dragons-lair-hd-1After the arrival of Don Bluth's Space Ace in the App Store, fans of these classic laser disc games were hoping that Dragon's Lair would also make its way to the iPhone.

We're not sure how long this notice has been in place, but TouchArcade reader trystero spotted an announcement by Digital Leisure that they will be bringing Dragon's Lair to the iPhone due to popular demand.


The "Fall" timeframe makes us think this notice has been in place for some time, but we're still hopeful the game will arrive sooner than later.

  • Martin

    No way would I get this game, or Space Ace. It would pretty much guarantee I threw my phone against the nearest wall. For those that can get through these games: no idea how you do it, but kudos.

    • http://ravensword.com AmazingRuss

      You think it's frustrating now, imagine paying 50 cents per 3 lives in the arcade.

    • Thedog

      Dude, You can set unlimited lives to Space Ace and play it all the way through on the easiest level. It's actually finishable unlike the arcade.

  • http://woot! woot


  • radchad1

    All I gotta say is, "Please save me with the key. The dragon wears it around it's neck." Hell yeah baby here comes Dirk the Daring to save Princess Daphne from the evil Dragon Singe locked in the Wizard's Castle. I'm really looking forward to this and loved the remake of Space Ace on the idevices.

  • acidbottle

    excellent news!

    digital leisure did a great job at converting space ace. with dragon's lair being a superior game this should be a winner 🙂

  • Droppin' Loads

    I think I need to change my shorts.

  • http://www.moistproduction.com moist

    This game brings warm fuzzies to my mind. just the sound of the intro brings me to salivate like a Pavlov dog.

    This game will be pretty much useless to anyone born post 1983, but to the rest of us old farts... BRING IT ON!!! 😀

    • Beef2Taco

      haha amen to that

  • Dark NRG

    ah man how many quarters I popped!

    I can't wait!

    • Dark NRG

      And remember: Space Ace and Dragons Lair chicks came WAY before the hot anime chicks of today!

  • Tired of 99c Minigames

    Wow, I knew the animated series on cartoon network back when it was a good cartoon channel ^^
    But I can't remember one episode XD

  • Lions

    ...and to think I just ordered the 20th Anniversary DVD set from Amazon on Monday. Man, worst timing ever. lol

  • br1an

    Maybe now I can finally get past that knight in the room with the checkerboard floor!

  • chang

    yeh I saw that notice too. Been there since the day Sapce Ace came out with nothing said since.

  • Phillip

    They announced many of their games to be released on iPhone including DL and Mad Dog McCree. I am really excited about playing these again! Love them!

  • RomaTotti10

    I'm very excited about both Space Ace and Dragon's Lair and will be buying both titles. If someone from Leisure Mobile is reading this, then please make/release a new title in this genre. We also need something new.

  • Mgabrys

    I own the game - all 500 lbs of cabinet and I can't wait. Particularly since it's out of comission awaiting another LDV 1000 player in the next couple of weeks (it goes through them every 3 years or so). The iPhone version should help them last longer by having alternatve hardware to enjoy it on.

  • Calamariissquid

    I've gotten past the whole game on the iphone...only problem was I couldn't watch what was going on on the screen. Just paid attention to the direction arrows. Which kinda defeats the purpose I guess.

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