849939_3Cowboy Rodeo's port of the classic Amiga pinball game Pinball Fantasies [$5.99] arrived in the App Store tonight. Early reader reactions are positive for the game. Cowboy Rodeo previously brought us Pinball Dreams to the iPhone.

Pinball Fantasies features four tables, each with one or more high scoring rounds that are started by achieving certain targets. Each table is vertically taller and generally more complex than those in Pinball Dreams. Level details as described by the game's Wikipedia entry:

  • Party Land - a table oriented around an amusement park, where the letters of either PARTY or CRAZY must be lit to start a high-scoring event. This is the easiest table due to several high scoring targets such as the Arcade and the Loop Ramp. This is the table included in the shareware release
  • Speed Devils - focused on car racing, and the player must overtake cars to take the lead. This is more difficult due to much fewer high-scoring targets
  • Billion Dollar Gameshow - a gameshow-style table where the player attempts to win prizes by achieving certain combinations of ramps. This is the most difficult, as if the player loses the ball before winning the jackpot the prizes are lost
  • Stones 'N Bones - based on a haunted house, where the player must go through different modes of play (by hitting targets spelling out "Stone" and "Bone"), with the later modes scoring more points. This is generally considered the highest-scoring table. It is similar in theme to Nightmare in Pinball Dreams.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Pinball Fantasies, $5.99

  • Marco

    YES!! Downloading now!!

  • WeirdingWay

    It looks really laggy in that video.

  • Seb

    Works with no lag on my 3GS - except if you change the GFX back to classic. Then it lags like hell - and even switching back to enhanced GFX doesnt solve this - need to restart it after that!

    • bob

      heavy retro bugs were expected... like tsunai one.

  • Tuzzo

    Is it just me or this one is waaaay slower than Pb Dreams? I don't think it's a frame rate issue, more like a developers choice. Why is that? I'm running it on a 3Gs, no other apps in background. It's too damn slow. It's not unplayable as it doesn't stutter at all. It's fluid, but it's slow.
    Tried Pb Dreams again, just to see if it was something related to my phone performance, but it's a flash, as usual.

    What's up??? A pinball game needs SPEED. It's to slow to be challenging. We need a patch! NOW!

  • Tuzzo

    Oh, I forgot: it's faster in the video than on my phone. Something's wrong here...

  • Marco

    It's a bit slow in landscape modes and in normal mode with finger area on. Other than that great game!

  • http://www.myspace.com/moonsofjupitermusic RM imagery

    For 3G users - I recommend putting the phone in airplane mode and turn wi-fi, 3G and Bluetooth off. Both PBFant and PBDreams run smooth like this. I usually play late at night when it doesn't matter.

  • TKO

    {shrugs} I thought the speed was just fine. Though I've been playing the beta for a while, so that might have skewed my impression somewhat. But I also have the original Amiga versions (ECS/AGA, and CD-32) and those don't seem any faster to me.

    ..Haven't been so excited for a long time as I waited for it to download. Though I've been playing it a lot lately, it's still exciting to see the full retail release.

  • Septimus

    Working great on my 3G. No lag.

    This is odd and very app dependent since 3.0. Worms runs like a dog on my 3G but great on other from what they have said here.

    • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

      And on my 3G on 3.0 it's very laggy. Strange.

  • Mrconelly

    Runs smooth as butter for me on both 3GS and 1st gen Touch, and is just an immensely fun game to play. Their Dreams port was one of my most played Iphone games, and this is sure to follow in its steps.

    The speed in the game matches NTSC Amiga version of the game correctly. NTSC version was a few percents slower than European PAL version, but by comparing it in emulators, and from my memory of the PAL version, I don't see any difference.

    With Pinball Dreams, they made the game run a bit faster than the original initially, and then offered the "classic difficulty" mode, which was supposed to make it run at the exact speed, but from what I can tell, it made it run slower than the original. Pinball Fantasies ball speed falls somewhere in the middle, and seems to be an exact representation, at least it feels like it. If they can, maybe they should offer a "speed ball" mode here as well, to match the ball speed from their Dreams port, but I think it feels just fine the way it is.

  • Adams Immersive

    I need to reign in my game purchases for the moment, but this one's bookmarked. I've been waiting to play this classic again 🙂

  • Fredriksen

    Works great on my 3G (3.0, no jailbreak), runs smooth as silk. Great conversion of the greatest game ever. It's still the best pinball game on any format (with Slam Tilt, also on the Amiga, damn close).

  • Mike

    I so hope more companies bring out old Amiga games...I love my Amiga....I owned a 2000, and a 4000 and loved every game I had....these two included.

    Now, if only I could make an app to play all the old European Graphic Demo's, I have 5 boxes of floppies with those still....Shadow of the Beast next please 😎


  • http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za Alex Lee

    I bought this as soon as I heard it was out, but only having a little time to play with it. I did find the speed of the Party Land table declined drastically AFTER I went to preferences. Afterwhich, it ran very slow. Quitting the app and re-opening Pinball Fantasies, everything ran fine again.

    I've actually been enjoying Speed Devils more than Party Land this time around - I enjoy the strategy that Speed Devils offers 🙂

  • Septimus

    Yup, noticed that myself. Slowdown when you go to landscape mode also. A few bugs it seems. But just playing the game default, everything is fine.

  • -=XX=-Nephilim


    Getting it right now 🙂

  • Hos

    OK guys. I seem to have figured what triggers the 'bug' to make the game's framerate go to crap. I'm on a 16gb 3GS and all 4 tables work great at the beginning of the game. When I pause to change an option is when everything goes to crap. Upon resuming the ball is now at half speed and everything is SLooooW. I emailed the developer and HOPEFULLY these guys respond and atleast let us now if they are working on a patch/update.

    This is my experience. Can anyone else prove this by checking theirs?

  • Hos

    Update: received a quick response from the developer.

    Copied & pasted:

    Hi there!

    And thanks for the support - this is a known bug which we haven't been to test as 3GS is not available yet in Finland 🙂
    You can get around this by restarting the game tho!


  • http://erikveland.com Erik K Veland

    Smooth as silk on my 3G too. Haven't tested any options yet.

    Description in Apple Store now reads: 1.1 submitted that makes it run at 60fps on ALL devices, plus a turbo-physics mode.


  • TKO

    Yup, I'm testing 1.1 (a beta version) on my 3G now, have been for most of the day. No frame drops at *all* .. seriously, none. Portrait of landscape. I'm quite impressed by it. My version doesn't have the turbo physics option though, so I can't comment on that.