snoodtitleTouchArcade was given the opportunity to preview the upcoming Snood game for the iPhone. The iPhone version of the game was developed by Monkey Gods and will be published by EA.

The game's release must be imminent, and looks like it should please long time Snood fans. Like many, my exposure to Snood was on my Mac in the late 90's. While the game seems to have received a number of upgrades since, the original version is the one that I'm most familiar with.

Snood for the iPhone preserves both the Classic gameplay with original graphics but also provide enhanced visuals as well as a number of new play modes. The game offers both single player and two player modes. Single player modes include Story, Classic, Time Attack and Puzzle modes across 5 different difficulty levels (child, easy, medium. hard, evil) and can be played with either the original or new graphic sets.

This video shows Classic and Puzzle modes using both the old and new graphics:

The game's goal is to eliminate all the Snoods from each level by matching them up in groups of 3 or more. Additional Snoods are fired onto the board with a canon at the bottom of the screen. Extra points are awarded for bank shots and chaining eliminations in sequence. iPhone controls allow you to touch on the screen to aim your canon with a button to fire. Controls work well, but like on the Mac/PC version it takes a little time to learn how to aim consistently.

s2Perhaps most interesting is that this new version of Snood seems to offers a 2-player mode that allows both Live online one-on-one matches as well as Challenge matches where the opponent plays at a later time.

These head-to-head matches are coordinated through Facebook, but since the Facebook version of Snood hasn't launched yet, I haven't been able to test out these features. We'll take a closer look when Snood officially launches. We expect Snood for iPhone to arrive any day now.

  • RazLeBOL

    So it's a Puzzle Bubble/Bust-a-move clone?

  • Galley

    I'm sure that Snood is a fine game, but it's always been so damned ugly!

  • Vaxin

    I will wait for puzzle bobble.

  • dis-appointed

    I don't like it. Right away the controls stinks. It's going to be hard when the rows start coming down faster and you have to aim then shoot. IMO it should be aim-shoot in one movement.

  • Mister Mumbles

    Snood may be a clone, but because it's a thinking-man's Puzzle Bobble I'll take it over the latter any day of the week. The game is not time-based, but it works in tandem with a danger bar: each shot will add to the danger bar and if it fills up completely the whole field is pushed downwards by one. You can decrease the danger bar by making extra pieces drop off, which will clear some or all of the bar, depending on how many pieces fell off.

    Yes, the old comp version looked like it was thrown together by a bunch of kindergartners, yet I found it to be the superior game. When Snood Deluxe came around it finally gave the game some decent tunes and a nice visual upgrade. It definitely looks like the iPhone version borrows a lot from Deluxe, and you won't hear me complaining. It'll be a definite purchase by me on the day of release.

  • Cinepod

    Hmm, the game is not for me. However, the music is brilliant! It reminds me of mixture between Ocean's Eleven and the countless Amiga demos I enjoyed in the 90ies. Cudos to the person responsible for it, what a shame it gets ruined in the video by the annoying and low quality sound fx.

    Anyone know a good easy-to-use music tracker for Windows à la Soundtracker/Protracker for the Amiga?