While I'm sure developers prefer not to be compared existing games, it seems pretty clear that these two games have drawn inspiration from Doodle Jump [$0.99], the strangely addictive platform jumper by Lima Sky. (Of course, Doodle Jump was likely inspired by Papi Jump. )

Regardless, here are a couple of fun Doodle Jump-inspired $0.99 games that are worth a look.

A Doodle Flight

677408_2A Doodle Flight [$0.99 / Lite] from j2sighte adopts the nice hand drawn "doodle" art style and applies to a vertical shooter. The game offers both tilt and touch controls to navigate the 8 levels, each with their own boss enemy as well as weapon upgrades.

The game starts off pretty easy but later boss levels start throwing out a barrage of shots rRootage-style (Boss 4 video).

The game comes with a Lite version to try out the controls and has been well received in our forums.

App Store Link: A Doodle Flight, $0.99, A Doodle Flight Lite, Free

321 Jump!

492516_2321 Jump! [$0.99] preserves the addictive platform jumping qualities of Doodle Jump and Papi Jump but adds its own power ups and a distinct level progression.

321 Jump! offers mystery power-ups as you go along that can either be good (Superman jump, shotgun, wider platforms) or bad (breakaway platforms, ink splat) but you don't know until you pick them up. Same good tilt controls as its predecessors as well as a global high score leaderboard.

If you were a big fan of Doodle Jump and are looking for more variety, this one is a solid contender.

App Store Link: 321 Jump!, $0.99

  • http://www.atommo.com Mike Wagner

    There was another doodle shooter for flash a couple of years back and it was all kinds of awesome. Done right and with polish they can be a great experience. I'll have to grab the Lite version of Flight and check it out.

  • IanK

    Shouldn't it read "Papi Jump" inspired games?

    • an

      How is doodle flight inspired by papi jump?

      • spiffyone

        While true, it wasn't like Doodle Jump was the first, or even among the first, games using doodle inspired visuals. There was, iirc, a tower defense game in the same style, there was that falling balls game, etc.

  • belsunce

    there's a LOT of games bordering on plagiarism on the AppStore, huh?
    a FLIGHT CONTROL with boats, a DEFEND YOUR CASTLE with sharks and swimmers, and now these.

    I'm surprised more don't end up in legal battles. I guess smaller developers don't have the means to protect their IPs. Too bad 🙁

    • William

      Copying concepts from other developers isn't anything to go to court for. They are simply just jumping on the latest bandwagon and nothing is legally wrong with that and doesn't have anything to do with developer IPs. Until they patent their ideas, there is nothing stopping other developers from doing similar games. It's like how developers have recently jumped on the music rhythm games because they found out they sell like hotcakes.

      • Yog Shoggoth

        True enough.

        Interestingly though, Konami actually patented the DDR format music rhythm game years ago. Nice of them not to have sued over it - I think too much time has gone by now to do so (possibly a good example of 'act to protect early, or lose it').

      • A. Einstien

        Freakin trolls!!!

  • http://www.fftrealm.com Noah

    Looks like the Mushroom Kingdom to me!

  • Wayne

    downloaded 321 jump for my 8GB 3G nice looking game but it lags bad. needs to stop lagging before i could get into it but looked ok from the few plays i had.

  • areg

    main prob. with the app store. too many clones and copycats for the games aren't patented.

  • http://www.twitter.com/josh_hofer Josh H.

    I am fine with clones, it forces other developers to step up their game to secure a better selling unit.

  • http://www.doodlejump.com dan

    If you dig doodlejump, you ought to check out the open posterous at doodlejump.com.