snoodtitleSnood has arrived for the iPhone tonight. We took an early look at the game just a few days ago, which offers a revamped version of the classic game. Some will find the gameplay familiar to other matching ball-shooters like Bust-a-Move, but Snood had its own following amongst Mac and PC gamers.

Snood for the iPhone preserves both the Classic gameplay with original graphics but also provide enhanced visuals as well as a number of new play modes. The game offers both single player and two player modes. Single player modes include Story, Classic, Time Attack and Puzzle modes across 5 different difficulty levels (child, easy, medium. hard, evil) and can be played with either the original or new graphic sets.

This video shows Classic and Puzzle modes using both the old and new graphics:

The game's goal is to eliminate all the Snoods from each level by matching them up in groups of 3 or more. Additional Snoods are fired onto the board with a canon at the bottom of the screen. Extra points are awarded for bank shots and chaining eliminations in sequence. iPhone controls allow you to touch on the screen to aim your canon with a button to fire. Controls work well, but like on the Mac/PC version it takes a little time to learn how to aim consistently.

The game makes heavy use of Facebook to offer online challenges, achievements and multi-player. Like many of our readers, I've never been a big fan of Facebook-integrated gaming as my Facebook world is very separate from my game playing world. While this integration for multiplayer makes some sense as a Facebook version of Snood is launching soon, even the single-player achievement system requires you to login.

For those who loved it, Snood was one of those time-sucking games that let you lose yourself for hours mindlessly firing away. While I don't think the iPhone version is necessarily going to draw in a new generation of gamers, it should please longtime fans of the franchise. For those on the fence or want just want to try out the game first, an online Facebook version of the same game will be launching very soon.

App Store Link: Snood, $3.99

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  • Rychiar

    bout time! its taken so long to get snood on these things i've lost interest

  • ataru

    From the videos this looks like a blatant clone of Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble. I hope Taito have their legal team ready.

    • Cyberdude

      As snood was launched in 1996 (and bust-a-move/puzzle bobble in 1994), I'm sure Taito would have sued them already if they wanted them too if they could, but they haven't actually stolen anything, it just use the same game mechanics, which is why there are so many clones of the original flight control.

    • Dayv

      Strangely, you generally can't copyright game mechanics. You can copyright names, characters, and other such intellectual property.

      Now there *is* a game on the app store called "Papaya Puzzle Bobble" that I think Taito ought to be made aware of.

      • Ataru

        That can't be right as EA had a Tetris ripp-off removed from the app store.

        If I was Taito I'd be all over cheap, ugly clones like this and shut them down. Apple should be more vigilant too, as it makes the platform feel amateurish.

      • arn

        They had a game called "Tris" removed, since it was so close to "Tetris" in name (most likely)

  • Plast2

    Do I understand this right; You HAVE to have a facebook account?

  • F1 Apps

    Cool! I've never tried Snood before, actually. I'll try this one out. Should be interesting to see it in Facebook as well.

  • Mister Mumbles

    No, a Facebook account is not an absolute must. Frankly, I don't care much for multiplayer (or achievements, for that matter) in most games since I primarily use my Touch for single-player experiences. If you're just looking for a good, proper conversion of Snood to play by yourself it suits that need just fine.

    The only slight complaint I have is that the game won't save a game in mid-progress. It doesn't affect much the average game, but it renders Story mode almost completely useless - not that the latter is all that great, anyway.

  • Lord Gek

    It has been done before and since but I like Snood's Danger Meter concept (every snood you fire builds up the meter and if it fills up they drop down a line BUT, making big move can bring it back down a bit). I also like Snood's end of level bonus system not based so much on time but number of snoods used to clear a level.

    Lastly, while not a fan of Story Modes (scoreless campaigns), as far as I can tell THERE IS NO STORY IN STORY MODE...what a silly name choice for the mode.

  • bLeaver

    I get cinematics between sets of games in Story Mode that tell some sort of story.

    I've found that if you just close the app using the Home button, it will save your game exactly as you left it. However, if you use triple tap menu and quit it will not save your game. This feels a little weird, but I guess they felt it was more important to make sure you're covered in the event that the phone rings or you get a text message or something like that.

    So far, so good for me. I'm a Facebook ho, though, so I don't mind the Facebook stuff. It appears I can play single player just fine without a Facebook account. It took me a little while to spot the Facebook icon in the lower right corner when I first launched Snood. To me, requiring Facebook is no different than having to sign up for some special account, like Fein for Pocket God. At least this way I'm instantly "inheriting" friends that I can play. Most of my Facebook friends are holding out for the Facebook app.

    I'm not that patient 🙂

  • mrkgoo

    You can save midgame.

    Snood has enough distinctions from puzzle bobble to make it fresh (and I frankly find it to be the better game anyway, but maybe that's because I played a lot of it back in the day).

    The story in story mode is just an excuse, but there is neat little twist at the end that throws the game on its head a little.

  • Erm

    Bubble Town is much better, imo. On iPhone, facebook, and as a PC download. Better aiming, characters, powerups.