iPhone developer Resolution Interactive, who brought us the highly enjoyable Aqua Moto Racing, has just released dirt-track ATV racing game Dirt Moto Racing [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch.

dirt_moto_racing screen

Dirt Moto Racing is an off-road racer that feels something like a scaled-back member of the Playstation 2's ATV Offroad Fury series.  Core gameplay involves working through the game's Career mode, unlocking tours of increasing difficulty -- eight in all -- set across four different North American locations: British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto, and the Florida keys.  Tracks unlocked in the Career mode can be visited for a quick play in the Single Event mode.

dirt moto racing 2The terrain, while somewhat basic, looks rather nice and polished.  The graphical elements in general come together to deliver a smooth, "complete"-feeling racer that runs at a very good framerate on my test unit, the 2G iPod touch.  In my early experience with the title, I found the forest scenery a bit more lavish than the desert runs, but every environ makes for a very playable racer.

Dirt Moto Racing utilizes a combination of accelerometer- and touch-based controls.  Your vehicle's left / right steering as well as mid-jump lean / pull are handled via accelerometer.  Acceleration (unless the cruise control option is enabled), nitro boost, break and view change are handled via touch controls.  In-air tricks are carried out by swiping in the center of the screen in any of four directions to indicate the desired trick to be performed.  There are 12 ambitious stunts in all, across three difficulty levels.  (The more complex stunts do take some skill...)

dirt moto racing 3In a nutshell, some of the other standout features of Dirt Moto Racing include: a pounding 12-song soundtrack, online leaderboards, 21 unlockable achievements, 36 unique game events, customizable rider and vehicle and downloadable best-of-the-best ghost play competition.

In all, it's really a great game that offroad racer fans have reason to embrace.  The controls feel "right," the physics are solid and it's just a very enjoyable off-road racer that stands as the king of the genre in the App Store.  And at $4.99, it comes as a recommended purchase

Our forum readers are also liking the game so far.  Big Albie posted his own in-depth look.

Our demo video, taken on a 2G iPod touch, shows early gameplay.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Dirt Moto Racing, $4.99

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  • iPhoneGamer

    I wouldn't have picked this up without seeing the video. This looks really well done.

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    I'm probably the minority here, but I can't stand accelerometer-based gameplay. I don't like having the game view constantly twisting and turning.

  • menom


    yes - in fact maybe iPhone gaming isn't for you at all

    it's not a criticism - each to their own tastes and all that

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    I'm very much enamored with the idea of the iPhone as a gaming device, I've spent over a hundred dollars in games since I bought my iPhone not even a year ago. So much so, that both my DS and PSP are gathering dust inside my drawer.

    I just prefer other control scheme solutions.

  • Tower Defender

    Lol the AI is very nice. She crashes right in front of the finish line and they were kind enough to wait until she got back up.

  • sarcasticgamer

    Maybe you should go back to playing on your psp or ds, you do nothing but complain about iphone games it makes me sick.

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    I didn't know I had such a fervent fan that goes through the trouble of taking note of every random comment I post here 🙂

    Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

    On a slightly more serious note, go back and you'll see that I'm very much in favor and appreciative of the iPhone gaming scene. The only games I ever post negative comments about are tower defense games, because frankly we've seen way too much of that.

  • sarcasticgamer

    Izzy, your conceit amuse me. And td games works great on the iphone each to their own taste.

  • Sepultura

    Agreed! Izzy you got pwn!

  • Undergroundz

    I agree with @IzzyNobre, I can't play accelerometer based games, it's horrible seeing the screen twisting and moving. I really liked Real Racing because of the alternative controls options (like virtual control pad).

    Seeing by the video, it looks really good but if there are no old school controls, then no buy from me.

  • Appchoholic

    Its a matter of taste, the i find myself more immersed in a game using accelerometer. no need to turn this into a debate though, like i said its a matter of taste and i see no need to bring a game down due to this issues. Izzynobre no need to be an azz all the time!

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    Huh, how exactly am I being an ass? I just said that I personally don't like accelerometer-based gameplay. It confuses me to have the game area constantly tossing and turning, especially in a racing game where that happens suddenly sometimes since you're constantly trying to maintain control of the vehicle and swerve away from other racers.

    So everyone who has a different taste is an ass? Every has to agree with you, otherwise they are idiots?

    Ok, just checking.

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    Oh, and I forgot to add - I never "brought the game down". My comment wasn't even negative or aggressive, it was merely a statement of opinion.

    Guess it's hard for some people to deal with contrary opinions in a mature manner 🙂

  • Sepultura

    Oh brother! IzzyNobre no offense but you spark arguments coz you speak like you are a head above everyone else. Duh i want to be on your side coz im brazilian too.

  • CasualMike

    I agreed @ IzzyNobre, Tower whachamakolit enuf pls. puzle games is the way to go. iphone grapixs sucks compare to nds.

  • SarcasticGamer

    What do you know @ Izzy you do have a fan. LOL!

