As we get closer and closer to iPad zero hour, even more details on the device are hitting the internet. Most interesting from a gaming perspective is a brief hands on with an actual iPad showing several games running on the device that we haven't seen before including a few seconds of Plants vs Zombies for the iPad in this video from ABC News:

Larger version available at

PCMag also put up a video review of the iPad which goes over most aspects of the device, but if you skip to about the four minute mark you can see a few brief clips of Real Racing HD:

Other reviews are also coming in from the usual suspects:

And finally, AppShopper shows another huge push of iPad games and apps. We're likely going to spend the rest of the night combing through these and post anything we find that's interesting. Stay tuned!

  • Sambo110

    Great, now I want one 🙁

  • Blades

    Lame, not for me anyway. Over priced for what you are getting. For the cheaper version's price you could get 2 netbooks that have way more storage and features.

    And Apple couldn't throw in a set of ear buds? Come on. No camera either. Lame. But to each there own I suppose.


    • SalsaMD

      You're on your own there bud. Be strong...

  • Liam (aka TGR)

    I just knew Andy had an iPad!

  • Tomchap

    I can see the iPad doing very well but i don't think its for me. You still have to sync it to your PC / Laptop. For people on the road that need a smaller device to work on, fair enough but I will just use my iPhone and wait for the next iPhone version to be released.

    Looks like a well made and quality device tho.

  • Mel Swelnerwenegen

    Preordered mine at 11 AM the day it became available. I got the 16 GB 3G, so have to wait a few more weeks. The gaming on this thing is going to be some extra crazy awesome next level shiz. If you ain't gaming iPad in 2010, you ain't gaming.

    My greatest gaming desire which I am almost loathe to voice since the likelihood of this wish being fulfilled is so very remote... Starcraft II on the iPad. A gamer can dream.

    • Hank

      oh please, don't try to claim that the iPhone/iPod/iPad is the epitome of gaming. iPhone/iPad's only advantage over a PSP or DS is its portability, with my iPhone I just need to carry a single device for my phone, internet, and light gaming needs. In terms of game quality and controls, the PSP and DS easily trump the iPhone/iPad.

  • Miffy

    Everything it can do, my Iphone can do so I don't get why you'd want to buy it. Can buy a Laptop in the UK for the same price that does a hell of alot more and is more powerful.

    • SalsaMD

      You need to read the specs of the ipad more closely. Report back here in a few months time and see if you sing the same tune...

    • Robert Reitmeyer

      uhh no the ipad does a few things that the iphone cant do

  • omg

    I wonder if you can get a screen protector for the ipad, and how difficult it would be to apply it lol.

    • Robert Reitmeyer

      sorry i didnt mean to comment you that

  • Robert Reitmeyer

    uhh no the ipad does do some things that the iphone cant do

  • Anonymous

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