Having played my share of matching games, it takes something a little different to really capture my attention. What immediately stood out with Cubetrix 3D was the fast paced/arcade nature to the game - like Tetris on the later levels. The game is a row-matching game where your job is to clear the board as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, you can move a single block around the perimeter of the board and slide it in. The block that slides out can then be moved to a new position. It doesn't take long to figure out how to move the blocks to line up matches and combos. The high energy soundtrack adds to the experience.

Watch the developer video to see how it plays:

Beyond color block matches, the game also introduces a few other elements to the gameplay. Fixed blocks will prevent you from sliding blocks into certain rows, while the bomb elements add an even higher level of frantic rushing to the harder levels. Finally, some levels use colors and numbers that must be combined in sequential order to eliminate rows.

Here's a short hands on video showing normal and hard levels:

The hard level is crazy from the start, as bombs will randomly reshuffle the entire board in an instant.

Cubetrix 3D really sucked me in from the start. The game contains 20 Easy, 30 Normal, 30 Hard and 30 Puzzle levels. With fast paced gameplay and a great overall experience, I highly recommend it.

App Store Link: Cubetrix 3D, $2.99

TouchArcade Rating

  • Symbolist

    Useless 3D graphics will drain the battery and bring complication to controls.

    • Adams Immersive

      The controls don’t seem to be any different from how they’d be in 2D—and the look of a game matters to me: it’s one thing that draws me to this. Yet-another-2D-grid would turn me off. The reflections are a nice touch.

      I think I’d prefer swipe controls, where I’d swipe the block instead of hitting buttons (I say that after being really impressed with the feel of Tetris’s swipe controls) but this looks fun regardless.

    • SalsaMD

      spoken from someone who has actually played the game???

      • Symbolist

        The video shows the struggle for moving a block, just for the sake of a 3D view. The huge battery drainage by 3D compared to 2D is something like a law. And in fact if provoked by a game which should have been naturally 2D it is a bad joke. The use of 3D technique in this game is completely pretentious and only used for hiding a boring and rather primitive gameplay.

      • Elfmz

        Sorry. But I have bought it and agree with symbolist.

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        Um... apparently the game is boring and primitive but you are angry because it will drain your battery faster because it is 3D.

        I've got a solution! Don't play it!

        Looks VERY cool to me. Also, a huge percentage of "2D" games actually use OpenGL ES for performance reasons, so you might have to delete a bunch of games off your device if you were going 2D only.

        Also, what kind of struggle is there in a 3 button game? clockwise/counter-clockwise action button.

        If you know something we don't from experience, please share. Right now, it's your word against the person who spent some time with it and a very nice video demo.

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        First post for that name on Touch Arcade. Welcome. From looking at the video I don't understand how moving the block around could be a "struggle", can you explain? How fast did it drain your battery? How come it was so boring for you, do you think, compared to the reviewer who found it immediately engrossing? Are you actually Symbolist? Had to ask. 😉

      • Symbolist

        @Sullivan: No! Elfmz is not identical with me. To put this straight. To the next probem. Be a little more careful with such paranoid stories!

  • MotorYogurt


    Pretentious you say? =)...you see the comedy in there don't you?

    • Symbolist

      I see a lot of comedy in the whole thread, in the game and in the review, to be honest.

  • symbolist

    i will the sue the company. those stupid terrorists.