  • CasualMike

    Im not fan, juz becoz i agree with @Izzynobre that tower defence games sucks as well as racing games no buy for me. my ds beats iphone in all games. Grow up!

  • Nokia4U

    Hi, im searching the web and got here. im actually on the fence of upgrading to iphone 3gs along with some of my mates because i thought iphone racers are a blast to play using the accelerometer. Apparently i was wrong so thanks for the info lol. And i was so hype about real racing lol

  • Matteo

    lol omg it's a game! if u dont like it just keep it to yourself cos no1s gonna listen to u anyway. Btw this game rocks for all racing fans out there. 🙂

    Wtf, ds has nothing to do with this so stfu. It's your own opinion if you like ds games better than iphone games and it has nothing to do with this topic. Grow up!

  • CasualMike

    No you grow up! read the tread its not my own opinion ok! im juz agreeing with sam1.

  • http://www.nokiacreative.com James Burland

    What an entertaining collections of comments! I especially enjoy Nokia4U's long distance snipe. ^_^

  • Jim

    Sounds like a number of you need to chill out. So Izzy doesn't like accelerometer controls. That's okay. I don't tend to like virtual D-pads. I think they are often ugly and difficult to use without any tactile feedback.

    The game looks good, but how many racers do I need? Where do I draw the line? Maybe I will draw the line here. I will have to think about it.

  • Pandemic

    Right on @Jim burland, i enjoy someone telling @izzy to go back to psp/ds gaming, they can use someone like him on their forums lol.

  • Pandemic

    BTW, this game is great, and its obvious that a lot of work was given to this project. its a must have for any true fan of iphone racing.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    Wow, some of you guys are pretty sensitive when it comes to playing games on a cellphone. Mobile games is serious business, huh?

  • Pandemic

    @Izzy what was that supposed to mean? Are you saying that iphone games are nothing more than cellphone games?

  • Michael scott

    @pandemic dont mind @izzy, even IGN and pocketgamer acknowledge the iphone as a viable gaming platform. Upcoming games like killtest and imech will take iphone gaming to the next level.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre


    No, I'm saying you guys are freaking out and throwing a tantrum because someone has a different opinion regarding cellphone videogames. It's silly.

    By the way, the iPhone is a cellphone, isn't it? Ipso facto, its games are cellphone games.


    You have a severe reading comprehension problem. Read my second comment in this thread. My iPhone is the only gaming platform I currently care about.

    That doesn't change the fact that I generally don't like accelerometer-based control schemes.

    It's annoying having to explain myself at every post.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    If you guys like accelerometer controls, that's great, whatever floats your boat. I just happen to have a different taste.

    Freaking out because someone doesn't share your preferences is downright childish. It's even worse when some of you miss my point entirely and attack arguments I never made, like what Michael Scott just did there.

  • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

    If the PSP or DS could make phone calls, then all their games where also just cellphone games, right Izzy? Pitty that they are just able to offer a little amount of functions an iPhone can handle 🙂 Then I have to live with your fact, that I just play cellphone games. Check out, who is afraid of whom in portable console gaming right now, who tries to change hardly to compete with the possibilities of the other 🙂 It's not the iPhone who is running behind at the moment.

    I agree with you, that it's ugly when the background is fix and goes with your shaking. But the better games like Real Racing or NFS keep the background horizontal, which is just awesome. There I couldn't imagine any better and more realistic control method than accelerometer. You just hold a steering wheel.

  • Michael scott

    Wow, you feisty arent you mate? sorry i misunderstood you, for someone who is supposed to love iphone games you seemed to have a funny way of showing it mate but you dont have to turn this into a personal attack.

  • pandemic

    i agree w/ @ personal robot on every point, iphone gaming is changing the industry in more ways than sony or ninty wants to acknowledge. how many times have you seen the term ' iphone killer'? The iphone is the darkhorse of gaming and im going in for the ride.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    Wow really? You don't say!

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    You people can't read, it's official. Read the second comment I post in this article.

    Take your time if you need it. I never knocked the iPhone as a gaming device. It is my favorite and most frequently used gaming platform right now.

    All I said was I don't like accelerometer controls, and I made fun of how serious and worked up you guys get over what in the end of the day is just games for a cellphone.

    1) Read, 2) Comprehend, 3) Reply. Don't just skip to step number 3. Having to constantly break down my point in the hopes that you'll understand is a chore that I'd rather not have.

  • Q.

    Wow, 34 comments about this game, wait, its 34 comments of bullshit.
    Grow up and try to be the first to shut up when its time.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    Q is the sort of genius who tries to put out a fire with gasoline. "I hate all this arguing so I'll fan the flames!".

    Brilliant, dude. You're a very bright individual.

  • pandemic

    @Izzy im not even talking about you anymore, and just so you know its not your post about the accelerometer/cellphone game et al. that is getting in my nerves! Its how you respond to other people you call someone childish and you imply that someone cant comprehend just because they miss your point when it was you who is making your point so easy to miss! Your right at the end of the day its just a cellphone game so enough with your insult.

