At GDC, Touch Arcade met with India-based 99Games, an iPhone-focused division of Robosoft, the 10-year-old Mac publisher responsible for a large number of big-name conversions, including Lego Star Wars, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Sid Meyer's Pirates.  They shared with us details of their upcoming iPhone updates and new releases.


The company revealed that their popular word puzzle game WordsWorth [App Store] (which was on the App Store's Top 100 list for 3-4 weeks) will soon be getting a notable update that includes Facebook Connect functionality, which will allow friends to keep track of each others' scores and progress.  What's more, the company will be releasing a Flash-based version of the game that ties to the Facebook Connect functionality in the new iPhone version.

Chess Pro

99Games' Chess Pro [App Store] will also be receiving a major update adding online gameplay functionality to the title.  The new version will allow gamers to engage in multiple (asynchronous) online games at once and will also include a chat system.  Facebook Connect will also be rolled in and another new feature will allow players wanting to learn from their game sessions to able to play back the moves of a chess game after it has ended.

The update to Chess Pro will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Aqua Jigsaw

Simple Jigsaw puzzle game Aqua Jigsaw [App Store] will soon be receiving an update that enhances the game's visuals by adding fluid water animation effects, similar to those in Koi Pond [App Store].

New Titles

Wordulous is one of several new titles in the works at 99Games.  It's a Text Twist-like word making game that displays a series of six jumbled letters to the player and challenges them to use them to form words.  A 180-second countdown timer paces the action.  The more words formed within the time limit, the higher the score, and any word greater than 4 letters in length adds seconds to the timer.

The game will feature local and online leaderboards, cut-scene characters that offer encouragement along the way, and localization in six languages (English, French Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian).  Wordulous will debut in late April at a limited-time introductory price of $.99.

While details were few, the company is also working on two licensed titles that will appear in the App Store later this year.  One is a hidden-object game and the other is a conversion of a PC title similar to the popular Pocket God [App Store].  Stay tuned for more info on these as it becomes available.

  • Kamazar

    ".. the other is a conversion of a PC title similar to the popular Pocket God [App Store]."

    ...Interactive Buddy? Bud, bud?

  • calypto

    Have played Wordsworth and Aqua Jigsaw. Nice, polished games that shows the quality. Not a big player of chess though
    Regular interaction with the community and frequent updates is what makes games from 99Games different from others.

    Yet to become wordsworth guys..

  • Burrows

    Hey .. a great news indeed 🙂 Wordsworth is an awesome game, i still have it in my library and i guess will last forever. and now with facebook connect i am sure this will go a long way ..!! 99 games have always responded well to all kinds of suggestions and queries, which is nice indeed knowing that they care and respect the players demands .. I've been following the thread and they seem so passionate, considering the fact that they have come up with a significant feature change in every version. GHS is there on top of the list 🙂 and what more the networking feature in chess would surely be an icing on the cake .. and as for wordulous i cant wait to get my hands on it .. i just love word games and this surely seems interesting .. way to go guys .. looking forward to more game like these .. 🙂

  • Mind Freak

    Is 99games the company to watch out for in the coming months? More keen on knowing the name of the title similar to pocket god

  • Marc

    Shouldn't they be called ".99&UpGames"?

  • Samson

    I love their Jigsaw apps, I got both of them and played all the pics, its fun and a wonderful time pass. I love Wordsworth too but alas I am not good with words so could never make it to their global score board... Its seems the new Chess Pro is feature packed, would love to play it soon.
    I guess Marc's right... 🙂

  • nightmare

    have checked out Chess Pro and WordsWorth. Wordsworth's one of the best word games that i have played out of the ones that are available on the AppStore. The recent update to Chess Pro has a difficulty setting slider, giving us an option to have more difficult AI, would love to have network play!! Hoping to see it soon!!!

  • Alex

    Wow! This is amazing. I am a big fan of their Chess Pro and WordsWorth and can tell you that both the titles are worth each penny I have spent on them. According to me, WordsWorth deserves the laurel in building up the best word game experience on the iPhone and iPod touch. I think you are right Mind Freak when you say that 99Games is the team to watch out for in the coming months. I am eagerly waiting for the Facebook Connect functionality in both Chess Pro and WordsWorth. Good job 99Games!

  • rickRocKs..

    Wordsworth is an awesome game. I have not played jigsaw games but i am a great fan of Chess and i think Chess Pro stands out among all of the chess games on the AppStore