wcIf you don't keep your nose glued to our forums or the various Twitter feeds of game developers, chances are you've missed out on these four bits of news that have popped up in the last couple days:

Zenonia 2 was revealed on Gamevil's Twitter. There's a thread on our forums with all of the images that have been released so far complete with fans of the original sharing their anticipation with other forum members.

Gangstar had a teaser site for the game with screenshots and video revealed via Gameloft's Twitter along with announcing that the game will be launched at $6.99 when it is finally released.

Madden 10 for iPhone was reportedly pushed back to September. We still have yet to hear any details on the game, its control method, or anything else outside of knowing that it's eventually coming to the App Store. When in September it's going to be released is currently anyone's guess.

Mad Monkey Studios released another tech demo from their upcoming 3GS-only game project that we covered when it was first announced. We don't have any more information than that, according to this video the game is going to be "sketch shaded":

The video shows a cool direction for the art style of their upcoming game to be taking, but it's hard to get too excited over tech demos without having any idea what the final game will even be about.

  • ShadowsFall

    Don't forget Outer Empires and Modern Combat: Sandstorm! These games i've listed and Gangstar will be available at august!!!

  • Ivan

    Cool gangstar only 6.99 .... Awesome!!!!!

  • spiffyone

    that sketch shading demo looks pretty cool.

    My request:

    An entire video game based on A-Ha's "Take On Me". You know you'd play it to death 😉

    • Russiaone

      Too funny... Would love a game based on Take On Me

    • Sasq

      Just how cool would that be?! Now you're all getting my hopes up

  • http://www.twitter.com/josh_hofer Josh H.

    Sigh, I could care less about any one of these apps.

    The news I want to hear, is that Doom Classic was submitted to the app store a week ago and should be live soon.


    • Tim

      thought doom classic was on Cydia? Quake as well...

      correct me if I'm wrong


      • http://www.twitter.com/josh_hofer Josh H.

        With pleasure: http://www.idsoftware.com/iphone-doom-classic-progress/

        While it maybe in the Cydia store, this is an official ID port.

        Consider yourself corrected! 😛

      • http://www.rlslog.net/ Arnold

        just because it's "official", does not make it any better then the other ports!!

  • Ivan

    When in august will gangstar come out??? Cant wait for it!!!!!

  • Synergistic Ideologue

    I think the sketch shading looks cool, but it reminds me too much of a Plimpton cartoon.

    I think (maybe just me) it would be hard to watch to extended periods of time. Also there's US Patent 7190374.

    • Goulash

      indeed. Bill Plympton is the king!!!!

  • Sticktron

    Shit Gangstar looks incredible.... please God, let Gameloft deliver!

  • ahamling27

    The sketch "shading" looks cool but I hope this tech demo isn't the final project. "Shading" is how light hits an object and if you turn that object the light stays in the same place but in this demo the "shading" stays where it is....only thing that would make it right is if the light was moving around the table lol. Anyway it looks great i'm just curious how the game will turn out...as for 3GS only...well that kinda sucks.

    • mrpiddly

      Hopefully I just am reading your post incorrectly, but you seem to have no concept of what a shader is.

  • crsrc

    Gangstar looks like its going to be a FAIL. Controls look bad. Hopefully I'm wrong and they give an accelerometer option for the driving at least.

  • http://www.mores.cc mores

    I love the sketch renderer - reminds me of the toon shader that was used for the amazing (yet underappreciated) game called XIII.
    Hope they do something nice with it!

  • Sonic Euphoria

    Still patiently waiting for Lumines...

  • Mindfield

    Sketch shader looks pretty awesome, and I'm definitely looking forward to Gang$tar. Man, August is turning out to be a pretty awesome month.

  • Ivan

    Hope gangstar will not be too easy. Everyone will be disapointed with that.