We've recently had some hands on time with EA's upcoming Need for Speed Shift which is expected soon. This game offers more of a sim experience than its iPhone predecessor Need for Speed Undercover with a lengthy list of real-life cars you can drive.

We'll have some full impressions soon, but in the meanwhile, here's our hands on video of the game:

A second video shows the menus and upgrade system. Need for Speed Shift is expected to be released soon.

  • poesmij

    omg! looks awsome^^

  • MrMuesli

    I think I fell a sleep at wheel watching that....

    • Stormchild

      No doubt. Might be fun to play, but that was sure boring to watch.

    • Sean

      Looks just like every other racing game to me

      • SalsaMD

        Thru what lenses do you see the world, and what device do you have in your palms/in front of you??

      • Sean

        Some Colab lenses, their nice

  • Hmar9333

    Looks fantastic!


    You must be pretty damn tired.

    • MrMuesli

      : ) I suppose Real Racing seems more appealing to me as sims go. They did a great job imo on 'Undercover', but I'm not sure about this...

  • Robert M.

    Man!! This needs to come out now!! I've never wanted any iPhone game as much as I want this!! Instant buy for me...I'm not going to even bother reading reviews or impressions. If it sucks I'm still going to love it haha... I'll be in denial.

    • mike

      I'm assuming you already beat the original NFS on iPhone which is one of the best games out there..

      • sk8erdude50

        i didnt really like it

      • Robert M.

        Yeah, it was the first game I bought on the appstore.

  • SalsaMD

    Gameloft beda step up their game now with GT Academy!

  • Dominic White

    Unless I'm terribly mistaken, that's Deadmau5 as the background music. Good call.

    • smartguy911

      Not only is that deadmau 5. it has no lyrics and is a poor rendition of their song (ghosts and stuff). Really hope they have permission on that and aren't trying to rip anyone off :P.

  • Raygula

    Again, no option for manual gas. 🙁

    • SalsaMD


      "So while the cars essentially drive themselves on the easiest level thanks to driving assists, you’ll have to manually control gear shifts and the full range of braking on the highest level. Playing on the highest difficulty level using the new cockpit view was quite a challenge, even for enthusiasts like us."

    • RiverOnFire

      You know... For this gaming platform I don't mind that.

      Sometimes I just hate it when my fat fingers are all over the screen. 🙂

    • Yao MUNG

      I'm with you Raygula. I hate that auto accelerator crap. I don't feel like I have control. It's the whole reason undercover just wasted space on my iPod. At least make it an option. If this is suppost to be a sim you should have as much control as possible. Dissapointing.

    • MWHApps

      WRONG! They make it an option.... If you want to use auto-gas then you can, but if you want to do it yourself then that's also another option....

  • K

    I wish TA would post YouTube videos that work on the iPhone?

    • SalsaMD

      They always do. You just have to wait sometimes for it to get appropriately processed.

  • dumas1000

    It looks too good to be true. Which fits the description of every game EA has released on the iphone thusfar. They always look good, but just about every game seems to have a fundimental flaw of shortcoming, either pertaining to issues with the actual gameplay, or too little content for the price, etc.

    FIFA was buggy at $10, and certain modes didn't work properly, Madden forgot to institute a play clock, Tiger Woods was ridiculously easy, Command & Conquer doesn't have multiplayer, or enough content because they want to charge for DLC, Rock Band has been stripped to the bare minimum bone, The Sims was missing stuff that a lot of fans gravitated towards, like building onto your home, Need For Speed Underground was on rails, allowing for little to no freedom in how you played it. The list goes on and on.

    Ultimately, these games are not worth their original 9.99 pricetag and often drop to 6.99 fairly quickly. This, however, absolutely seems to be worth the 9.99 that EA will charge the day it comes out. Especially since the 360/ps3 version was amazing. Still, EA has a shaky track record on these sorts of things.

    • sk8erdude50

      ya i definetly agree

  • jasper

    Graphic look like a minor step-up from Undercover. However, it's obviously using the exact same engine. I dunno, Real Racing still looks a little better IMO. Will have to wait and see. One thing is sure, no way am I paying $9.99 for it.

  • dumas1000

    EA had no business charging $9.99 for Command & Conquer, but they did it anyway, so that tells you where their head is. It sold well too, I'm sure. But it still wasn't worth that price and they know it. So long as people will buy it, that's all that matters. EA has charged 9.99 for all of their IP games, with Madden being the only exception. They sold Madden for 7.99 for a day or two, then jacked it up to 9.99. Every other significant IP game from EA has debuted at 9.99. Sad thing is, I'll probably buy it. They won't drop the price at all for a month or two, and that's the best case scenario. I'd be shocked if they dropped the price on this game inside of its first month.

