It seems the developers of Raging Thunder 2 (which was published through PolarBit) are certainly not resting on their laurels following their recent AppStore release. Pixelbite have been very active in our own forums these last few days promoting their upcoming top-down, physics-heavy racer, Deliverace.

Though our early impressions of Raging Thunder 2 were very positive, it already seems Deliverace is set to impress us just as much, if not more. Pixelbite recently released a trailer that showcases an amazingly rich and extraordinarily detailed graphic engine that seems to trounce nearly anything we've seen on the AppStore to date. The developers have provided a summary of the game's features in our forums as follows:

"The game is a classic top-down racer, but with modern physics and amazing graphics. Naturally we also have multiplayer support over Lan and Internet, online leaderboards, several control options, ghost cars and much more."

Though the trailer convincingly sells itself, the impressive list of features available right off the bat has cemented Deliverace as one of our more anticipated titles. Deliverace is slated as 'coming soon' in early 2010 with no price point currently fixed. Pixelbite really seem to be making a name for themselves in the racing genre, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us this time around.

Be sure to keep abreast of our Deliverace discussion thread for further updates and media releases by the developer.

  • SalsaMD

    hope there is an ipad version too. : )

    • Mystic

      I was just going to post a comment about that too! I LOVE these type of racing games. Reminds me of the arcade game Super Off Road! And yes, I can only imagine what an iPad specific version of this would look like. Absolutely incredible. The iPad will be the next big gaming device!

  • araczynski

    wow, that's pretty good looking for an iphone/touch.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Yeah, this would rock on the iPad just because of the size. Would be kind of like matchbox cars that actually work. 🙂

  • monster

    Not only does it look amazing, the gameplay looks pretty fun too ^^
    Can't wait for more on this game

  • Alienmario

    lol raging thunder is too arcade and this is top-view (nice game anyway). no game for me

  • Jonathan Lang

    looks great ! can't wait !

  • jaydee

    yeah I like it.

  • Robert

    Wow! Looks amazing. If you can't wait and like games like his and blizzard's old game on nintendo "rock n roll racing" then I'd recommend horror racing in the interim.

    • Dylan

      This definitely reminded me of Rock'N'Roll Racing. I've been wanting someone to make something like this for a while. This game looks very nice! I can't wait to see it in it's final form....In my hands!

  • misfitskater6

    Looks pretty cool, I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

  • dumas1000

    It looks like Killzone Liberation. It's difficult for me to believe that I could ever dig this type of game. I'll probably give it a chance.

  • tcrowns

    They or someone should do a iPhone/touch version of PC Zombie Driver.

  • Athlos

    Wow, wtf, thats way better graphics than chinatown wars, they really skimped on GTA damn...

    • Izzy Nobre

      It's a lot easier to focus on graphics when you don't have an open-ended world to keep track of.

  • Robman84

    It's Racing Gears Advance!!!! wooooootttt! Can't wait.

  • Dante

    Kind of like old school Death Rally sans guns and Duke Nukem.

  • TW

    Will the iPhone version be able to play with the Android version over WiFi?

  • Moist

    Holy instant purchase !

    • hippiefahrzeug


  • Adams Immersive

    I don’t think I’ve ever had my impression of a game change more by pressing the Play button on the video 😮 The static screenshots do NOT do it justice!

  • Ender

    The first thing I thought of, with it's name being "Deliverance," was that when you skid around a corner the announcer would say "Squeal, boy, squeal!"

    • Constable Odo

      The name's Deliverace not Deliverance.

  • Noman

    Is that the same graphics engine that's in Raging thunder 2? Because that is impressive. If the controls/interface is good I will definitely be grabbing this one.

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    Erm, hang on guys.. Is this not just a tarted up version of a Symbian K-Rally??!!

    And why does it not have voice chat (along with every other game since OS 3.0?!)

  • stuart stow

    i love top down racers ,its a real shame they dont make them for the latest sytems anymore.Im sold with this.

  • moist

    so when they say "coming soon", do they mean in the "next few hours" cuz I MUST HAVE THIS NOW!!!

  • J-Pa

    My god.

  • Kinl

    Damn that looks nice!

  • Mat

    Wonder if those are 3GS graphics. Looks too good (fingers crossed it will look this good on my 3G).

  • Chad

    Watched the trailer twice. Looks that good...

  • Rachel

    Looks awesome. Steering looks like it's going to be hard though. Unless that rednecky-haphazard driving is what they're going for. (probably)

  • djflippy

    /do want

  • Ade

    WOW - this looks awesome... This could finally be the game i've been waiting for since my long lost youth putting in hours of play into SKIDMARKS on the old Amiga

  • ryoi

    tell me the got the same control like HorrorRacing. no accelerometer pls

  • DJ

    My first thought was "Dukes of Hazzard". Looks fantastic, wonder what the controls will be like.

  • SIlent Rocco

    I already hate the physics in the video.
    Just seeing it makes me being annoyed of the car's controls... 🙂
    But I will check for myself once out.

  • Narziss

    Reminds me of death rally by apogee.

  • Nejibana

    graphics and everything look great.

    hopefully there are lots of cars to choose from 😛 im picky haha

    controls look weird... just not me.

  • Izzy Nobre

    Wow, that reminds me so much of Death Really!

    Now I just wish Apogee would get their shit together and made a port of that for the iPhone 🙁

  • Christian Bale

    lol this reminds me of blast corps on the n64.

  • Marc

    Looks like a drift-a-thon. Little less slidin' around, a little more Atari Super Sprint '86 please.

    • Moist

      Mmmmmm, Super Sprint 🙂
      the one console i would actually make space in my living room for.

  • PermiaN

    This looks brilliant, I can't wait for a game to get me off Space Miner!

  • spadgy

    Wow! This looks lovely - it's like Neo Drift Out on the Neo Geo is back. As a big fan of isometric oversteer racers like Overtop, Skidmarks, Power Drive, Thrash Ralley and so on, I'm really excited by this!

  • jase

    Gosh, this looks like one of those local TV news footage or cable TV shows where they show a police chase from the helicopter point of view. Except the setting is Dukes of Hazard instead of the LA freeway system. I'm surprised at how realistic it looks graphics-wise. It does look better than GTA: CW.

  • Crunc

    I love top-down racers, so I'm really looking forward to Deliverace. Hopefully it plays as well as it looks.

  • Scoops

    This looks great and very very similar to an old PC game called Ignition - anyone remember that??

  • Xurkey

    I can easily see this as being one of the best games on the mobile platform. Wow, look at all the detail in this game! Looks like a blast from the past!

  • thebleeptruth

    Definitely gonna check this out. But IMO they should also make a similar game minus the redneck theme. This would be a great game with cool sports cars, and maybe a police chase mode.

  • Moist

    Is it out yet?...

  • Rickard

    Looks great!
    While we're waiting, take a look at another Death Rally clone: Auto Crisis - top down racer with guns!

  • Dylan

    I wonder if it will be compattible with 1g and2g touch or if it is ... If it will perform good or not