The second game we saw from Ngmoco was GodFinger, their take on the God game genre with an iPhone twist.

In GodFinger, you are an all powerful deity who control the people and environment of a small planet. The planet environment is a side view cross section that you can navigate by swiping on the screen and pinch zooming in and out. When the game begins, you are given a very small planet with one inhabitant. As you demonstrate your powers to the inhabitants, they become followers and earn you gold and mana for their efforts.

As the god-figure in the world, you have the power to pick up inhabitants by the swipe of a finger and drop them off anywhere else. Other examples of powers include terraforming, causing rain, floods, sunshine and lighting. As you level up, you gain more powers. more followers and even a bigger planet.

GodFinger had a Pocket God meets Touch Pets feel to it, as you feel some responsibility for your inhabitants. The game remains persistent when you quit, so your followers can keep earning you money while you are away. However, neglect them too long, and they'll grow tired and productivity will come to a halt.

Ngmoco continues to integrate the power of their Plus+ social network into their games, and for GodFinger that means you can assign your Plus+ friends to specific followers. There is a mutual benefit in that your Plus+ friend also earns a percentage of the gold that your follower earns for you. Gold can then be used to purchase various types of buildings for your followers. The game includes an array of Plus+ achievements including what I suspect will be the most popular: longest follower throw.

GodFinger follows the same free to download model as their other recent games, but allows users to accelerate their progress by purchasing "Awe" points with real money. These Awe points can then be used to get gold (which otherwise takes time to earn) or special power boosts that will make your followers work harder for faster. In the end, no purchases are required to unlock any items, it simply will accelerate your progress in the game.

The game is expected to released in the next few weeks.

  • Maikelg

    This looks awesome! Let me be the first to say goodbye Pocket God! 😛
    Ok, let the flamewar begin.. 😀

  • diffusion8r

    Sounds kinda like Farmville with the payment...but this time paying is kind of like cheating, making the game less fun by accelerating it on.

  • neo

    eliminate is cool but godfinger is sh............

  • GodSon

    I really am looking forward to this but I hope your civilization doesn't fall asleep after you run out of gold as the Touchpets model works, having to wait for your supplies to recharge. I guess we'll see once it comes out.

    Looks very well done other than that.

  • Kenneth

    Freaking wow. ngmoco - more greed? really? Just charge me up front. Stupid people.

    • Adams Immersive

      Why not play for free?

  • misfitskater6

    I'll probably grab this, especially if it's free. Not really my genre but it sounds kind of fun. I'd rather just pay for a full game, but I really doubt I will be paying anything to accelerate the game, so they aren't going to make any money off me...

  • Symbolist

    Ngmoco can have one single Awe Star in the stores rating. Will do the typing with my godfinger.

  • Septimus

    Please f*** right off with this charging model already. Never, ever downloading or buying 'bit' for their games again. FFS.

    • Septimus


      /ps add and edit function please!

    • Adams Immersive

      I like the payment model just fine. Some people prefer one thing and some another, so I won’t try to convince anyone else to like what I like... But what’s SO wrong with it that it calls for a company-wide boycott?

      If it was multiplayer, with no skill matching, and free users didn’t have a fair chance, that would be dumb. Or if it’s not practical to advance far for free—AND yet they make you think it IS practical, that’s a bait and switch.

      But as far as we know, none of that’s the case.

      • Cowgba

        What's wrong with it is that this new "play for free and pay us for more stuff in the future" model encourages dull games that are just treadmill grinds for higher stats and bigger numbers. It encourages developers to make games that aren't fun, just addictive. It's so much easier to make a game with unlimited carrots on a stick that will hook people than it is to make a game that will hook people because it's fun, and when your profit margin depends on how long you can get people to keep paying for your game devs will do anything to keep you hooked longer.

        Need an example? Just look at Touchpets. Put bluntly, it's not a fun game. I played it for 2 days and then quit because it's not fun. You play for 10 minutes every 3 hours (about how long it takes to get a foodbowl, as I recall), just long enough to fill all of your pet's stat bars and gain some meaningless points on a leveling chart, and maybe do a career "mission," which is really just tapping a button. But wait, before you can do that you need to buy a special item for most jobs, and before you can buy those items (which are absurdly expensive) you need to do a bunch of menial repetitive tasks to gain enough money. And what do you get for all of that? As far as I can tell, just reskinned items you already had (a shirt, a hat, a ball, a water bowl, etc). To do all of that in any reasonable amount of time, they encourage you to spend money on food bowls, and if you really want to do everything and not be stuck playing the game habitually for the next 4 years you're likely to spend WAY more than $5-$10 on an app.

        Aside from all of that, didn't ngmoco say months ago that they would have Rolando 3 out by this winter, and bonus levels for Rolando 2 before then? I guess those plans fell by the wayside when they realized how much money they could make cranking out these kinds of games... It's just disappointing, like if Nintendo stopped making Mario games and instead made Mafia Wars.

  • Oliath

    What has happened to NGMOCO with their stupid greed model.
    When they started I was buying every single thing they released.

    I would much rather pay £5 for this and have a game I can play at a pace I want.

    Eliminate = ruined
    Touch Pets = ruined
    God Finger = ruined

    Good job.

    • arn

      you can play at a pace you want. this simply makes things go faster. this is fundamentally different than touch pets where you can't play without food.


  • LBG

    Hmmm, I hated Eliminate and Touch pets for their greedy point system. But this looks better. If the game is playable at a normal rate and no points are needed unless you want to speed through the game, then it will be great. But the fact that it is free leaves me cautious. There has to be some other catch/limit.

  • Sam


    God. Your acting like you absolutely positively completely have to buy the DLC than just play. You can live without awe points, just like you can live without power cells in Eliminate. Its awesome. AND YOU CAN STILL PLAY EVEN WITHOUT POWER CELLS. So calm down already...Id rather buy a packed game for free (amazing deal by the way) and have it have extra content than a priced game. With all these free games, NgMoco has to make money somehow.

    • Symbolist

      We just dont like that sneakiness. We just dont want that greedy system spread all over the store. We just want to decide about the methods.

  • your personal robot

    Really looking forward to this.
    Looks cool and so far, it seems to be a better "game"
    than the 1-minute-fun-per-update "Pocket God".

  • tsj5j

    Ngmoco was good with games like Topple.

    ...Then they introduced the pathetic system of DLC as core gameplay.
    ...Then they ruined a perfect offline game (TouchPet) for most iTouch players and for those whose 3g fees aren't cheap.
    ...Then they continue ignoring player complaints.

    Now, their games are all ruined by the DLC mess.
    I can only say I'll recommend my friends against getting their games, even for free.
    Because it's not worth it feeding the never-ending greed of the corporation.

  • Cowgba

    Was my comment too long, or just too inflammatory? Because it wasn't inflammatory it was just the truth...

  • Jupiter

    Not a big fan of the pay for things model. At least in this instance though its just to speed up the game and does not affect unlockables if you prefer to actually play the game as intended. Yea it takes longer but I think it will be a little more rewarding.

  • John Doe

    I dont see why everyone is complaining. Honestly I prefer that this is free because if it cost to get i would just download it illegally. just like every other person out there lol.