    It was running very arcady in the video, but that was on the easiest mode, I supposed, and on harder modes it should provide much more of a sim feel. Whether it handles better than Real Racing remains to be seen. But you'd be crazy to say that real racing looks better. Did you see the cockpit view portion of the video? Real Racing doesn't stand a prayer of a chance in the visual arena.

    • copetes

      what he said!

  • oliath

    Love to know what that was running on. Looks like it will struggle on anything other than newer models... who knows though.

    Pretty excited about this and i rekon it will be a heap more fun than Real Racing. Not knocking that game but i can't say its a game that i am eager to play and eventually just deleted it from my phone. I rekon EA can pump enough reward and interface sparkle into this to keep me coming back to win cash and unlock cars.

    Don't mind about accelerate and gas assist either. Accelerate is not exactly an option you really need a button for... you just hold down go... i mean really? You miss that?

    • Yao MUNG

      Yeah. There is a difference between using a brake to stop suddenly and letting off an accelerator to slow down gradually,( the latter of which I personally do more often). And there Is nothing worse than going into some lame a** on rails drift on a turn when you hit the brake. If this game does that , count me out. Console racing games have accelerator assigned buttons, and real racing did too, so they must serve some purpose right? So yeah, I will miss the accelerator personally. 🙂

  • Ddyracer

    i guess i can edit my sig now. all of u guys will be glad

  • Oliver

    Real Racing looks much more alive than that.

  • Ddyracer

    toucharcade: why did you make 20 mins of nfs shift gameplay rather crazy. couldn't even watch the whole thing

  • Exhibit A

    This is so damn stupid guys! manual acceleration again!!?? The first NFS for iphone got deleted instantly because of that. No thanks. Another dreadfully boring racer on rails? So lazy of the devs 2 deny us of a simple gas pedal. Boooo hoooo! Screw graphics, I still wanna have fun and feel like I'm actually controlling the car, and not just turning my iphone left 2 right. Real Racing till I die :))))

  • Diablohead

    Game to me looks like it's on rails still, the minimap shows some tight corners yet the car is going around a curve bent no more then an average banana 😛

    I will stick with Real Racing but it does look nice.

  • darwiniandude

    I will buy this regardless, but I don't know how much I'll like it. It looks quite slow at least compared to Real Racing which has a much better sense of speed. Asphalt 5 is actually very fast, it's hard to steer in time till you're used to the track. This looks very slow.

    I'm a little wary since the rubber band AI of NFS: ProStreet. All the cars are slower till you get past them then they speed up. That's just like daily commuting! 🙂

    But this does look very good.

  • pommes

    Wow, this looks great and nice car handling, but there must definetely be a Option to Accelerate with a button!

  • vbxz47

    this is coming out monday, I personally can't wait, but I just wanted to tell everyone when it was being released so there you go

    • kdaddy

      How do you know the release date please?

  • Constable Odo

    Those races must be at a very low level of skill. It looks too simple to provide much of a challenge. I would still buy it. I agree that I think great graphics are highly overrated. It's gameplay that I find more interesting. I guess after playing so much Gran Turismo I expect to be able to drive the car manually with an accelerator, braking and shifting.

    • SalsaMD

      Non-tactile shifting, accelerating and braking with 2 thumbs while accelerometer steering and watching the road could be a bit challenging, no?

  • alxcoolastru

    I know I'm getting this instantly, 1st reason is because I like NFS titles and by the way does anyone know if this has free roam, because I'm in trip right now and this video doesn't play on my iPhone. Free Roam would be awesome and if it'll have free roam I'll be ready to pay more than 19.99 for sure !!

  • darwiniandude

    It won't have free roam, I don't think Shift on the consoles does even. (Not sure though, anyone?)

    I'd like Rockstar to get their act together and attack this platform. I doubt GTA would get through Apple's approval process, but Midnight Club Racing would be stunning on this platform.

    • jiSh

      Nope, doesn't have Free Roam.
      I prefer closed tracks myself.

  • WilhelmR

    The cars in SHIFT sound like lawn mowers.. 🙁

    Real racing cars sound like freakin' jets, but at least it gets you excited..

    Still.. i'll wait for a lite version of this before i buy, look boring.

