IMG_0004-1.PNGWe really enjoyed the first Ragdoll Blaster, and amongst my circle of friends, the game seemed to spread like a virus-- Even infecting the phones of non-gamer types when it first got popular on the App Store. The original is a physics game which appears deceptively simple at first that quickly makes way to levels that are so challenging that people still leave comments on our post from June of last year asking for help.

Gameplay of Ragdoll Blaster amounts to touching and dragging your finger on screen to aim a cannon, and releasing to shoot a rag doll to reach a target. Ragdoll Blaster 2 seems to be an evolution of the original, which according to developer Backflip Studios comes packed with "new contraptions, physics, puzzles and more expansive levels."

Currently the developers are aiming at submitting the game to Apple towards the end of February, and we will post more information on Ragdoll Blaster 2 as it becomes available.

  • Scott30

    Looks like a nice upgrade from the first one and not just some more levels, enjoyed the first so definitely will be looking out for this one.

  • Looks like a lot of fun

    Looking forward to this! I love physics games and RB 1 is a blast

  • http://Brrrr ultimo

    Wow..... Nice Trailer!

  • Vanilla

    I think it is a real nice game. And I know next week there will come several new games from DREAMSKY Tech, Ltd., such as iQuest, Forest Climbing, Left or right, etc.

  • blackHorse

    Please no more steam punk! And was Johnny K involved in this one or did Backlip studios just continue their developer rip off?

  • darwiniandude

    Steampunk is fine with me, I will definitely buy this it looks a 3D engine. If it looked the same as the first, just with more levels, I'd probably skip buying it.

    It is by the same developer though, isn't it? Better be with a name like that.

  • araczynski

    wow, nice trailer 🙂 never heard of the first one. will be checking it out.

    • araczynski

      oh, nevermind, forgot what the original's name 🙂 quickly recognized it after seeing the icon 🙂 definitely looking forward to this second one.

    • araczynski

      i love how the first one pretty much did away with the idea of limiting you in terms of tries/shots/etc. it gave you points and all that junk but it never put it as being THE thing to care about, it was always about PURE FUN first.

      99.9% of the time i found it much more enjoyable watching the little ragdolls flying all over the place and bouncing around than caring how many ragdolls i had to use to accomplish anything.

  • SteveJ

    I don't like the trailer since it's not what the actual game looks like, however the screenshots look a nice improvement over the original, and I did like the first one. The only thing about the original is that it didn't take that long to complete the entire game. That was fine given that I only paid 99 cents for it, though - I certainly got my money's worth. I hope the sequel has the same price tag, or has many more levels.

  • ghOti

    Why isn't this just a free update?

  • JC

    trying to catch up on all my email notices of new games, updates etc. anyway, had this one saved and the trailer was awesome! then i went to look at the game and the first version looks like stick figures. drat! loved the 3D look way better. guess i'll skip this one for now.