rally-master-pro-splashscreen-iphoneFish Labs announced that they are working on porting the highly rated mobile game Rally Master Pro to the iPhone. Rally Master Pro was even named to be the Best Mobile Game of 2008 based on a aggregate of game review scores compiled by Pocket Gamer.

Fish Labs reports they are bringing the title to the iPhone and iPod Touch "in the autumn" with "revved up rally graphics". All the 3D models and textures have been enhanced with a 4x increase in polygons over the Java/mobile version.

The game comes with enhanced particle effects and dynamic lighting:

Depending on the track surface and weather, a variety of dust, spray, and even dirt particles will be generated for each individual tire. The various kinds of particles act quite differently. On dry, dusty tracks the car leaves a massive cloud of dust while racing through a forest on a rainy day you can literrally see the mud flying.
Thanks to the high-powered 3D chips (OpenGL graphics acceleration) in the iPhone, we can light the vehicle in a variety of ways, depending on the weather: with lots of light and shadows when it’s sunny, diffuse when the sky is overcast, and correspondingly dim in rain and storm.

The game will include 27 courses and weather effects for sun, rain, and snow.



These early screenshots are from the beta build and may change as they continue work on the game.

  • Carlos-Sz

    It looks awesome. It reminds me Sega Rally. Good.

    • spiffyone

      Yes...yes it does.

      Makes you wonder just what the hell Sega's doing resting on their laurels.

      While devs like Fishlabs, Firemint, EA, and Gameloft give us quality racers, Sega's busy NOT giving us racers from IPs like Outrun, Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Sega GT, etc., etc., etc.


      Anyway, it looks good. Hopefully Fishlabs will give us manual acceleration as an option. Their racers on this platform so far have all been auto accelerate.

  • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

    As a huge fan of the Collin series on the Playstation, I would love to have a rally game on my iPhone. Streets are boring πŸ™‚

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Is it from the same dev? I never could believe what they did with their last game on PS1. It looked as good as some if the early PS2 games at that time. Will be an insta buy for sure πŸ˜€

  • Piotr.pot

    1st in queue to buy it!

  • Piotr.pot

    but please, touch contol!

    • Piotr.pot


      • spiffyone

        Usually touch control is an option in Fishlabs' racing games (iirc). Along with accelerometer controls (my preferred method).

  • http://www.nothowitlooks.com Brett Archibald

    It does look awesome indeed...

    Fish Labs, if you're reading this β€” please give us a variety of control methods for both acceleration/braking *AND* steering (accelerometer and side-touch).
    Something to suit everyone (like Real Racer).

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • http://www.fishlabs.net Fishlabs

      yep, that's all in! we will publish more screenshots about controls etc. soon πŸ˜‰

  • http://mohammadfauzitaib.com along123

    well, about time. I'm still waiting for a good rally racing for the iphone. Duh!

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/silvianstrius diabolus

    I live in Hamburg, directly near Fishlabs.

    If you have some questions I'll go there and make an Interview with many Photos.

    • http://mohammadfauzitaib.com along123

      love some video pls...

  • M1ch3l

    I will never understand why people will want to play 10 year old rally games on their mobile phone. Buy a computer or a console please.

    comments like: "It does look awesome indeed…"

    PLEASE?! have you seen the screens? It looks like shit!

    there are allot of better iPhone games out there.

    • spiffyone

      You're too obvious in the troll attempt.

      Gotta be subtle. You'll catch more that way. πŸ˜‰

    • Danillsom

      This game won't be good at all.
      Why? Because it uses the ABYSS-Engine which is crap.
      The graphics won't be better than their other games
      and the effects are cheap.

    • DannyV

      Why does ANYONE want to play a game on a mobile device? DUH! Because they can take it anywhere with them!!! Talking about the graphics, they are really quite good, I just got done looking at DS screenshots and HOLY CRAP all of their rally games look TERRIBLE and they charge 30 bucks for their games.

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Are there any better iPhone rally games out there? mmm ive not found any have you?

    Yeah its not the prettiest looking iPhone game but as a genre rally driving games would be welcome on the iPhone platform.

    I loved colin mcrae rally series on the PC and on the Playstation πŸ™‚ Ahh the memories!

    Lets see how this pans out.

    If its a reasonable price i think id go for it anyway.

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Besides its all about how it plays, smooth and slick, thats what im hoping for!


  • CaseyLay

    Oh great! Another race car racing game... However, I remain faithful waiting for a Monster Truck Racing game.

  • Nickk

    I WANT ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MilesO'Toole

    Did they say whether or not this is a 3GS only game?

  • http://www.fishlabs.net Fishlabs

    RMP will run on any iDevice!

    • SalsaMD

      yes, but how bout a 3GS enhanced version as well. Live life on the edge of progress!

  • PQA

    Give us some videos! πŸ˜›

    • http://www.fishlabs.net Fishlabs

      in the works, will have a first trailer next week πŸ˜‰

      • andy

        its for all devices? or 3gs only? 😐

      • Dean

        Looks nice, will it have damage? I remmenber the good ole days playing Colin Macrae on my G5 πŸ˜‰

  • Intense

    wooooo interesteddd!

  • Greg

    Must have this, I hope the weather effects can be made to look a bit smoother or softer, but it looks like a great game. The accelerometer drifting in Need For Speed made that game for me, and if this game can build on that, it will be superb.

  • beetle

    Pls improve the gfx and have a bit more realistic lookin weather effects

  • http://www.rpg-fanatics.de crishnak

    Awesome! I loved this game on my cellphone. Hope Fishlabs get the controls right, because this would definatly be an instant buy.

  • Crim

    Since you guys read these posts, I have to say that many of us put Fish Labs in the "top shelf" developers category. Keep up the good work, I'll probably buy just because of the developer and I like a good racing game.

  • Rustyjaw

    Oh man, I hope this is good. Rally racing games are just about my favorite genre.

  • Loner

    I would hope they add group b

  • benjamin

    any price yet,will there be information on play time,traks,cars,...
    what will the introduction price be 10$ 8$ or 5$ please reply

  • http://www.fishlabs.net Fishlabs

    we haven't decided about the pricing yet but we definitively will sell it for less than $9.99. regarding tracks, we will have all 27 original tracks grouped in 3 rallies (amateur, profi, expert). Since we have various 3d damage models for the cars the total number of cars is somewhat limited compared to other racing games but we think it is absolutely worth it. also, there are some others reasons why we don't have that many cars in RMP but let's get back to that later...

  • benjamin

    thanks for the reply.the online game is awesome.hope to see it in the stores soon.

  • Daniel Novoa

    Yes!! Finally!! A rally game for my iDevice, I've been waiting too long for this...

  • TKO

    Oh man ..how did I miss this before? Awesome awesome awesome awesome. I don't care about the graphics whining. Rally games are all about the feel and the frame-rate. Looks good guys! I'm definitely buying, coz I'm a total rally racer addict.