As we enter the final hours of the iPad pre-launch fiesta, more and more videos of iPad games are coming online. We likely won't have video of games on actual devices until tomorrow, but for the time being, watching these games being played in the simulator with a set of hands gives an idea of how much different they will likely feel on the iPad:

Games featured in the trailer, which are all currently available on the App Store:

  • LBG

    Looks hard to control, especially Nova and MC: Sandstorm.
    I think I'll stick to my iPhone.

  • SalsaMD

    I still don't understand why Gameloft doesn't record their videos in HD, particularly now with ipad software.

  • dumas1000

    One of the reasons not to purchase an ipad on launch day. Why would you pay to buy the same game for a second time? I can understand companies re-charging, in a sense, for these games, but I can understand the customer who bought NOVA for 6.99 once now buying it again for 9.99. If I owned a 360 & a PS3, for instance, I wouldn't buy Final Fantasy VIII for both systems. If the ipad acculumates enough worthwhile exclusives along the way, then perhaps at some point I will consider it.

    • SalsaMD

      I don't follow your logic. Just because one purchases an ipad on launch day does not encumber one to to purchase the launch software (specifically the iterations of existing iphone games) at launch as well. And there are some who did not purchase the iphone software prior to now.

      • jeffyg3

        He's basically saying that Gameloft should have made their apps universal, meaning one package is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad...there's no need to buy 2 separate games for the same OS. Metal Gear Solid Touch, Solitaire City, all IUGO games, and some others are like this, they're universal the case of Gameloft, doesn't look like much of an upgrade at all for any of their games, they definitely should have made their apps universal.

        A game like Solitaire City looks revamped and it's a universal's the way majority of these games should have been, Gameloft just decided to be go down the crooked path and make it's fans pay for the same game twice for the same OS with little updates of their games.

      • SalsaMD

        That's true for some games, perhaps most of gameloft's. Others are major overhauls wrt design, graphics and significant additional features.

  • Greg

    Uno HD? What in Uno needs to be HD?

    • SalsaMD

      Multiplayer. Note the mechanics

    • WiseWeasel

      Speaking of which, I sure hope we can use our iPhones to manage our own hand, not have to block the screen like that...

      • WiseWeasel

        [re-posted minus explicit language to avoid moderation jail]

        Looks like the features do include multiplayer with iPhone users, which is a sub-optimal but usable solution.

        What we really need is a free "Game Controller" app for iPhones and iPod Touches on the app store, which all these 3rd party game developers could add support for. This app would basically have the following features:
        1) some kind of handshaking mechanism to link to the app running on the other device.
        2) retrieve a custom-built HTML/CSS/javascript interface from the 3rd party developer servers.
        3) do nothing but run the interface as smoothly and unobtrusively as possible.
        4) earn some extra profit by plugging some random game with a splash screen on app launch or something.

        Or, this could all be done via a web interface accessed in mobile safari, but I think a native custom-tailored app would be nicer.

        All this multiplayer nonsense, where all the iPhone/iTouch users have to buy another copy of the game, are not cutting it. We just need to be able to extend the iPad with iPhones/iTouches as peripherals.

      • spiffyone

        wiseweagal...wouldn't that defeat the purpose? How many are going to own both iPads and iPod touch devices, for instance? And wouldn't that make more sense for another Apple product that I cannot name as it angers some people for some odd reason ( hooks up to your HDTV and should have an open SDK and App Store).

      • WiseWeasel

        It surely would, if that certain device could run apps (thus being relevant again)...

  • araczynski


    • araczynski

      ...anyway, judging by the file sizes, these initial 16/32gb models of the ipad are along the lines of worthless for anyone other than a soccer mom, then again, i suppose that is the ipad's intended audience isn't it.

      • SalsaMD

        Are you paid to advertise this perspective?

      • Dran

        Id rather think youd have to be paid to buy into the iPad hype. I second his motion.

  • DaverJ

    Dungeon Hunter HD looks pretty sweet.

  • iPhone User

    Anyone else out there not care for iPad games? I don't, mainly because I think the iPad is kinda useless. I don't plan on buying one anytime soon or at all for that matter and would much rather like to see more info on iPhone releases.

    • jack

      I dont think its totally useless, being a gamer myself, and games being my sole intrest in the Ipad, I will wait to see what comes down the line before a purchase of the Ipad. I am also curius what Tegra will bring to the competition.

    • Dran

      I dont think tis useless, its a niche thing for people who just want to consume media, like the perfect thing for your parents/GF/whatever so they leave your PC alone when they want to check their mail or surf the net. :p

      That being said, I dont care much for this huge covering of everything ipad - I mean the headline of the website says "keeping you in touch with everything in IPHONE gaming". :p If this trend of flooding the news posts with iPad news I dont care for continues, Id hope they sort a way out to have a RRS feed for ipad stuff, and one for the rest, otherwise I guess ill have to look for my iphone/itouch ONLY news someplace else.

  • Lukeb

    The bigger they are, they harder they fall. Hopefully people won't drop that thing too often when doing shake arrows or other twitch-rife actions.

  • shin

    Gameloft sucks.

  • Gekkota

    18 comments and 99% are negative. As expected.
    I think NOVA and MC:S look great. And the controls don't take up a large part of the screen like they do on that tiny, tiny iPhone screen! Glad to see Gameloft bringing their games to the iPad so soon.

    • JCat

      LOL - gotta just love the sour grapes. And now back to looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Deewin

    The games look good but I'm a bit burned out from buying iphone apps since they are so fast and easy to buy. I'm thinking about getting an iPad tomorrow but I'll probably only download a few productivity apps and maybe an iPad exclusive game or too that really shows what the device is capable of.

  • Zc456

    The only reason there are no universal games by Gameloft is because the file size would increase 2x. Then you would loose space on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you'd complain AGAIN. Kay?