Glu is hosting a iPhone Games Day today showing off several of their titles all of which have slowly being revealed via their Facebook page. Details are scarce at best currently, but the three games shown in this array of screenshots are Alley Gator, Family Guy: Uncensored, and Super KO Boxing 2.




We spoke with Glu at E3 about their upcoming Family Guy iPhone game. The game already exists for Android phones and the iPhone port was said to be originally due in September. There are 5 playable characters that can be played across a series of mini-games including memorable scenes such as peter fighting a huge chicken and robo-stewie (a homage to megaman). Glu said they were working closely with the TV show team to make it authentic to the show.

  • eggzbacon

    Alley Alligator?
    More like Alley Gator

  • Booch138

    A Family Guy game? Really...? I mean don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the show, own all the seasons, have a few collectable stuff. But a game? I guess we'll have to see.

  • Fluffeh

    lol at the 2nd screenshot. But otherwise, nothing interesting.

  • http://MaximumPlaytipus Randomness

    Well, as long as it's better than the Family Guy game for PS2/Xbox/PSP. I liked it, but the game play was lacking. Hopefully this will be better.

  • TKO

    hehe .. um, can we shoot Jesus? 🙂 I'm wondering if the background is just background or if you can interact with it in Family guy. Looks interesting.

    But the thing that's got me really curious is: Alley Gator has a windows window-border. Um, why is that?

    • ncb1397

      probably cause it is a port from windows

    • Yog Shoggoth

      Windows 3.1 emulator. You know you want it.

      ; )

  • http://scott Colorsound

    OK, 3 Piece of crap games from Glu.

    I like Glu's past games (except the cops and robbers game).

    Hopefully they are still bringing out the Mini Golf game. Other than that, BIG PASS from a guy who has 600 full ipod games.

  • Josh Rosen

    Wow, I was really expecting more from Glu today. Is this all, or is it possible there will be more reveals?

  • Dark NRG

    The alligator game looks a lot like the Donald Duck game from early days of the GameCube 😀

  • Watch Family Guy Online

    I love your website - super work!