435143_3jpgFDG recently released their latest game Parachute Panic [$0.99] into the App Store.

This relatively simple game requires you to land parachutists onto passing boats while avoiding passing helicopters, UFOs and storm clouds. The game is presented with a certain style and humor that gives it a lot of charm. That innocent impression, however, can be a bit deceptive as the game is certainly no calk walk.

After you are thrown a few easy landings, it starts getting pretty frantic pretty quickly. Storm clouds and moving boats were my particular weaknesses in trying to elevate my score.

The game was getting compared to Flight Control from the moment it was previewed. While those are hard shoes to fill, it's easy to see why the comparisons are made. Both are similarly exercises in chaos management, but yet they feel entirely different. Flight Control involved long stretches of careful route-planning interrupted by moments of sheer panic, while Parachute Panic involves a lot more action from the get go.

Tapping multiple times on helicopters and UFOs will destroy them, while swiping left/right/up/down generate gusts of wind to direct your parachutists. You can only lose 5 of them before it's game over. The video shows how the game works and looks identical to the final game:

Parachute Panic has its own pace and style that do make it an enjoyable game, but I can't yet tell if it will have as long a lasting appeal as the previous iPhone kings of casual gaming. But in the meanwhile, at only $0.99, it offers some cheap fun on your iPhone.

App Store Link: Parachute Panic, $0.99

  • rich_952000

    It's good to see a long-time Active forum member/dev (Future777) doing so well. FDG Entertainment have brought noting to the App Store but quality titles. I'm a big fan of Bobby Carrot Forever and Kryzer Prologue. Now, Parachute Panic doesn't disappoint 😀 Cant wait for Kryzer 3D and whatever other clever titles these guys havein development.

    • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

      Thanks, rich´! 🙂

  • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

    some gameplay tips:

    - Get the bonus points. Try opening the parachute very late (almost too late).

    - When you generate wind into a specific direction, the parachutist follows it a few seconds and any further wind in the same direction doesn´t have an effect. So during this time where you can´t push him further you can concentrate on another spot.

    - When you see that the ship leaves the screen on one side, don´t try to follow it. Move the parachutists into the other direction where the ship comes back in. You´ll find out it´s easier to catch them.

    - Thunder clouds are indestructible, but they have only one electric charge. In some situations you should sacrifice a parachutist to save a whole group of others if the action on the screen reaches a totally chaotic situation.

    - Slow down the falling speed by generating updrafts. To do this, swipe upwards.

  • http://www.goteamdave.co.uk/ djasmith

    Excellent review of a solid new title.

    Thanks for the gameplay tips.

    I try my best to save as many of them as I can.

    I wish the same could be said for the way my five year old daughter plays the game. She will let them all fall to their death just to listen to the 'Game Over' tune on more time.


    • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

      Haha! I have to tell the singers that they have fans who sacrifice lifes for them 🙂

  • TKO

    I've bought it just on the concept alone. Looks cool. (Love the hand-drawn effect.) 🙂

    I'm curious though .. the sharks seem to be the only object where the blue lines don't show through. Is there a reason for that? (Plays a couple of games ..ah, it's probably so the ship doesn't show through them.) Freaking awesome presentation, by the way. The transitions, design, and animations are top notch.

    • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

      Thanks, TKO. I´m glad you like it. Yes, you´re right about why the blue lines don´t show through the shark.

  • http://www.silentrocco.com Rocco

    Comparing it to flight control?
    This game here is MUCH better, much more fun, much more challenging (at an early stage). The art style is awesome, the music great and funny.

    Love it.

    • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

      thanks, Rocco 🙂

  • The Purple Machine

    I love the art style of this game

  • Kris Jones

    Great little game. I love seeing TouchArcade Members getting into the business.

  • Kris Jones

    Lol! I think this is the only game that has made me happy when I have died. Nice job.

  • Ballpeen

    Hot dog, I've been waiting for it to come out since I saw the article on the pocketgamer uk site!

    Hilarious game and great graphics.

    I'm buying it right now... thx

  • Jack

    I enjoy the game, but have a couple of comments/suggestions:

    1) There's very little ramp up time; it's either too easy or too hard without a lot of time in between

    2) There doesn't seem to be much variation from game to game as far as how many skydivers come out of which planes when, where the boats, helicopters, clouds, etc. will come in and go, etc. It would be nice to have the game play differently or some random changes with each time you play.



    • Jp

      The lack of ramp-up time is what draws me to this game. Flight control just took too much time whereas I can successfully dive in and out of a panic game in less than two minutes. So far my high is 139 and I can't wait to try and raise it again!

  • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

    Thanks, everyone. I´m glad you enjoy your purchase! 🙂 The FDG Team will sit together this week and internally discuss the upcoming update 1.1. Stay tuned...