    • Exhibit A

      I agree, the engines are pretty embarrassing, so that's strike 2 for me....1. no accelerate button, 2. Inability to tell if I'm riding a Mazda, or a John

  • Christian

    Looks like the Project Gotham of the Iphone. Pretty but slow. In order to get it so pretty they seem to have butchered the framerate, in the video at least the game seems unresponsive and slow. No adding of speed lines and exhaust flames can make up for that.

    • SalsaMD

      huh? I don't see that. The framerate looks butter smooth. The speed has realism. The car often slows to 60-70mph. When it is going over 100 mph, particularly in the cockpit and front bumper views, the sense of speed is indeed there.

  • alxcoolastru

    No, GTA will easily get through Apples approval process, because many rated 17+ games did, take Dexter for example. Of course Midnight Club 3 would be awesome too. Another racing game I really enjoyed back when I had a PSP is Test Drive Im not sure wich one I had, Im sure it was the latest Test Drive for PSP release though. These games would totally awesome if ported. I think the iPhone 3GS & the iPod Touch 3rd ( 32&64GB ) could easy handle these games !

    • Corey

      CRAZY TAXI!!!

      • Alex KV

        what did Corey mean by "Crazy TAXI" ? and SalsaMD i'm total with you, that was just a stupid Mazda and i hate when people complain for instance of getting bad performance on a 1st generation device and the game is like 400 mb and takes a bunch of ram. Most games aren't getting released on the iPhone because the devs are afraid the older devices wont run them. I'd seriously like to see some more iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 3rd gen only games coming to the App Store. Then i'd know for sure that the games graphics and all would be top notch!

      • Corey

        I was replying to alxcoolastru, but I forgot to hit the reply button-sorry

        I was suggesting Crazy Taxi should be on the iphone

  • Bob the builder

    Good stuff, can't wait.

  • tobiCOM

    Cant wait to get it? Is the releasy this year?

  • Mustafa

    When the game out

  • Lum the Invader

    Graphics look nice for an iPhone game (although I bet the frame rate will be much, much lower of an original iPhone 3G)... The sound though, well it reminded me of the noise a garden strimmer makes.

    • SalsaMD

      True re sound, but then that was just a sup'd up Mazda. Let's wait to hear how some real cars sound...

      At some point, the "older generation" has to realize that the will be progressively excluded/restricted wrt advancing software implementations. That's just the facts of life...

      • Lum the Invader

        The trouble with developing for the 3GS, instead of the 3G, is there isn't an upgrade path for those of us with older hardware. We're locked into contracts with our mobile providers and can't escape without paying ridiculous early termination penalties. The iPhone isn't like a regular game system on that front.

      • SalsaMD

        Few companies are developing specifically for the 3GS. Rather, they are optimizing the games for the 3GS, with less robust functionality for the older devices. So, in contrary, when yours and other's contract run out, and you upgrade to better hardware, you will see a fresh new face on your old Itunes software..

      • SalsaMD

        "The sweetest music to our ears was hearing about the 3GS enhancements that made the cut. Put simply, if you have an iPhone 3GS or the latest iPod Touch, the game will detect it and give you a graphical upgrade. What that means is better textures, more effects, smoother performance, and what is arguably one of the best looking games on the iPhone. We hear that folks stuck on the older hardware will have a great experience as well, but it just won’t be the best one."


  • dumas1000

    If your contract had expired and you could go out and buy a 3GS right now, the price of that new 3GS (minus a pre-existing contract) would be the same price as a brand new 3g ipod touch (which, obviously, doesn't require a contract). If the only thing holding you back from acquiring an upgraded iphone is your contract, then I don't see why you wouldn't just go out and get an upgraded ipod touch instead. That's exactly what I did. You won't be able to play online over the 3g network with an upgraded device. You'll still have to rely on your old iphone for that. You'll gain access to pretty much everything else though; at least in terms of gaming.

    • jiSh

      That seems so redundant, owning an iPod Touch and an iPhone. I just got the iPhone 3GS and immediately I've placed my iTouch on sale. I don't think a few extra frames per second and some visual upgrades are worth owning and carrying two devices.

