The long wait is now over; you can finally play through the whole Puzzle Quest story on your iPhone. Today, TransGaming’s Puzzle Quest was updated to version 1.5 enabling in-app purchases and a few other graphic, sound, and bug fixes.

If you already have Chapters 1 & 2, all you have to do is update your game and visit the in-game store to buy Chapter 3 for only $1.99. If you not sure about buying one of the best RPG puzzlers, download the free version, then purchase chapters 1, 2 and 3 for only $4.99.

TransGaming says that the trilogy includes content from the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pack and the original game. Making this a great deal for $4.99 or $6.98 depending on what route you take.

Discussion in our forums has been positive and so far no issues have been reported about the update.

App Store Link: Puzzle Quest Chapters 1 & 2, $4.99, Puzzle Quest Free, Free

  • StevieG

    Can I download the free version then purchase ONLY Chapter 3?

    • Taragon

      We looked at the in game purchase today and it looks like you need to have 1 & 2 before you can buy 3.

  • GodSon

    And it feel's good that the trilogy is now complete! xD

  • Joe

    One of my favorite piece of the Original DS/PSP game was the head to head play I would have purchased that module separately. Also I seem to remember news that Puzzle Quest was going to use openfient in the future

  • Lord Gek

    What does Chapter 3 add?

  • Jas

    That seems very odd??

    So, it's cheapest to get the free version, and then buy 1,2&3 in-app rather than buying the paid for version?

    • RhythMystic

      Doesn't matter how you combine your purchases it will work out to $5, unless you buy each chapter one at a time.

      Prices quoted directly from the in-game store:

      $4.99 Chapters 1, 2, and 3
      $2.99 Chapters 1 and 2
      $2.99 Chapters 2 and 3
      $1.99 Chapter 1
      $1.99 Chapter 2
      $1.99 Chapter 3

  • William T -Ph

    Free and the Chapter 1, and Chapter 1 &2 are different app right? So if you download the free version, bought chapter 1 in-game, then go to iTunes and bought the separate Chapter 1 app, you'd be paying twice? The reason, I asked is that I hate the Free moniker on the icon. I already bought the full app, but Transgaming (the developer) ask me to redownload the game on iTunes, but then I am afraid, I'd be paying twice...

    • RhythMystic

      If they said to re-download then just do it. If iTunes charges you again (unlikely) you can always just forward the developer's email to them and they'll adjust your account balance accordingly.

  • Mooro

    Cheapest way is buy Chapter 1 €1.59 and then buy Chapters 2&3 in app for €2.39.

    • Mooro

      P.S this way you get the full icon and not the free icon.

  • RhythMystic

    Not sure if the pricing is different in €, but as posted above, there isn't more than a .01 difference in any combination as long as you don't purchase each individual chapter separately.

  • Haliaeetus

    I'm not sure if someone made in the pricing, but currently the Chapter 1 & 2 version is priced at $4.99 alone with an in app purchase of Chapter 3 for $1.99

  • mario oyunları

    ı like puzzle games mario oyunları

  • Syrobo

    when is chapter 3 going to be available on iphone?

  • Gina Scuderi-Cook

    Do you make Puzzle Quest 3 for iPhone or iPad? I love the first & second one but can't find the third one on Apple's App. Store.

  • Rivalsan

    There is no third puzzle quest game yet. This article is referring to the third chapter of the first game that was released as an in app purchase.