IMG_0414Surprisingly enough, Gameloft's NFL 2010 [App Store] came out tonight, only a couple days after it was first revealed. It truly is the App Store's first full football simulation, complete with NFL teams, players, and stadiums.

Inside the game are four modes of play: Quick Play, which just tosses you in to a game with your favorite team (set in the options), as well as the self-explanatory Exhibition, Season, and Playoffs modes. All NFL teams are included, and each are vaguely rated in their overall offensive and defensive power. Graphics are good for an iPhone game, especially considering how many players are on screen moving at once, and the sound can be incredibly immersive. The crowd cheers constantly, and the game comes with an announcer that provides a constant (although sometimes inaccurate) play by play.


Reactions on our forums seem largely positive so far, with most forum members agreeing that the controls are the weak link in the NFL 2010 chain. The game is controlled utilizing an on-screen virtual joystick and an array of buttons depending on what you're doing on the field. Most of the problems with the controls seem to be largely due to the lack of precision inherent in touch screen buttons not having any kind of tactile feedback.

One thing that I thought worked really well in the game is throwing the ball. When you select a throwing play, after the snap various shapes show up that can be touched to throw the ball to the corresponding player. These symbols change from red to green depending on how likely each player is to catch the ball. Also, instead of cycling through which player you're controlling with a button, tapping any character on screen selects them to be controlled.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Like most of these highly ambitious titles for the iPhone, they come with a decent amount of both good and bad things about them. It is really cool to be able to play as any of the NFL teams with the players on my phone, and the way passing works is great. Still, the controls could use some work, and the announcer isn't perfect by any means and can get repetitive. Regardless, NFL 2010 is now the best game on the App Store right now for football fans with a surprising amount of improvements already planned in a future update. Gameloft lists a number of features for the next update including full online, bluetooth, and WiFi multiplayer as well as Gameloft Live, YouTube replay uploads, and even a "Zombies vs Skeletons" special match.

Some other first impressions of the game were also posted by FearlessFreep, Sizzlakalonji, and Big Albie.

App Store Link: NFL 2010, $7.99

  • TommyGunn88

    Looks cool! The last time I played a portable football game was Joe Montana Football on my Sega Game Gear! I'll prolly get it once it drops down to $2.99.

  • Dean

    Hmm. Tempting. YouTube repleys started to copy firemint ;). Looks ok exexcpt for the control part

  • Droppin' Loads

    The controls are pretty crappy! I was tired of waiting for Madden, which will more than likely be $9.99 and thought I could trust Gameloft. If they update this with some sort of better control scheme other than the joystick, the game would be worth $3.99. $7.99 was a bit too steep and I got suckered into an impulse buy on this one.

    • SalsaMD

      uhm, perspective please...

  • Senior Coconut

    Interesting. Sounds like the "bullet time" slow-mos are a good compromise way to manage action on a handheld like the iPhone.

    Too bad there's no coaching / play calling mode.

    Will there be roster updates as the season develops?

  • Brandon

    Seriously, $8 dollars is too much? I will never understand how amazingly cheap some people are. It looks like a fully featured game that on any other system would hit $20 at it's cheapest...How do most Iphone and Ipod touch owners feel so much more superior that a whopping $8 is too much for them...

  • sf49lu

    Seriously? Ppl are sooo cheap these days. Madden is guaranteed to be $10 and even that is not expensive by any means. Also, I think the controls are fine. If you pick it up and play for 2 minutes, then ya, you might think they suck but if you take some time they are not hard at all

    • gameloftfan737

      the controls are great - i like them, but it does take time to get used to. anyways, the colts should have won the superbowl

  • RangerPrimeX

    I will wait for Madden 2010 first then compare and decide.

  • cookiemonster

    how did they get the nfl licensing rights?!?! i thought madden had the monopoly...

  • jdmoney

    I am planning on getting this. I still want to get madden when it comes out. Has there been a release date published. If its the same as the consoles its only a couple weeks away.

  • brownzfreak

    Madden for the iphone will come out the same time the game for the other consoles do which is August 14th.

  • Steven Haskayne

    Seriously.....US only release.....WTF im in the UK and was so looking forward to this.....

    Maybe EA will oblige...

  • chuckiej

    I thought EA had the exclusive NFL license??

  • Sergio

    It's decent, it's confusing, but for the most part I enjoy the controls. It's very random though, and maybe there's some stuff I don't quite understand, like often my guys will catch the ball but fall down without anyone near them, basically costing me some extra yardage. As for the NFL license, chances are the exclusive license specifies what consoles it's exclusive to, and iphone wasn't really around when the contract was signed. Anyways I dig it, we'll see what Madden delivers.

  • hawks12thman

    @chuckiej: EA holds the NFLPA license for all game consoles, but not for mobile devices, so the iPhone and iPod Touch and all cell phones are not covered by the contract.

  • JJ

    It rox and is amazing