liberty_boom screenMagnate Interactive has just released Liberty Boom [App Store], a cute little timing / obstacle game that challenges you to put on a fireworks show that pleases the crowd across a variety of skylines throughout the U.S.

Superficially reminiscent of Xbox LIVE's Boom Boom Rocket, but without a rhythm element, Liberty Boom requires detonating each rocket within a certain window of the sky while avoiding airplanes, blimps, and UFOs.  It's all about keeping an eye on the crowd meter and keeping the audience happy.  (And the audience finds falling, flaming blimps a real turn off...)  The longer you wait to detonate within the window, the more points you'll score, and you often need to fire early to avoid hitting a passing aircraft.  It's tap to detonate within each of the four columns of the sky, and tilt to control the speed of the passing aircraft.

The list of night skylines available include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Sedona and Washington D.C., and the developer is accepting skyline photo submissions for future updates.  Six original musical tracks accompany the aerial pyrotechnics.

Liberty Boom provides a nice bit of simple, fun timing-based gaming.  And, for a limited time, it's available at the introductory price of $.99.

See the developer's video for a closer look. Positive points are shown in green, while negative scores are shown in red.

App Store Link: Liberty Boom, $.99 (limited time)

TouchArcade Rating

  • Dark NRG

    Gettin it, just for Pittsburgh (Zambelli the First Family of Fireworks is located here baby!)
    Also, I am so freakin desperate for a decent game. What a glut in the app store right now!!!Thanks Blake!

  • Matt Braun

    Thanks for the review Blake! And thanks Touch Arcade readers, you guys are awesome.

  • Chad

    "Superficially reminiscent of Xbox LIVE's Boom Boom Rocket,"


    "but without a rhythm element,"

    Annnnd ya lost me....

    Oh well...not for me but it does look polished

  • Allan

    I would buy this in a heartbeat for 4x as much if it had an unlimited mode or something, where my daughter could just tap the screen and set off fireworks. Otherwise it's very cool looking.

  • Matt Braun

    Allan, I'll see what I can do about a mode like you've described. It's a great idea.

    • Adam B.

      Matt, I second this idea. My 2 year old daughter would love something like that. She plays my "Bubbles" game on a weekly basis, some mode similar to what Allan mentioned would make it an instant buy for me.

      • Matt Braun

        Alright then, it's settled. I'll be working on this game mode for our next update. Thanks guys!

  • Jason

    I just tried this out. So much fun!

  • Plast2

    Picked it up, since I'm such sucker for fireworks! 😉 And it really is a fun little game for when you just want to unwind a bit. Graphics are nice and the sounds of the explosions are just perfect for fireworks. But one thing I was missing though, was maybe an option for some more well known skylines. Maybe do an international version/option (Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, you get the drift; Skylines EVERYBODY knows 😉

    • Matt Braun

      We're actually accepting city skyline photos from around the world. This version is geared towards US cities, but we want future updates to have international cities.

      If you have a photo you'd like to see in the game, send it our way at the website. Copenhagen is one we don't have a photo for yet, for instance. Thanks!

  • mitchell

    I like pyro mania better. so much fun. if you like this, go try pyro mania.

  • Adam

    Looks cool. Are there any iphone games like boom boom rocket yet, with the rhythm concept in?

    Could be a good extra game mode for this game too!

  • Matt Braun

    Thanks Adam. I'm not sure there are any like Boom Boom Rocket - And I guess Tap Tap Revenge is probably most like Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Could be another game mode or even another game, really!

  • Sn7ke

    I'd like too see Chicago in there 🙂 I dont have any good photo's though! Great game btw!

    • Matt Braun

      Hey Sn7ke, we have a Chicago shot in there, but we're not Chicagoans ourselves, so we could use some more. Thanks for playing it - we're working on making it even better, and adding more cities to every update.

  • Matt Mourlam

    As a co-developer on this project, I must admit this was an extremely fun and rewarding project to work on vs the daily grind of making websites. I want to thank touch arcade and ta's viewers for all the support, comments and suggestions. We look forward to implementing your ideas when updating Liberty Boom in the future. Keep an eye out for new projects by Magnate Interactive / Mourlam Studios!

  • Xavier Xamos

    Heh, the fact that Chicago is not included is utterly laughable. It is simply one of the most iconic and historic skylines from a city that is renowned worldwide for its revolutionary buildings and architecture. I understand that it'd be tough to get your own images of all of these cities, but isn't that what stock images are for? Or are you looking to acquire photos from users and use them free?

    That being said, I would still fancy a go-around on this game if it didn't cost me 99¢ to buy it. I gave up on buying games solely based on good reviews after I was burned by Flight Control... :/

    (Sorry, if I come off as rude or off-putting...just got done with a 4-hour drive...I guess I just wasn't expecting Atlanta, Sedona, and Toledo to be some of your top-billed skylines. Cities along the lines of Chicago, New York, Boston, LA, Houston, and Miami were ones I expected take top billing...)

    • Matt Braun

      Hi Xavier, thanks for the feedback. You're right about Chicago - and it's been one on our list of cities to include (I have a spreadsheet that's a mile long with cities and whether we have photos yet), but I decided to put it in our next update. Part of the goal of version 1.0 was to keep the download size small.

      We do already have Boston, New York, Miami and two for LA. We have Dallas, but Houston is going to have to be part of an update.

      If download size weren't a concern, I'd include every city possible. And yes, if someone wants to see a specific city in the game, we are accepting photos.

  • Can't Hire Worgen

    Can you play this game with the iPod playing in the background? Is there some way to substitute the game music for your own? If so I think I would play this game forever.

    • Matt Braun

      If you're listening to iPod music before firing up the game, you can absolutely listen to your own tracks. Our music won't interrupt yours.