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EA has recently dropped the price on two of its high profile titles: Tiger Woods and Need for Speed. Both are excellent games that were originally priced at $9.99 and are on sale temporarily for $6.99.

We took a close look at both Tiger Woods and Need for Speed before. At the time of it's review, Need for Speed was declared the "best iPhone racer". That title has been a bit more highly contested since the release of Real Racing, however, but Need for Speed still delivers a very high quality and fun arcade racer.

Need for Speed

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Tiger Woods

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Links: Need for Speed, $6.99, Tiger Woods, $6.99

  • ZenTigerpaw

    Didn't see that coming.

  • Sambo110

    Aww, games not selling as well as they hoped?

    • SalsaMD

      The sales slope curve for any product, no matter how good, will eventually decrease in time. It thus makes marketing sense to make an intelligent price drop to garner those customers waiting on the fence, and increase the sales slope curve again.

      • http://www.ianhoar.com Ian

        Not only that, but also community web sites like this one repost news on the price drop thus generating interest again and resulting in free advertising.

  • http://www.onemoretap.com XCool

    But I thought Need for Speed has been on sale at $6.99 for some time now, say starting Jun 07, 2009?

  • wegmans

    The thing to do is to stay behind the curve and always pick these high profile games up on sale... rarely does the price increase...

  • Yupi

    Of course, you can always wait for any game on the App store to go on sale and save a few bucks, BUT, there are times when you have to have certain games as soon as they are released. Why wait for 2 months to save measly $3? I would rather skip the latte for a day then wait a couple of months to enjoy these games! 🙂

  • Fuzzy

    DOH! I just bought Tiger Woods Golf a few days ago. Damn you Touch Arcade and your glowing reviews of fun and interesting games! Arrrrgh! It was on your advice that I picked this over the other golf games. Prepare to be boarded and walk the plank!

  • CBraun53

    Is Need for Speed a sale or a price drop?

  • http://www.mytopchi.com chi hair straightener

    Wow, watching Tiger Wood's hit a driver in slow motion is really something... I only wish I could hit a ball anywhere close to what he can...

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