Glu mobile's sequel to the much beloved Glyder has finally arrived in the App Store. Glyder 2 continues Eryn's flying adventure across 6 new worlds and revives that sense of soaring that players loved in the original.

Glyder 2 adds a number of new customizations and mini games to the original formula and plays quite similarly. If you never tried the first Glyder you can read our review or check out the Lite version of the original [Lite]. The sequel doesn't have a Lite version yet.

Readers are enjoying it so far, and we'll provide a full review soon.

App Store Link: Glyder 2, $3.99

  • http://www.silentrocco.com Silent Rocco

    Blake's double post was funny 🙂

  • http://musicgamespickles.blogspot.com/ Robert M.

    I never played the first one.

  • Billy

    Since the first Glyder is one of my favorite games, I had to get this as soon as it hit the app store. I'm one happy dude tonight! 🙂

  • http://www.valkyriestudio.net/ ValkyrieStudio

    What Billy said. I have such a love for Glyder, all I needed was to see this headline and I immediately purchased it. Not that I've had a chance to play yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it.

  • Gert

    Loved the 1st one, too!

  • DG

    Does anyone know if Glyder 2 lets you use your own music from your ipod library inside the game??????

    • Billy

      DG, yes it does let you play your own music from your music library inside the game.

  • Roman

    On the spiral heights level, where is the oslanium sequencer? And how do you unlock the ascention level? Please reply here or to my email rneveykin@aol.com. Thanks

    • Gappy

      have you found it yet?

      i also am searching for it and cant seem to unlock asenction !

      • CJ

        To get to ascension you need to collect all the gems *i think its the pink ones* then when you land on the gold platform in Arctasia the fan with the big yellow gem on is activated then you rid that updraft up to ascension.

        Im stuck in trying to find the osiris wings... anyone help?

  • http://www.google.com leopold

    I made it to ascension (great level), have used the lenses and I have obtained all those wierd devices (Quantom shifter, Oslanium Sequencer etc), are you supposed to do something with them? And where do we find the instructions to make the osiris wings?

    • steve

      I just flew towards the portal on arctasia right at the beginning of the game this took me to Erin's workshop that had the plans for the osiris wings. Fly towards it like you are going to crash into it don't pull up.

  • Endou

    I have just finished this superb game. I finished it with all the challenges and goals and items completed apart from the OSIRIS wings. When I flew into the portal to finish the game there's an animation which shows eryn or whatever her name is, constructing OSIRIS wings. There's an option to return to map and try these out. Hope I helped

  • Harry

    Go to arctasia and fly into the portal and you will get the Osiris wings providing you have the 6 artifacts.

  • http://Toucharade Jordan

    Do any of ya know how to get the gold sphere in the world that you began in I can't figure how to

    • ollie

      collect all the pink crystals first and this will pop out of the fan

  • http://Toucharcade Jordan

    Hi it's me again I can't figure out how to get into to planets that are in the back of the world so plZ replay if ya can help bye and Ty

  • Sneakywolf

    Arctasia, Oasis, Spiraling Heights and the Isle of Friends (newly introduced) are all easy to reach, you jut need to fly long enough in the right direction(Spiraling Heights you use the drafts to climb up), Sporelle is reached once you collect all blues, and - if you collect all crystals from other places - will contain the final pink crytals neccesary to actvate the Arctasia fan, revealing ascencion high above the other islands. Also, I have been searching relentlessly for the danged Night Wings. SOMEONE PLS HELP!

    • CJM52

      Take the challenge that begins at the top of the peak in Arctasia.