530545jpgThe much anticipated BeatRider rhythm game launched into the App Store tonight with a full version [$4.99] as well as a generous Lite version [Free].

BeatRider is a rhythm game in which the player taps along with the music. While the basic concept is the same as popular apps such as Tap Tap Revenge and Dance Dance Revolution, BeatRider has one unique feature that has not been seen in the app store yet: the ability to use your own music.

There's a reason we haven't seen this feature before -- Apple doesn't make it easy. App Store apps are restricted in what they can access and the music library is off limits. In order to get around this restriction, the developers of BeatRider came up with web-based solution that works very well. You simply upload your MP3 or M4A song files to your free account on MyBeatRider. Once uploaded, the songs are processed and available to download within the iPhone application. The app downloads the songs to your iPhone or iPod Touch which can be played later even offline.

530545_3jpgThe system works surprisingly well, though given the size of the files (4-8MB) you are transferring, we recommend you stick to fast Wi-Fi connections. Even the Lite version allows you to upload and download songs, giving you the full experience. The difference between the Lite and Full versions is that the Lite only allows you to hold 1 single song while the Full version allows up to 20.

The resulting quality of gameplay can be variable depending on the songs. Songs with strong beats seem to fare better with the automated analysis. MyBeatRider offers a list of frequently played songs and most uploaded songs to help guide your choices. I found Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas and Paper Planes by M.I.A. to be particularly good songs to try. Meanwhile, TouchArcade forum users are listing songs they recommend in this discussion thread.

The game, itself, works as you might expect. Tap on the notes as they cross the bottom. The game also includes tap and hold as well as tap and slide mechanics. Songs are given up to 6 different levels of difficulty and even the easy difficulties can be challenging. When testing the game out, I recommend sticking to "Easy" and above. As tempting as "Very Easy" is, the resulting note-mapping simply wasn't very fun for several of the songs I tried.

All in all, a really nice title that offers a full featured Lite version to try. Give this one a try.

App Store Link: BeatRider Touch, $4.99, BeatRider Touch Lite, Free

  • skamando

    I'm so satisfied with this game. It's great fun!

  • http://www.myspace.com/raveinglunatics Nefhril

    What's this! Only for iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd Generation?! What about us with first generation iPod Touch? Have the developers gone mental or do the 2nd Generation have new features except speaker and volume buttons that make the first generation not able to run future programs/games?

    • spiffyone

      The developer probably hit the wrong button when sending it to Apple for review. There's apparently a pull down menu that allows the dev to select which devices will run the app, and some devs choose the wrong thing. Common mistake...too common, IMHO. Which is why Apple should really just change the option to "iPhone only", "iPod touch only" and "Both" rather than separate them in terms of "generation". It's a silly oversight on Apple's part, and the devs, tbqh.

      And, no, there's really nothing significantly different that would make the game incompatible with the 1st "gen" touch. The only real difference between the 1st and 2nd "gen" touch devices is that the 2nd "gen" has a slightly higher clocked CPU...but it's not enough that would make this game impossible to run on the 1st "gen" device. Again, it's just a silly oversight on the part of the dev...and Apple. They really ought to change that pull down menu option.

  • sam

    Only compatible with the iPHONe! LAMEO!!

    • skamando

      It's compatible with iPod Touch 2g

  • http://www.polity.ca timekeeper

    Very nice first gameplay impressions. I felt that I was playing along to my music, and there was nothing contrived about it. Production values look solid. However, I don't know if it's due to my network or their server, but I keep getting network errors on songs. Also, some bugs related to downloading and playing songs.

    Impressive work with the difficulty levels. I think I will definitely buy this from the Canadian app store when they've ironed out the kinks, I really would like to have more than one song at my disposal :).

  • http://www.taptoplay.de Lakeshore

    Beat Rider has one major issue: The Tap thingies on the bottom make sound! Dancefloor beat sounds! Now, just play Metallica with these Dancefloor beat sounds and it's like a puke in your face.

    • skamando

      You can turn those off in the options. Just turn the "Key Volume" all the way down.

  • http://www.appmania.webs.com yourofl10

    Dand that stinks, it can't be played on a iPod Touch 1st gen πŸ™

  • mylex

    that shit is not compatible with the 1st generation ipod!!!

  • Alejandro

    I don't like the fact that you have to download the song ALWAYS

  • Bro

    I want it on my 1st gen Ipod touch!! please, make it possible!!

  • Cam

    It's possible to play on iPod touch 1st generation.... The devs just clicked the wrong box >.<

  • FG

    And yet, another guitar hero rip off for the iphone. How much time has spent since the last one? A week?

    • arn

      you do realize that Guitar Hero was a rip off of DDR and similar games?

  • max

    just installing it on my ipod 1g - so this is working now :D!!

  • TouchChatterbox

    I cannot download any of my uploaded music. Anytime I try, it downloads for a bit then the game gives me a Network error. Does anyone know how I can get past this??

  • DixieWixiePixie

    Hi, I do have the same problem as TouchChatterBox. I uploaded 2 songs but was unable to download it on my iPhone. Always happen to have Network error after the download bar reaches the tip. Argh! Any solutions? HELP! Really like the concept of this game, brilliant.

  • beatrier news

    β˜…β˜…β˜… News (05 June 2009) β˜…β˜…β˜…
    Beatrider server engine has been improved.
    The level of difficulty of the game has changed more easily.

  • http://cjstk7596@hanmail.net leehyekyung


  • Rafael

    Nice game, at first view I loved, but after a week, I was alredy complaing about some issues, like, some musics, the "taps" I'm following just doesn't look to be in the song... it's just noise... My favorite musics just looks like I'm playing a minigame while listening...
    And I'm a little tired, also, of this same old screen for music games...This week I bought this new game Drums Challenge in app, and finally I saw some changes. First of all, the instrument is a Drum, not guitars again, and also, the objective of the game is repeat-to-beat-the-best, and escapes from the rock rock rock... in this one there're several music styles... and also a freestyle mode to play as much as I want, very nice, I recommend πŸ˜‰

  • Joana

    Yeah, I totally agree with Rafael, I was tired of playing only guitar games and I bought Drums Challenge yesterday... I just loved. I'm addicted! The game is very funny and you really have to pay attention in the beats and try to play it at the right time that the opponent drummer plays or you're out of the battle. And I also think that the music diversity let the game more interesting. I saw it on musigames.com/drumschallenge and I recommend it too πŸ™‚

  • ricardo

    how i put music in my music