  • H

    @ Q if you dont like bullshit you dont have to lick it! if you dont like the comments then dont read them! me i enjoy them lol!

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    You are right, it's hard to understand that someone appreciates the iPhone as a gaming machine when all they do is say that repeatedly.

    Oh wait.

    I called you childish because you people ARE being childish. Read this thread again. I commented on a certain control preference and you people somehow think I'm attacking your hobby.

    Stop, take a deep breath, and chill out.

  • Sepultura

    Now someone is brilliant, izzy what exactly is brilliant or bright about @Q post? this a forum kumpadre, people are meant to talk here not shut up! vox populi.

  • Sepultura

    @Izzy there you are again, a head above the rest! Calling people childish because they dont agree with you is that in itself childish!

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    It's stupid because if you think people shouldn't be arguing, joining the argument and adding to the discussion accomplishes exactly what he set out to criticize - starting more flames.

    It's like saying "I hate this stupid movie, and I hate that the studios makes money off it, so I'll buy it and watch it". If you don't like it, don't buy it or watch it. Similarly, if you don't like Internet discussions, don't join then.

    Well, I'm done trying to explain myself to you folks.

  • http://Www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    I'm not saying they are childish for not agreeing with me. Early on I said that if you prefer accelerometer controls, that's fine, I just prefer something els...

    Screw it. You people are illiterate. I've tried and tried, and somehow you keep failing to get the point. No amount of explaining will make you understand. I'm done.

    Discutir com jumento cansa.

  • Sepultura

    Thanks @ Izzy now we can discuss this the game without the troll lol!

  • Pandemic

    LOL! that was quite interesting. Now on with the game! i would say that the challenge system is awesome! you go through the leaderboards select the rank that you want to challenge and download their ghost... its seamless!

  • Sepultura

    Now we are illiterate lol! Adeus @Izzy!

  • GTrider

    Looks like this is a buy for me, see you at the leaderboards!

  • MoshMosh

    Looks like im late in party i missed being called childish or worst illiterate lol i also missed being called bright and brilliant! im laughing so hard as im reading this!

  • Casualmike

    your ryt @izzy all them illiterate and childlike! you dont mean also me ryt coZ im on your side maybe we can play pokemon together!

  • Jim

    Lol. You people still aren't talking about the game. It probably isn't as fun as being anonymously nasty on the internet. We need a leader board for that particular gentlemen's sport.

  • Sepultura

    Woah! thats a great game idea right there @jim! anonymouslynasty online will be the new mafia wars of iphone.

  • H

    more like pick on the troll!

  • Johnny82

    How does it hurt anyone to have more tower games? It's not holding back your enjoyment of other games.... That's like saying sausage shouldn't be an option for pizza for everyone else just because you don't like it!

    On topic, the game looks neat, gonna wait for a few more
    reviews because this is mostly useless bickering between what appears to be old women who had nothing better to do because their bridge game was cancelled.

  • Sepultura

    Izzy haVe a habit of posting as if he speaks for the entire iphone community! I remember him arguing with a dev and threatening that the dev wont last long in the community, quite a character really.

  • MicroByte

    Back to the game, have a question. How varied are the tracks? I know there are 4 locals, but are there a good variety with some being more speed track and some being more trick based?

    Also, does the AI seem fair or does this racer rely on "rubber banding" where you lead the race and all of a sudden, someone swoops in at the last minute to grab the win?

  • brof

    doesn't look special to me.... just another racing game...? DrawRace on the ohter hand is a very special racing game.


  • 4Twenty

    man im glad i didnt comment on controls and fun game

  • antonioj

    Casualmike, nds games having better graphics then iphone games? WHAT are you smoking?

  • Brute101

    @micro byte the tracks are varied enough , the ai is pretty good and if ai is not good enough for you , you can download a shadow and race with a real person...aint that cool?
    @4Twenty dont worry i dont think you will be flame for leaving a comment about control or fun issues, it just so happen that someone has a history here and people got tired.

  • http://www.sorrybut...com ipodtouch

    This game sux balls and yall know it. You all FAIL. ipod touch games suck.

  • CasualMike

    @ipodtouch and @ Izzy correct are genius, go buy ds

  • H

    Played this game for a couple of hours more and it was fun!!!!

  • Drunknbass

    Maybe I missed but how does this compare to the 2xl dirtbike game?

  • H

    Way deeper gameplay! for me 2xl is very nice to look at but lack the depth for me to keep coming back this game on the other hand has online boards where i can challenge players from all over the globe

  • Unknown dev

    Whoa what a interesting exchange of opinions. Thanks guys it was quite Entertaining to say the least! Some of you have very valid points: @johnny is spot on! In erratum lets just respect each others pref, sausage should always be an option even if you dont like it because somebody else does 😉

  • Optimusprime

    Whoa! This is epic hahahahaha! hilarious how a simple comment turns into a blood bath hahahahaha

  • CaseyLay

    I like the tilt to turn and such, but I really hope for a monster truck game one day.