have confirmed what we hoped for, with a comprehensive level editing system that offers a range of options for customizing your own creations. We are especially delighted to see there is the option for a 'Simple' and 'Advanced' degree of customization, ensuring even those that want to create something to show their friends on the fly, like our TouchArcade mascot fighting Eli's giant evil guy on wheels that you can see in the screenshot above (sorry, we had to leave out the 'wheels' to keep the site kid-friendly!)

From out of the box, Sketch Nation Shooter provides a few developer-created levels that are far beyond anything we hope to create ourselves, but are confident that the masses will have trumped in no time. The actual shooter gameplay is straightforward, with several weapon power-ups, shields and and bosses with a variety of attack patterns all evident in our play through.

We'll have more on the actual nuts and bolts of the game once we've spent some more time with it. We especially want to see what you guys manage to do with the platform. Discuss the game with other TouchArcade members and share pictures of your creations in our forum thread. The game is priced at only $0.99.

App Store Link: Sketch Nation Shooter, $0.99.

  • Adams Immersive


    Can you import from your photo library too? (For Photoshop creations, for instance?)

    • arn


  • Rocketman919

    I posted my thoughts in the thread. Overall I thought it was a decent shooter but needed more customization options to rise above other shooters. At its core the gameplay isnt as good as something like Platypus, so it needs that extra little gimmick to get it to sell. With updated gameplay and customization options this could be an amazing game.

  • somebody

    Raise your hand if you also drew a penis for your first ship.

    • greg

      hahahaha I figured that would be the first thing lots of people do

      • Nonstickron

        Draw? I took a photo.

      • Rrrabbit

        lol@ nonstickron

      • Androidico

        @nonstickron: but it should be something you could make out on the screen.

  • poutini

    I'd get it if I had an iPhone - it's too much hassle to have to sync up with my computer every time I want to make a level. Maybe that's just laziness though.

    • Nitzan

      You can also use the built-in art packs, or use any of the numerous drawing apps to draw and save to your photo library.

      Also it is fun to download other users games and see what they came up with.

      • Adams Immersive

        Drawing apps - good idea! I think I’ll make something with SculptMaster 3D in fact.

  • Howard

    I found a picture of the Bttle of the Planets ship and took a picture of my pc screen (too lazy to transfer) actually worked perfectly!

  • Falsoman

    This, plus sketchbook mobileX or Layers = Awesome!

  • Remon

    Great price! Instant buy.

  • Trautman

    Awesome game! I bought it.

    • Jacob

      rate it out of 10

  • Fedorov

    Those of you with iPod Touches, maybe try an app like GoodReader or PictureSafe - these apps will let you do WiFi transfers from your PC/Mac web browser into those apps and from there you can save the images into your photo library to use in Sketch Nation πŸ™‚

  • Lukeb

    Please make it so that no facebook is required to download new levels

  • Clara

    I definitely don't like the facebook req.

    • Zaqualieff

      Nice concept πŸ™‚ shame about the facebook req

  • darwiniandude

    Good game, it's fun. I think my niece and nephews will have fun with this. I'd pay good money for a DLC or sequel that let you make run & jump platformers though.... PLEASE! πŸ™‚

  • Allan

    It requires facebook?? I just bought it? ugh.

  • Crunc

    I'm not crazy with the use of Facebook, though it is a clever idea and maybe it will grow on me... at least if they stop using my Facebook name (which is my full name) in the global high score lists. That sucks royally. In any case this will provide a lot of entertainment, though it is picky. I've been trying to use a pen on white paper and having only mixed results. I think you need to use a think marker to get consistent results with its processing of the images, and I had absolutely no luck at all taking a picture of a real stapler on a white background. It just ended up blank. In any case it's definitely worth 99 cents. Very clever idea.

  • Marco

    With a black marker it works perfectly!

  • Crunc

    I also wish there were a way to share a game with only friends, in part to get around the copyright issue. You aren't suppose to share anything with copyrighted images, and that makes sense, but if I want to sent my "Baby Mario & Luigi Kill Their Adult Selves" game to my friends only, not to their servers, I ought to be able to do that. Or at least it would be great to be able to do that. There is something positively disturbing, yet oddly satisfying, about seeing and armless Luigi ripped apart.

  • TonyRockyHorror

    i played and created levels just fine without using my facebook account. i don't care about leaderboards and the like, though.


    whery is downald?!