    • alxcoolastru

      You can upgrade an to an iPhone 3GS without having your contract ended, I just upgraded to 3GS and sold my 3G as unlocked on eBay and I practically returned all the money that I paid for the upgrade. Because on eBay unlocked iPhone go for crazy prices. I just bought a 64 GB iPod Touch because my 3GS was stuffed with apps and I didn't have any room for video wich I liked downloading on the phone ( on wi-fi of course ). Now my 64 iPod Touch is almost packed too. So I think I'll buy one more iPod Touch just for video and I'm eagerly awaiting a iPhone 64 GB release and iPod Touch 128 GB. I'm just have a humongous iTunes Library, so that's a reason to carry more than 1 device. Of course a 256 GB iPhone would eliminate the need but that'll take at least 2 years or so.

  • Parappa

    I really enjoyed NFS undercover and i am really looking forward to playing shift....I hope they make a better engine sound because it sounds...well funny. Does not sound like a well tuned race car.

  • SalsaMD

    Again, IMHO, a Mazda RX-8 is not a well tuned race car in contrast to other works of art on the list below:

    BMW M3 GT2
    Volkswagen Golf GTI
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION
    Subaru Impreza WRX STI
    Porsche Cayman S
    Nissan 370Z (Z34)
    Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
    Dodge Challenger Concept
    Ford Shelby GT500
    Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro
    Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
    Ford GT
    Porsche 911 GT2
    Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
    Pagani Zonda F
    Aston Martin Racing DBR9
    Maserati MC12 GT1

    • Bilal

      Ur putting some FWD and AWD cars up there which imho dont give u the real racing experience. Why would u put the GTI up there? Ive been VW fanatic and love what u can do to a 2.0t with just a chip install but its still an <300 hp FWD street driving car.

      On the other hand the RX-8 is a very nice balanced trackable RWD sports car.

      True it doesnt have very good power. But driving it in a track setting is fantastic. Though i love driving my s2k more the rx8 is a fantastic car with really good handling. Too bad it eats gas and my buddy cant get a week out of it without filling up twice.

      • SalsaMD

        Not my list. This is the actual list of cars that will be in the game...

  • vbxz47

    I'm sorry nfs shift is comin next monday or in between that time if anyone paid attention they would notice that ea brings a game out in the us every monday and people from nz get the day b4 so that's how we know what game any way if you put two and two together the post said nfs is comin soon and battleships comes out tomorrow so nfs shift shud be next monday or in between there

  • hgfhfg

    This looks good but doesnt even have replays.i hope multiplayer is included and that the presentation moves you enough for you to stay interested in playin this game(i like by firemint).with the Nintendo ds almost buried alive by the iphone(they have kingdom hearts),the psp has been giving us serious uppercuts in the gaming departement,both in depth and graphics.the iphone can deliver comparable if not better gfx then a psp (2xl atv offroad,sandstorm,etc).Apple would have to create an OS where you could dedicate the hardware for gaming as an option.they could manage the tv-out a lot more accurately and provide a bluetooth motion sensor controller and voila...this wont happen,profit has to be made somewhere.problem solved

  • hikhjg

    yeah right on ,we need them 1gb apps.big games with content you know.Tekken, a real 3d metal gear, a good 3d platformer like max payne or dead 2 rights,and where is nhl..........

  • fchbfg

    yeah forget about nfs ,give us Sonic dx,the 3d one but adapted to the iphone and give us GTA 3 liberty city stories or GTA 3, U KNOW

  • alxcoolastru

    Oh yeah, I just wish Rockstar would listen to what people really want seriously I'm ready to pay a console price to have GTA Vice City on my 3GS. I don't even care how much space it'll take up I have 20 GB of apps on my iPhone and GTA is worth the space. It sucks that Rockstar is such a slow company, I think they don't take the iPhone seriously and way not seriously !

  • SteveJ

    Not sure why we're talking about GTA, but if you haven't played Chinatown wars on the DS (or presumably the PSP, but I don't have that handheld), then you'll want to get it for the iPhone. It's a fantastic game. I'm probably going to buy it for the iPhone even though I have played it on the DS. Wouldn't mind playing through it again, and would like to support Rockstar and hopefully encourage them to make a sequel.

    • alxcoolastru

      Because we are talking about what we really want to be ported to the iPhone. Seriously man, GTA Chinatown may be cool and all but Birds Eye view that's classic and is getting very old compared with the big titles that are allready on the AppStore. So I'd really like a lot more effort from Rockstar ( to port Liberty or Vice City ) like they did on the PSP but I guess they are Sony Lovers. As for NFS Titles I played them way, way back I remember the first Need For Speed, the Second and the whole line of them I haven't missed a single series. What I'm really dissapointed in about the new ones is that, why won't they add car damage and all, which is even seen in old ones, I know Pro Street had it but what about the newer ones ?